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Caned on the last day of school

We're very honoured to be able to share Irelynn Logeen's last ever spanking film with you (probably), which she came out of retirement to shoot with us as a one-off a few months ago. She and Adele looked perfect in their matching tunics and blazers, but neither girl was perfectly innocent in this end-of-term school caning film. In the end they both lifted their skirts, lowered their white school knickers and bent over the gym horse for 12 hard strokes of the cane.

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Leaving Day

It's the last day of summer term, and the end of Irelynn and Adele's school career. After their last assembly, their head of year calls them back for one last interview. It seems that someone spiked the punch at the Leaver's Ball, and these two are the likely suspects. But which of them was it?

For their classmates, the summer holiday has already started, but rather than hugging their friends goodbye, Irelynn and Adele will spend their last moments at the school in an all-too-familiar position: bent over the gym horse for a final farewell caning.

Two sixth formers in trouble Two sixth formers in trouble
Two naughty girls thoroughly caned Two naughty girls thoroughly caned
School's out forever School's out forever


Irelynn's last ever spanking film


The movie has its own page - I left some comments there before I realised THIS blog post existed. What can I add without repeating myself ?

You categorise it as: cold caning, hard, light-hearted. All true, as far as I'm concerned. Light-hearted? Yes. We don't see two trembling first-timers, sick with fear, abused by an evil sadist. Everyone is polite and pleasant. But the canings are "cold" (delivered without a warm-up hand spanking) and really quite hard. Beautiful marks.

Your actors are thoroughly professional, they react as the director (i.e you) bids them. I wondered whether you had to encourage them to "act like it's hurting". There was a lovely little tremor in Irelynn's voice when her count reached "Four ... thank you, Miss".

Re-reading that last paragraph, I realise I'm being very patronising. Of course it hurt. But if you'd told them to take it in absolute silence with a cheeky smile, they could have pretended convincingly that it wasn't hurting.

I'm an Irelynn fanboy, but top billing in this video obviously goes to Adele. Patronising again.

Only 2 more things to say. For a Dutch woman, Irelynn every now and then displays quite a marked English regional accent. And the picture on her profile page - download it and see it actual size. Very nice indeed.

James M

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