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Spanked by two strict nurses

I hope you all had a good weekend? Mine was a mixture of work and rest, with a late night editing on Friday night, an all-afternoon switch spanking session on Saturday (I'm definitely rediscovering my bottoming mojo after a bit of a fallow period - hooray!) followed by a hot date with D, and a leisurely Sunday divided between working out and watching films. Perfect.

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We recently uploaded our third film starring Vincent Brennan, which also just happens to be the first scene of his first ever spanking shoot! He had never been spanked on camera before, and the scenario was dreamed up by him.

The shoot had its challenges, but all three performers did a great job, and even after some of the footage was lost this film is worth watching. I can certainly see why Vincent liked the idea of being ganged up on by two strict nurses at once!

Click to view trailer for Nursing a Grudge

Nursing a Grudge

Nurse Molly is outraged when a cheeky patient smacks her bottom, but things start looking much worse for Vincent when Molly's colleague Zoe comes in to see what all the noise is. It turns out that this isn't the first time Vincent has sexually harrassed a medical professional - nor is it the first time he's found himself in this position.

If Molly and Zoe have anything to do with it, this is the last time he'll ever treat them or one of their colleagues this way. The pair join forces to teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

A naughty patient is taken in hand A naughty patient is taken in hand

One unexpected kinky moment was when Molly was in such a hurry to turn the rude Vincent over her knee that she started out spanking him while still wearing her latex medical gloves. Hey, I'm sure that's someone's fetish. She then slowly, deliberately removed them, while looking him in the eye and telling him about the severe spanking he was about to receive. Oh my. 

A naughty patient is taken in hand A naughty patient is taken in hand
A naughty patient is taken in hand A naughty patient is taken in hand

This is a playful scene with some amusing backchat from Vincent and eye rolling and interplay between Molly and Zoe as they pull out all the stops in an attempt to get through to him. He does learn his lesson... eventually. Well, that's what he claims...

A naughty patient is taken in hand

Nursing a Grudge also includes extensive behind the scenes materials including an out-takes video, interview with Vincent and some fabulous behind the scenes photos by Dodgy Dave.

Molly Malone behind the scenes in Nursing a Grudge - Dreams of Spanking Zoe Montana behind the scenes in Nursing a Grudge - Dreams of Spanking
Hilarity behind the scenes in Nursing a Grudge at Dreams of Spanking


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