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What is it about the stinging whack of the ruler?

At school, along with the inevitabilities of squashed sandwiches and forgotten PE kits, one thing was certain: when it came time to measure things using metre sticks in science or maths class, some wag would use the metre ruler to playfully swat one of their mates. Nothing serious or painful, just fooling around.

At the time something about it gave me a kick, and I didn't understand why. Likewise if a friend whacked me on the hand with one of the smaller plastic rulers. It hurt a bit, but more than that – it was interesting. Interesting in a way that made me realise I... well... perhaps I had a bit of a thing for it.

Rulers aren't naturally my favourite implement, as a spankee: they're whippy and stingy enough that they're reminiscent of the cane – something I struggle to take for more than six strokes before I'm clutching my bottom and praying for a belt or another soft and thwacky implement instead. But to watch, they work wonders. Just like the cane, there's a very specific tone: that of the strict schoolteacher or, in the case of this week's video, the calmly authoritative Dean of a University college.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

This strict male/male spanking scene with Dr Richard Barton and Alexander Knight features a severe punishment with the wooden ruler. It starts out firm but fair, and takes place over Alex's formal trousers. Pragmatic, and a little brusque: Alexander has broken the rules, so he must bend over for a whacking. Although he gasps and winces as the ruler falls, it's obvious from Dr Barton's unruffled demeanour that this kind of corporal punishment is par for the course.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

Afterwards though, when Alexander challenges the method of punishment itself, Dr Barton's character becomes genuinely angry. This is the kind of role I think Dr Barton is perfect for: the authoritarian master of an historical institution, who sincerely believes in corporal punishment as the means to correct poor behaviour.

An upstart student challenging that idea is not to be borne, and he insists that Alexander bends back over - this time lowering his trousers and baring his naked bottom to the stinging wood.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

I think that the fact it's done with a ruler rather than any other implement gives this spanking scene a particular tone. A ruler is a practical tool. A no-nonsense spanking implement that's easily to hand - and one which can potentially deliver surprisingly intense pain with little exertion. It can be used to deliver a firm, measured punishment - but it can also be wielded more fiercely if the spankee isn't paying attention.

Which brings me to the hottest bit of this scene, for me: about ten minutes in, when Alexander is asked a question. The poor boy is flustered and hesitates - presumably still reeling from the burning strokes of the ruler he's just been given – and Dr Barton loses his patience and administers a ferocious flurry of blows that leave Alexander's bottom red and marked.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

One thing I love about the ruler – a quality it shares with the cane – is the whooshing, cracking sound it makes. It takes me straight back to school, and the memory of the other kids messing around with the metre rules in science lessons. Of course, I was lucky not to go to school at the time this story is set, and my exposure to the ruler was just playful fun, nothing extreme or painful. But watching this video brought back that vivid memory of a whish-smack, and a laugh, and a 'hmmm... I wonder why I find this so interesting.'

It's clear that outwardly, Alexander's character is outraged to be beaten with a wooden ruler by the Dean of his University college. But I think I can detect a slight smile on his face at certain moments in this video - and I can't help but wonder if despite his protests, he is thinking something similar...

New update: Donna Draper's Secretary behind the scenes

Donna Draper's Secretary - Behind the Scenes

Donna Draper's Secretary: Behind the scenes

Performers: Pandora Blake, Vix Vixxxen

Behind the scenes during the filming of Donna Draper's Secretary. Out-takes and out-of-character chatter as Pandora, Vix and Nimue discuss the perils of being over-ambitious, plan their Mad Men dialogue and negotiate the caning. Vix demonstrates her skill at remembering her mark, and shows off her famous poise (not including getting over excited while bending over in heels and nearly falling on her arse)!

The nearly-falling-over is definitely my favourite bit of this - not only because of the hilarious way Vix sways back and forth without moving her feet, but because the reason she lost her balance in the first place was that she was cracking up and slapping her thigh with delight, cackling "I love my life". I can't think why; all Nimue had said was that we could see her cane stripes through her sheer knickers. Perfectly normal observation if you ask me!

Lacy knickers and vintage lingerie - what makes you feel sexy?

Delicate lace and vintage lingerie in Companions at Dreams of Spanking Delicate lace and vintage lingerie in Companions at Dreams of Spanking

I’ve never been someone who collects clothes, or understands exactly what to wear to show myself off. At best I’ll find a skirt that’s a tad too short - and I'll feel hot because I hope it'll ride up occasionally and show guys in the pub a bit too much - but on most days I’ll be rummaging through the washing pile just finding a top that doesn’t have holes in. But even I, as someone who is useless at dressing to impress, will occasionally find something that makes me feel so sexy I know it’s special.

