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Exciting news: photo-editing and copywriting

It's been quite a week - in a good way. Last weekend I attended (and presented at) an erotic fiction writers' conference, which was a fantastic opportunity for inspiration and networking. Among other things I took away the desire to do more sex blogging, which led to me writing about the breast punishment scene D surprised me with on Monday night. I also made a number of useful connections including - most excitingly - hiring a new professional copywriter for this website.

If you like spanking, hate patriarchy and read sex blogs, you probably already know Girl on the Net. I'm over the moon to be able to announce that she is joining the Dreams of Spanking team as a freelance copywriter, and will be writing film blurbs, blogposts and other bits and pieces. I love her sharp, punchy writing style and am really excited about this collaboration. She loves spanking, loves porn and has an eye for hot men, so I think she'll be perfect.

The other exciting news behind the scenes is that my assistant AJ is expanding her role to take on some of the photo editing. This should hopefully make it easier for us to include midweek photosets in our update schedule, and well as freeing more time for me to focus on video editing, business development and promotion. AJ has a background in photography and has done image processing before, so when I spent the afternoon showing her the ropes last Thursday she picked it up without any problems.

It's a pleasure to be able to delegate more of the regular work involved in the running of the site, and to give AJ's level of responsibility a boost. I'm confident that she will deliver fantastic images and can't wait to share her work with you.

On Friday night we found ourselves both working on Dreams of Spanking photosets at the same time - her on a forthcoming gallery introducing new male spankee Alexander Knight, and me on the stills accompanying our latest film, Slight Damage to the Rear End. It was lovely to have someone sharing the load behind the scenes, and we chatted away in IRC and even co-ordinated preview tweets!

AJ Levi@wanktruffle
Working on a new photoset for @DreamofSpanking, featuring our adorable new boy, Alexander. Lovely smile, lovely bum! pic.twitter.com/VeKi7pGKnv


Pandora Blake @pandorablake
Processing photos for tomorrow's @DreamofSpanking update. Love this shot of @Naughty_Molly preparing to dish it out! pic.twitter.com/ayi8muRP6v


I hope this is the start of two long and happy collaborations. Watch out for updates from AJ and Girl on the Net this week - and if you haven't read GotN's brilliantly filthy blog yet, take a look, I highly recommend it.


I can't quite put into words how exciting all this is. The team is going from strength to strength by the day!

It really is! Thank you so much for being my stepping stone to delegation - it's improving my quality of life more than I can say... and I'm pretty sure it's going to improve the quality of my product, too. You = awesome :)


Finally an actor suitable for wearing grey shorts? :)

Funny you should mention that. We had Alexander in grey shorts in at least one scene - possibly two :)

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