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Something a bit naughtier

What a month it's been! The last couple of weeks have kept me so busy with design projects, activism, planning April's US tour and other pleasant distractions that I've got totally behind with blogging the latest spanking scenes at Dreams of Spanking. I'll post them two at a time until we're up to date.

First up we have the third and final part (so far) to our historical military series Havelock's Campaign, in which Thomas Cameron stars as the swash-buckling, pleasure-loving hussar Major Harry Havelock.

This was the final scene of our week long location shoot last September. We'd been fiming for six consecutive days and had just finished a day shooting with Andrew Shada. After Andrew's scenes were wrapped, Nimue asked if we could shoot just one more. She'd seen Tom's performance of Havelock in The New Lieutenant and Military Discipline from behind the camera, and had developed a powerful urge to play with him. I was more than happy to facilitate.

The resulting film is really quite special. The intimacy and connection that had developed between the three of us during the week really shone through in this scene, which got rather naughtier than I'd expected.

Nimue's characterisation of the bold, saucy wench who knows exactly what she wants gave the whole thing a consensual spin: for all the historical setting, this is at heart exactly what it was in real life, two likeminded kinksters exploring their mutual joy in spanking and erotic dominance and submission.

A new wench presents herself to Major Havelock and he puts her through her paces. A new wench presents herself to Major Havelock and he puts her through her paces

Havelock's Wench

Hearing that Havelock has given away his girl, an enterprising young lass decides to present herself to him at night and persuade him to take her on. She's heard he likes to spank, of course - that's exactly why she's interested! He's quickly awake, intrigued by the girl's boldness, and puts her through her paces there and then. A thorough hand spanking, leather strapping and some intimate fondling leaves both of them hot under the collar, and hungry for more.

A new wench presents herself to Major Havelock and he puts her through her paces. A new wench presents herself to Major Havelock and he puts her through her paces.
A new wench presents herself to Major Havelock and he puts her through her paces. A new wench presents herself to Major Havelock and he puts her through her paces.

Truth be told, I didn't realise quite how naughty Tom and Nimue were being until I came to edit this one. During the shoot I was handling the face camera, and I couldn't see what Tom's hands were doing to make Nimue so flushed and breathless. It wasn't until I loaded both cameras in my video editor and started to piece the scene together that I realised how rude he was being. Oh! I stopped, blushed to the tips of my ears, realised I was really quite turned on, and squirmed in my seat before settling down to watch more. If you want to know what had such a strong effect on me, watch the trailer to the end:

Click to view trailer for Havelock's%20Wench

It was hilarious in a way: me, a spanking pornographer, shameless and unshockable, flustered by some unexpected sensuality. It was the surprise of it that really got me - the fact that even though I'd been in the room at the time, I'd had no idea what was happening. I love that even after seven years of making porn. it's still possible to surprise me. .

If you like anal eroticism and genuine intimacy, you'll also enjoy our recent photoset Spank Me In Stockings.

Spank me in stockings

This bonus photogallery wasn't planned. Tom took these photos of me during our date last Sunday; I dressed up for him, and he took some photos thinking that perhaps one or two might be good enough to publish on my blog. I wasn't wearing make-up, and without it, being photographed made me feel unusually shy and vulnerable.

Spank me in stockings Spank me in stockings

Spank Me In Stockings

Wearing "spank me" stockings, a ra-ra skirt and no make-up, Pandora shyly poses for her dominant. As he spanks her bottom and thighs, straps her and inserts a plug, nothing escapes the camera's gaze.

The outfit made me feel like a Moulin Rouge girl, a courtesan sent to please a prestigious client with sophisticated tastes. The scene that followed included over the knee hand spanking, the wooden hairbrush on my bottom and thighs, anal exposure, embarrassment and a butt plug that stayed in while he continued to spank me with hairbrush, leather strap, paddle and cane. It was an incredibly erotic scene and Tom continued to take pictures throughout the spanking. Only when our afternoon got much more sexually explicit was the camera left behind.

Spank me in stockings Spank me in stockings

When I came to look through the photos, to my surprise I realised they were good enough to share. I've never posted photos of me without make-up on this site before. It's yet another act of exposure that makes me feel shy and vulnerable all over again. (Anyone would think I liked it...)

These candid pictures weren't intended for publication, and they weren't staged. This is raw, homegrown, all-natural kink. No make-up, no artifice, just me and my top doing what we do. Enjoy!

Spank me in stockings Spank me in stockings
Spank me in stockings


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