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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! A controversial holiday if ever there was one. Personally I can take it or leave it. It's provided a nice excuse for filth on past years - but then, I take excuses to have hot kinky sex wherever I can get them, even "you just came out of the shower", or "it's Tuesday". It's like the way some couples use bratty flirting as an excuse for light-hearted punishment; it's fun to have a reason, but sometimes any reason will do. The day itself isn't special unless you want it to be, and in that sense it's a day just like any other.

For someone with two long-term partners, it may surprise you that I'm spending tonight alone. This wasn't deliberate, it just worked out that way, but I'm happy with it. We didn't exchange any cards, and I've spent the day editing spanking photos, nursing my sore bottom from yesterday's Bottom's Up Spanking party, chatting to friends on IRC and generally practicing self-care

So tonight I'd like to wish an extra-special Happy Valentine's Day to all those of you out there at home, like me, indulging in a relaxed Friday evening rather than romantic shenanigans. Romance is nice and all, but for me, happiness starts with the support and understanding of good friends, with self-acceptance, and self-love.

(And yes, feel free to read that in the "hurr hurr, self-love" way. I do run a porn site, after all. Self-pleasure is totally part of my usual self-care routine - and has played a part in my evening, what about yours?)

Happy Valentine's Day from Pandora Blake and the rest of the team at Dreams of Spanking

In that spirit, I hope you enjoy our special Valentine's Day photo gallery starring myself and D. These are the most sexually explicit photos I've ever published, and even better, they were entirely unplanned. This is real love, real lust, and real, joyful sex. If they bring you pleasure, it will make my night. Happy Friday! ♥


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