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April shoots in LA

While I'm in LA I'll have the chance to shoot with some wonderful people who are usually half the planet away. Not only Alex and Paul, who are kindly letting me stay at their house, but also the lovely Ten Amorette and LA models Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks. I met Christy at TASSP a couple of years ago, although we didn't get to chat much, and I'm really looking forward to meeting Maddy and getting to know them both better.

Christy Cutie: coming soon on Dreams of Spanking

Maddy Marks: coming soon on Dreams of Spanking

I'll be shooting three scenes for Dreams with them, including a four-girl school scene inspired by a rather wonderful session scenario I played recently with Molly Malone. Other possible scenes include Christy punished for swimming in the lake and getting caught outside when someone steals her clothes; Christy as Maddy's bullying older sister lording it over her now she's married; and a much quirkier, very cute scenario which I came up with while chatting to AJ the other week, but I won't tell you more just now in case it doesn't work out.

I don't have any clear plans yet for scenes with Ten and Alex, so if you have any F/F or M/F requests involving either of them, leave a comment and let me know.

Ten Amorette spanked at Dreams of Spanking

Alex Reynolds birched at Dreams of Spanking

I do however know that I'm going to have an amazing time with both of them; it's always great fun when we get together, and I can't wait to see (and spank) them both!


I think it would be nice to see you take advantage of Ten's interest in being tied up.

Ooh. I'm not an expert, but I'll suggest it and see if she's game :)

scene ideas

1) I would like to see Ten take off her skirt and lower her tights and bend over and present her bare bottom to be spanked all while you are standing there impatiently watching her.

2) I'd like a scene where a young lady is meeting with her manager the morning after doing something ridiculous at a client dinner meeting, and has to really convince her boss that a spanking is a suitable punishment by explaining how she will really learn her lesson from the embarrassment having her pants pulled down and losing her composure.

3) How about an evil prefect who really enjoys punishing her classmates. Maybe the prefect would confiscate her victim's underwear and make her go to class with nothing on under her skirt.

Lovely ideas! Funnily enough Alex was talking yesterday about how much she likes bullying peer scenarios, and we decided a sexually abusive evil prefect scene would be super hot. Thanks for the suggestions!

Great. Maybe we could see the evil prefect grab her victim by the ear, bend her over, and make her walk around the room with hobbled by her pants or tights tangled around her knees.

Perhaps a subsequent scene could see her really learning her lesson after they switch roles and the previous victim becomes the (not so evil) prefect. Imagine how frightened the bully would be showing up at the room of her previous victim for an appointment to be chastised.

What about a scene something along the lines of?

Two ladies who are lovers, who live together, but it’s one of the ladies Birthday and she has gone out on a dinner date with clients and her girlfriend wasn’t invited (just the way it was).

The girl-friend at home decides to prepare a special Birthday treat for her lover when she returns. She leaves a note downstairs in an obvious place so her lover will find it when she walks through the front door. Her partner opens the letter and reads the message:

I’ve missed you tonight, I’ve prepared a Birthday gift for you. I’m upstairs on the bed, naked with my bottom presented and I’d like you to give you my Birthday present of 30 cane strokes on my bare bottom. (or whatever punishment you see fit).

The Birthday girl can’t quite believe it so she goes upstairs and sure enough her partner is all ready as described, canes and paddles laid out.

They have a tender hug and kiss before the Birthday girl starts to act out with her present from her lover.

I’m sure you could do wonders with it.

Have fun.

Awww! This is very sweet and I think Alex and I could have a lot of fun with it. I'll suggest it to her and see if she likes the idea :)

meant to add:-

At the end of the punishment (present), Birthday girl lovingly rubs soothing cream onto her lovers bottom. When done she lies down on the bed so they are side-by-side. The two hold each other very close and the scene fades out to them having a passionate kiss together.

M/F scene idea (I thought this up at work today)

Phone Bill Saga (or whatever you want to call it)

Dad (Paul?) has nipped out for a moment so Daughter (Pandora/Ten/Alex?) takes the opportunity to use the landline to phone her new(ish) boyfriend. She knows this isn’t allowed however she takes the chance. She hears her Father returning so she makes every effort to finish the conversation.

Scene fades into daughter on phone “love you see you at the weekend, I have to go, Mwah Mwah Mwah”, and hangs up. (Daughter has lost count of the number of times she has used the landline when Dad has gone out).

Dad comes in through the front door to find the mail has been delivered and picks up a number of envelopes from the floor flicking through them. He pauses at what looks like the phone bill, opens the letter and is shocked to find the readings. The bill is almost a $1000 more than usual and when he looks closely the same number has been dialed several times.

He quizzes Daughter who denies knowing anything about it but Dad suspects otherwise. He throws down the paper on the floor grabs Daughter and puts her kneeling on the sofa hands on the back and immediately starts to spank her bottom in her jeans whilst asking about the phone bill.

Daughter starts to confess slightly whilst still trying to cover her tracks, Dad continues to spank her harder through her jeans which makes Daughter confess to knowing about the number which has been dialed so many times resulting in the massive cost.

Dad stops spanking at this stage and tells Daughter he’s going to fetch some paddles n canes and instructs to her have her jeans and knickers removed and back in position presenting her bottom on the sofa ready for his return.
On his return from fetching the implements her bottom is naked and ready for her further punishment.

Dad continues with hand spanking on her bare bottom until she is nice and red, and then turns to the paddle / strap / tawse (whatever you want to use really you make it up), and finishes off the punishment with a nice hard caning of ** strokes.

When the punishment is done, Father and Daughter embrace one another and Daughter apologies for her wrong doing.

Scene fades out.

Trip to U.S.A.

Pandora young Christy is a lovely little spankeegirl ,along with the other girls you will enjoy meeting and playing spanks indeed,love and spanks,TIm.

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