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Preparing for punishment

I know I've missed out a couple of scenes, but I just want to skip ahead and tell you about our latest film. This was a members request video submitted by Delicious Delight. I love each and every one of our female members (women buying spanking porn! Fuck yes! You guys are AWESOME) but DD has connected with me in the comment threads and provided a lot of useful feedback. 

A year ago, she sent in a script set on a farm in the 1930s, in which the master and mistress punish their stableboy. Her fantasy casting for the characters were me, Thomas Camerona and Michael Darling, and I sent the script to both of them to see what they thought. They loved it, and I wrote back and told her that I'd definitely try to find a way to shoot it, although I wasn't sure when we might have access to a suitable location.

In the end, it happened by accident. We had a no-show on our location shoot last September and Michael gallantly stepped in to fill the breach. We needed to rustle up some scene ideas on short notice, and I dug this one out of my email. We had to put together thirties costumes on zero notice (luckily, I'd brought my whole dress-up box with me, so I had some options to pick through) and the setup needed changing a bit - we didn't have a barn, or a haybale, for him to lie over - but we thought we could make it work.

I actually love how this film turned out. Sometimes the scenes that come together at the last minute work best of all.

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The Stableboy

The stableboy is caught returning after an unauthorised ride into town to visit a lady friend. He is ordered to go inside, arrange the chaise in the middle of the floor, place a cushion over the end, take the family strap down from its hook and wait there. Michael obeys, shaking with nerves.

Once the mistress has worked out her anger with the strap, the master takes over. He applies a few strokes with the riding crop, giving the boy a taste of the sensation, before sentencing him to ten hard strokes.

The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride. The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.

The thing that stood out in the script DeliciousDelight sent was the sense of fear and anticipation, made worse by Michael being made to prepare for his own punishment. First there's the stableboy's dread at the moment he is caught, and realises he has no choice but to confess. Then the scolding, made worse when the man of the house is brought in to see what has happened. The poor boy knows he has made a bad mistake, and wishes the ground would swallow him up. He also knows exactly what's coming next. 

Here's how DeliciousDelight described the next sequence, as she imagined it:

The man of the house gives him the following instructions: Go to the barn. Place a bundle of straw in the middle of the floor. Then place a carpet over it. You then take the leather strap and the horse whip and place it on the bundle of straw. (The equipment is probably hanging on the wall in the barn). And then wait for us to come over there.

(From my personal experience, I always thought that being instructed to prepare a punishment myself, was really terrifying and at the same time really exciting. It is also a little humiliating, I think. It is a real turn on for me, and I would love to see this in one of your films)

The stableboy nervously does what he is told, almost shaking whilst making the preparations. He is nervous as hell.

Okay, we didn't have a barn, but doesn't that just give you the most delightful shivers? We tried to capture that mood in the film, but really it was down to Michael's performance, and I think he did a fantastic job.

The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride. The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.
The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.

Period scenes always take a little thought, especially when it comes to the dialogue. There's a moment at the start of this film that makes me laugh every time I watch it, around two minutes in. Tom and I are in the garden, giving poor Michael a good telling off. During the scolding I start saying "You've been taking..." and stop, realising that "the piss" isn't exactly an authentic or appropriate 1930s turn of phrase. I flounder before Tom comes in neatly to my rescue: "...Liberties!" Nicely played, sir.

The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride. The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.
The stableboy is caught returning from an unauthorised ride.

So what did our scriptwriter think of the finished product? Well, I'm glad to report that she likes it. Here's what DeliciousDelight said in email:

Loved the new film. Your performances are stunning and quite what I had in mind. Really liked how strict you were both being with Michael throughout the whole punishment and the way you were scolding.

The changes you made in the scene plot made a lot of sense I think. Starting outside in the beautiful garden and then moving indoors later. Gave a good flow to the scene I think.

In the plot idea I wrote to you back then, I remember my description of how nervous the boy is when being caught and waiting for his punishment is quite long and detailed, and I really think that Michael played that out very well! I could almost feel it on my own body.

Hope you enjoyed making the scene.

We certainly did, and we hope the rest of our viewers s enjoy this film too.

We love receiving scene ideas from site members. If you ever have a script you'd like to see filmed, send it over, and we'll see what we can do.


I'm flattered

Wow I feel like I must comment on this, but I almost don't know what to write. I think you said it all.
But seriously nicely done all three of you; Thomas, Pandora and Michael. And of course the lady behind the camera. Michael you are a big star to me, and I'm glad you were willing and able, to do this scene.
Like I wrote Pandora, the feeling you get from watching this film was exactly what I had in mind. I had my shoulders completely up high and tense while watching it.
I'm honestly flattered that you took my idea and created this film with it. I must say I feel a liiiiiiiiittle bit proud too :)

You have now made my dreams of spanking come true…
At least some of them :) yayyy

Thanks and big hugs to you all.

Many thanks to you for writing in, DD! I'm so, so glad this was able to come together and we could make your request happen. I am, of course, blushing terribly from all your attention.

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