A particular corset, for instance, that cinches my waist just right, or frames my chest in a way that makes me feel like a medieval tavern wench. A pair of knickers with rows of ruffles and frills that makes me want to lie face-down on the bed, bum in the air, biting the pillow and waiting for the palm of a hand to smack down, hard.

There’s no question that there are certain clothes that just make you feel different – more aware of everything around you. As if just by putting them on you’ve tapped into new feelings that you weren’t sensitive to before.

Silk does this for me, and so does lace. That smooth or textured feeling rubbing against my skin. When it's lingerie, it makes me feel very aware of wearing it - and of what’s beneath.

Delicate lace and vintage lingerie in Companions at Dreams of Spanking Delicate lace and vintage lingerie in Companions at Dreams of Spanking

Admiring the beautiful photos from our new two-part lesbian spanking photoset, watching Pandora Blake and Adele Haze tease and stroke and and spank each other, I just want to rummage in their wardrobes. Those gorgeous frills and lace, the stunning vintage lingerie, each and every piece framing and highlighting their curves. To me this kind of sexy underwear whispers sensuality.

It’s excellent to see that the first comment on the first ‘Companions’ photogallery comes from someone who is a fan of attractive underwear. When Pandora first sent me the set she told me that these outfits were inspired by a particular fantasy of Adele's, and that the pair of them loved dressing up in ribbons, lace, and all the trimmings.

Delicate lace and vintage lingerie in Companions at Dreams of Spanking Delicate lace and vintage lingerie in Companions at Dreams of Spanking

The actual spanking is hot too, of course - the way Pandora grips Adele's hand behind her back as she kicks, the expressions of pain and pleasure that mingle on both girls' faces when it's their turn to go over the knee. Pandora and Adele have an obvious chemistry as they caress and smack each other. But I think the spanking is only one of many things that gives these particular photos their atmosphere: the vintage lingerie is just as significant. 

When I read fetish blogs and forums I see a lot of discussion of the more modern clothing fetishes: latex, rubber, leather and all that is shiny. Another commenter once mentioned that the sound of a spanking is different over tights than on the bare, and I suspect the sound factor might be a part of any other fabric fetish, too. Leather, PVC and latex certainly sound delightful when you smack them. But I know Pandora loves all things historical and elegant, and so why not pay homage to a different sort of fetish fashion? These photos are a delicious tribute to all that’s frilly and soft and vintage - those pale white gloves, those lacy knickers, the kind of underwear that makes you feel coddled and caressed.

Delicate lace and vintage lingerie in Companions at Dreams of Spanking

Check out the beautiful Companions photosets – part one, in which Adele Haze gives Pandora Blake an over the knee spanking, and part two in which the spanking roles are reversed. We've talked before about the best kind of material to spank or get spanked in - but what makes you feel sexiest? Would you go for something stark and strong like leather or latex, or would you - like me - give your right arm to try on some of Adele and Pandora's gorgeous vintage lingerie?

Delicate lace and vintage lingerie in Companions at Dreams of Spanking

New update: The Seating Plan behind the scenes

The Seating Plan - Behind the Scenes with Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake

The Seating Plan: Behind the scenes

Performers: Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette

Out-takes and behind the scenes footage from the shooting of "The Seating Plan". Includes giggles and silliness, a vibrating phone interrupting proceedings, and camera woman Alex Reynolds absolutely nailing the continuity. Plus post-scene hugs!

I think my favourite moment in this is when Ten sticks out her tongue at me. Serious top is serious :)

The Seating Plan - behind the scenes with Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake
The Seating Plan - behind the scenes with Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake

Passionate rows and intense punishment

God I love a good ruck. A back-and-forth row that screams passion just as much as a good shag does. If given the choice between a calm and gentle relationship with lots of cuddles on the sofa, or an angry, feisty, plate-smashing partnership, I’d definitely go for the latter.

Erica Scott and Paul Kennedy play a stunning example of that kind of heated relationship in this scene, and I can’t decide what’s better – the passion with which she begs him to give her sexual satisfaction, or the frustration she howls face-down on the bed when he responds by giving her a beating instead.

Spanked wife Erica Scott gets the wooden hairbrush and leather strap at Dreams of Spanking

This scene was shot while Pandora was in Los Angeles, and it turns out it was a bit of a surprise one – you can read the back story here, incuding how they came up with the plot. Pandora’s really glad she got to shoot with Erica, and I reckon when you’ve watched this you’ll be delighted too!

