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"Can you show me how hard you do it?"

How hard is too hard when you're slippering a student? And what happens if the first, over-the-uniform spanking you dish out isn't enough? Amelia Jane Rutherford is interestingly tentative as she explores this key part of her new teaching role.

Seeking advice from her more experienced friend Caroline Grey, she shyly confesses that she's unsure about one element of her new job: the discipline regime. She's never administered corporal punishment before, and wants to make sure that when she uses the slipper on one of her students, it has the intended effect. Not too hard, not too gentle - exactly how painful is a slippering supposed to be?

Caroline Grey shows Amelia Jane Rutherford how to use the slipper

There's a really natural rapport between Caroline and Amelia, which you'll know if you've seen them work together before - whether it's as excited friends hiring a hot male stripper, or defiant young ladies punished by their governess.

In 'Teaching Experience' they discuss corporal punishment like old friends, with nervous giggles and shy smiles. Asking for advice, Amelia edges ever so gently towards what we all hope is coming: a request that Caroline use the slipper on her so she can experience the sensation first-hand.

Caroline Grey shows Amelia Jane Rutherford how to use the slipper

I've been trying to put my finger on what makes this scene so special, and I think it all comes down to the stream of consciousness from Amelia while she processes the experience of a slippering. From her initial comment that “it stings, doesn't it?” to, later, “Gosh, okay - that really does hurt quite a lot more,” she assesses the punishment in the same way as a teacher would grade your answers on a test paper.

The punishment gradually builds, from initial whacks over the skirt to a painful bare bottom spanking, but at each escalation there's a nervousness and embarrassment – from both Caroline and Amelia – that gives the scene an added tension. Amelia's clearly intent on getting the full experience, for the sake of her own integrity as well as her natural curiosity. She is the one that drives the scene, asking for extra at each stage until eventually she's lifting her skirt, pulling her own knickers down and explaining 'I know this is weird, but...'

Caroline Grey shows Amelia Jane Rutherford how to use the slipper Caroline Grey shows Amelia Jane Rutherford how to use the slipper

It's an unusual combination of reluctance and determination: reluctance because the situation is humiliating, and you feel that neither woman wants to appear overly keen given that this is, after all, only happening in the name of professionalism. But determination because they both want to show how professional they are: Amelia genuinely wants to discover what it feels like so she can learn how to administer corporal punishment effectively, which will be a valuable skill in her new job; and I get the impression that Caroline is keen to share her skills with the slipper, and teach her old friend new tricks.

Caroline Grey shows Amelia Jane Rutherford how to use the slipper


Very nearly perfect

I love this video! The conversation is so real and so charming, between what appears to be two genuine friends. There is none of the usual stilted build up to the slippering you usually get in spanking films.

And Amelis of course looks lovely, especially with her skirt up - I'm a big lover of the slipper/plimsoll spanking and this is one of the all round nicest, sweetest and sexiest i've ever seen.

Very well done all concerned.

Isn't the dialogue perfect? Amelia and Caroline are two of the best when it comes to improvisation. This just felt so believable and natural to me. They took my idea and made it feel utterly real. All credit to the two of them - amazing performers!

Appreciation in triplicate! I love it - and most appropriate for this great film. (if the post from timthetum are integrated into one of course this comment is going to look a little redundant!)

Both Caroline and Amelia are very good at dialogue in these films. But I think the comment about a stream of consciousness from Amelia is very interesting. Amelia is particularly good at doing a running commentary on what she is experiencing and what is happening when she is being filmed, whether when she is in a role or not. There was another series of films on another website that she did a couple of years ago where the theme was a 'scientific' test of a range of implements, and she did a great ongoing description. But I've seen it in other non-spanking films she does occasionally. It's really something to just keep the talking going while acting out a scene or posing, and to keep it interesting and making sense. I presume it's pretty much ad-libbing on a general theme and idea of the storyline, which is perhaps why it flows so well.

Oops, I did delete the duplicates, sorry!

Amelia has an analytical mind and is extremely observant and articulate, so it's not surprising she's good at the "running commentary". She is one of the best dialogue improvisers in spanking. It's all about multi-tasking!

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