Workaholic is not for the faint-hearted. It starts with a fairly traditional idea – the lonely wife trying to seduce her workaholic husband by dressing in deeply sexy lingerie and surprising him in the bedroom. But it quickly gets very dark, as Erica tears up her husband’s work proposal and angers him so much that only a thrashing with the leather belt will curb her rude behaviour.

Spanked wife Erica Scott gets the wooden hairbrush and leather strap at Dreams of Spanking

There’s a glorious tension in the dynamic between Erica and Paul – we know that Erica’s frustrated, but we also know that when she impulsively rips up her husband’s work report, she’s getting herself in serious trouble. But Erica isn’t going to take her punishment without giving her husband a piece of her mind. With every smack on her bottom she’s giving angry retorts, fighting back and struggling as he pins her wrists behind her back. She might be being beaten, but that doesn’t mean she'll submit - and it certainly doesn’t mean she’s in the wrong.

Even as Paul is spanking her with a hairbrush, Erica is making her point - that’s what I mean about the back-and-forth. It’s not just a whacking in which one person dominates the other. Even as her bottom turns bright red and she squeals in outraged agony, Erica hurls witty comebacks and biting remarks at Paul to the point where he genuinely feels starts to feel guilty for neglecting her.

Spanked wife Erica Scott gets the wooden hairbrush and leather strap at Dreams of Spanking Spanked wife Erica Scott gets the wooden hairbrush and leather strap at Dreams of Spanking

Since I've started working at Dreams of Spanking I've talked about ‘chemistry’ a lot. There's this idea that in porn, because people are professional performers, there can't be any real heat or passion. It's crap, of course - as you’ll know if you’re a Dreams member. While the tone and atmosphere of each scene is different, there are so many films where the chemistry between two performers just crackles off the screen. For instance, there's a similar sizzling passion in Bitch – which stars Pandora and Vix Vixxxen, and involves lots of heated kisses, slapping and hissed ‘fuck you’s.

With their angry battle of wills, Paul and Erica get you not just horny for the punishment itself (with a hand spanking and violent wooden hairbrush spanking over the knee, and a hard thrashing with the leather strap, it really is incredibly hot) but they also get you believing in the characters. I feel for Erica’s frustration, and winced when she tore up the report. And above all I was felt her genuine passion when she tried to get her husband to see her point of view.

As with many domestic disputes, there isn't any clear right or wrong here: sure, Erica’s given such a thorough beating it’ll be a long time before she destroys her husband’s work again, but I feel like Paul’s left feeling apologetic as well. There’s no clear winner in this fight (unless you count those of us who are lucky enough to watch it). But I’ll leave it to you to see if they kiss and make up at the end.

Spanked wife Erica Scott gets the wooden hairbrush and leather strap at Dreams of Spanking

The Workaholic - Erica Scott behind the scenes

In my head, I divide the scenes on Dreams of Spanking into two categories. The first is "how I play in real life". You can find scenes like this under the consensual, playful and positive tags - spanking that is fun, informal and mutually fulfilling, with people I like a lot. The other category is "what I fantasise about". These fantasies are nothing like my real life play preferences. I fantasise about serious spankings in dark, fictional contexts, often with an unwilling spankee.

My whole concept of ethical production of spanking porn centers around consent. It's very important to me that the performers in my productions have a say in what they do on camera, are treated well on the day, and come away happy. When I'm filming a fun, sexy spanking between me and my friends or lovers, this enjoyment shines through. But what if we're acting the parts of characters and creating a drama that doesn't have a happy ending?

That's where behind the scenes material comes in.

My approach to behind the scenes content is twofold. Firstly, it's important to have videos and photos available on Dreams of Spanking - and not tucked away out of sight in a members area, either, but right there on the tour pages. Performer interviews, out-takes and candid snaps all help to create transparency and honesty about the shooting process, and invite you in to watch how we made our darker, edgier scenes. Not only can you see which scenes have behind the scenes material and which don't before you join, and read a synopsis of each out-takes video, you can watch our free performer interviews in full.

For instance, The Workaholic, our latest M/F film starring Erica Scott and Paul Kennedy, has a 12 minute out-takes and "making of" video showing you the process behind the product, and a 9 minute free interview with Erica.

Behind the scenes with Erica Scott at Dreams of Spanking

The Workaholic: Behind the scenes

Performers: Erica Scott, Paul Kennedy

Out-takes and making of video for The Workaholic! Shooting with a mirror in the background is not straightforward. Why didn't we just cover it? Lots of snark and giggling from Erica and Alex, scene negotiation between Erica and Paul, silly voices, and a hilarious misunderstanding that resulted in Erica stoically staying quiet during 30 seconds of hairbrushing - for no reason. Torture! But there was lots of hugs and post-scene euphoria once we'd wrapped. Erica is a true spanking star. How she took that hairbrushing while still delivering witty one-liners I have no idea.

Who doesn't love spanking out-takes? You can browse all our scenes which include behind the scenes material here.

Behind the scenes with Erica Scott at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake interviews Erica Scott

I was absolutely delighted to get the chance to shoot with the renowned Erica Scott in LA this year. This lady is a spanking legend! We took some time after the shoot to chat about how we met, blogging, her books, life, love and spanking. You can find out more about Erica at ericascottlls.blogspot.com.

The other element, just as important, is off-site. In my opinion one of the cornerstones of ethical porn production, the thing that makes it possible for fairtrade porn to be trustworthy and transparent, is social media. I first developed these ideas in my blogpost from 2008, Cumshots, spanking and the role of blogging in feminist porn.

For the first five years of my spanking career I was working as a performer for other producers, and if I felt uncomfortable on a spanking shoot, I know I wouldn't always have felt comfortable saying so in the end-of-day interview, where you are often expected to smile for the camera before you get paid. Blogging, on the other hand, is a different matter. I have never asked or paid a performer who's filmed for Dreams of Spanking to blog about the experience. If anyone chooses to do so, it is in their own time, and their own words. The one or two times in my career I've ever had a bad shoot experience, I didn't blog about it. I was wary of being accused of lying or causing "drama", so I kept quiet and warned fellow models away in person instead. Any performer who writes about a shoot is promoting the producer they worked with, and you wouldn't want to do that unless you still liked them.

So if you want to tell if a spanking film was produced in a fun and fairtrade way, don't take the director's word for it. Any ethical porn director will provide info about all their performers, including links to their blog, website and twitter if they have one. Click the links and read the blog posts, tweets, and facebook posts by the performers themselves.

I'm lucky that so many of my performers are enthusiastic bloggers. Erica has really out-done herself with this scene. You can read her original write-up of the shoot experience in April, written only a day later. More recently, she's also posted an announcement of the video release, a fun post about the behind the scenes video, and a new post last night linking to a new model spotlight featuring Erica Scott on The Spanking Galleries, which includes lots of previews of The Workaholic.Thank you Erica, you really are spoiling us!

Read Spanking Model Spotlight – The One and Only Erica Scott on The Spanking Galleries

Flirting, pleasure and spanking over cane marks

When I first got into BDSM I imagined terrifying Doms who would call me awful names and beat me to within an inch of crying. As I got more involved, I was touched and turned on in equal measure watching couples perform aftercare – that post-play winding down where you really see the care they have for each other.

Our recent spanking film with Nimue Allen and David Weston captures all the tenderness and affection of aftercare. As Nimue rubs lotion on his throbbing cane marks, and caresses his gorgeous bum, David wriggles and luxuriates in the sensation of being pampered.

Cute spankee David Weston is spanked over cane welts at Dreams of Spanking

I also love the fact that this scene includes lots of giggling. Having admired (read: fancied) David since his first appearances on Dreams of Spanking ('David's Strict Governess' is a particular favourite) it's lovely to see a scene that shows a more playful side to his personality. Nimue and David have a fantastic chemistry – she flirts and teases him, marvelling at how she can feel the cane marks on his bottom. And he pushes his bum up to meet her firm hand, grinning with pleasure.

Cute spankee David Weston is spanked over cane welts at Dreams of Spanking

When Pandora sent me the video, she explained that David was keen to do a playful scene after the other more serious punishments. When he came to the last scene of the day he'd just shot 'The Clone's Training', a dark and intense sci-fi drama. Knowing that, this whole aftercare scene feels very real - the giggles a well-deserved release after the tension of taking his first ever cold caning, and the rubs and soothing touch a relaxing reward at the end of a hard day.

As David gets the giggles Nimue spanks him harder, laughing along with him and both enjoying the pleasure of a playful spanking.

Cute spankee David Weston is spanked over cane welts at Dreams of Spanking Cute spankee David Weston is spanked over cane welts at Dreams of Spanking

I challenge you to watch it and not fall in love with them a little bit. There's so much candid tenderness in this film that it made me yearn for someone to do that to me.

Step into my study...

Have you been behaving yourself? If not, you'd better report to the Headmistress' study. Immediately.

Step into The Headmistress Study - with Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

I'll be waiting - and meanwhile, I shall decide which implement to correct you with. I enjoy administering corporal punishment so much, it can be difficult to choose...

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