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2013 in review

Happy new year from all of us at Dreams of Spanking! 2013, our second year in business, has had its ups and downs - but mostly it's been ups. It's been a pleasure to watch the project stabilise, grow and enjoy various successes, and I'm really optimistic about 2014.

My personal highlights from the last twelve months include getting a photo of a male submissive to the top of Kinky and Popular, being nominated for a Feminist Porn Award 2013, receiving several excellent reviews from porn review sites, attending a private film festival for UK fetish producers, producing our first big location shoot (which I hope will become an annual feature!), hiring my new assistant AJ (who also helped me with this post - thanks hon!), and hosting our first free porn day to celebrate the second birthday of the site.

It's not all been plain sailing. I allowed myself to get badly overcommitted this year by trying to combine too many other projects with running this website, and had to take time to recover from burnout. While I was still too exhausted to cope, I accidentally deleted some footage on a spanking shoot, a mistake I very much hope not to make again. At the start of the summer we also experienced some issues with our billing provider which were a headache at the time - but even that cloud had a silver lining in the end, in the launch of our free "extreme porn" spin-off site, Darker Dreams.

In 2013 we published a number of new types of spanking scene, including our first strap-on scene, live-play spanking card game, pet play scene, wrestling film, and hand tawsing. We worked with some amazing performers for the first time, some new to the spanking industry, others already and deservedly popular: Will Savage, Alex Reynolds, Mila Kohl and Paul Kennedy, Vincent Brennan, Lola Marie, Leia Ann Woods, and Andrew Shada.

We also had great fun shooting with existing cast members Caroline Grey, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Thomas Cameron, Nimue Allen, D, Molly Malone, Zoe Montana, Michael Darling and Adele Haze, and we invited three new photographers to join the crew: Matt Christie, Tyler Gray and PWP.

2013 was also the year when my work started to attract a little more interest in the press, such as this article in Slixa, an interview with Jacques magazine, a yet-to-be-released FHM feature on what women think of porn, a mention in Men's Health magazine, and several in-depth interviews for a forthcoming Guardian article by Zoe Williams.

I wanted to post my top twelve scenes of 2013 to celebrate the year gone by. It turned out to be very hard to choose. I've been really proud of our updates this year, and if I get my way there'll be even better to come in 2014. Picking just twelve was difficult! These are just the ones that stood out for me; you will probably have your own favourites. But without further ado, here are my twelve favourite spanking scenes from 2013:

Schoolboys Sebastian and Michael find out how the cane really feels at Dreams of Spanking

Caning Practice: Like all schoolboys, Michael and Sebastian dread the cane. When the Headmaster catches them exchanging practice strokes in the school grounds, they soon find out what it really feels like. Based on a true story, this film explores the dread and fear of the cane as the ultimate sanction that can make school punishment stories so powerful.

A bride takes her frustration out on her maid of honour, but then the tables turn A bride takes her frustration out on her maid of honour, but then the tables turn

Bridezilla: A stressed-out bride insists on punishing her long-suffering maid of honour, but when even this doesn't calm her down, Nimue turns the tables and gives Molly what she really needs: the cane. Molly and Nimue delivered superb performances in this energetic, witty switch scene, and Molly looks sublime receiving a well-earned caning in her white bridal lingerie.

Toned, tattooed and tied-up; Hunky switch Will shows us the ropes

Musclebound: Introducing new switch performer Will Savage, freshly oiled and showing off his muscular physique. Strength and power are slowly tamed as he kneels and submits to tightly tied hemp rope. This groundbreaking photoset celebrated the beauty and nobility of male submission, and Will's finely-crafted physique and Hywel Phillips' superb photography took the whole thing to another level.

Naughty Mila is pre-emptively punished to prevent her misbehaving at dinner again

Caned Before Dinner: After her behaviour at the last Rotary Club dinner, Mila's father decides to punish her before this one as a pre-emptive measure. Twelve sore cane stripes on her bottom will remind her to behave. Mila was not very experienced with the cane, and was extremely nervous in the run up to this scene. Her fear and tears as the punishment proceeds are entirely genuine.

Michael is shown just what the ladies can do given the right bottom

Ladies Caning Night: This week Pandora has brought her partner Michael to Nimue's caning evening - and her camera. The ladies team up to give poor Michael over 60 cane strokes, including a double caning from both of them at once. This scene had a realistic, documentary-style feel which was fun to produce, and all three of us had a great time with it. Brave Michael took one hell of a caning - and he even seemed to enjoy it!

Naughty Lola flirts with her teacher and soon finds herself on the wrong end of a hairbrush

Teacher's Pet: Lola has a crush on her teacher, but she's in for a shock when she playfully provokes a spanking. He knocks her back, and gives her a serious hairbrush punishment that she doesn't like one bit. One of my oldest fantasies, Lola and Tom brought this scene to life with perfect, hilarious performances - and Lola took the hardest wooden hairbrush spanking I have ever filmed.

A poor report leads Michael to spend some time across his strict auntie's knee

School Report: Michael hates living with his strict, old-fashioned aunt and uncle, who believe in traditional methods of discipline and do not consider him too old to be taken over the knee for a sound spanking. This was our first MF/M scene, and may in fact be the first MF/M spanking film ever made. It proved incredibly popular, and affirmed my intention to continue to produce innovative, genre-busting films celebrating male spankees.

Two junior jockeys conspire to fix a race, but neither reckons on their headmistress finding out

The Fix: Riders Caroline and Amelia had the best of intentions when they fixed the horse race, but that won’t save them from Miss Blake's riding crop, and a harsh thrashing that brings them both to tears. Both performers picked this firm but fair scene as their favourite out of our two day shoot, and they loved the opportunity to hold hands and console each other through two very emotionally intense punishments. Tight jodhpurs, sound whippings and beautiful crying girls - what's not to love?

At the end of a long day, Tamora makes time to indulge in her schoolgirl spanking fantasies

My Inner Little Girl: Tamora is a high powered business woman, but no-one can be strong all the time. After a long work day she makes time for her inner schoolgirl, dressing up and fantasising about being spanked and helpless. This was my first ever masturbation scene and orgasm on camera, and it was exciting and nerve-wracking to share something a bit more intimate with the world. I also really enjoyed making a film that combines genuine female pleasure with a non-consensual punishment scenario. The best of both worlds!

Vincent chooses a caning over a custodial sentence, and soon learns that it's far from the easy way out

Drunk and Disorderly: Arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour, Vincent is given the option of judicial corporal punishment. His big mouth earns him more and more strokes, culminating in 30 full force strokes of the cane. This was our first judicial scene, and new spankee Vincent bowled us over with his resilience and courage.

Real tears and harsh strokes as Pandora and Tom play out one of her most severe fantasies

Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy: Pandora describes one of her edgiest fantasies: a severe domestic belt whipping featuring struggling, real tears and over 100 very hard strokes. Together, she and Tom bring her dream to life. One of my oldest, nastiest fantasies, and a new mode of storytelling that shows both non-consensual fantasy and consensual reality. This was a big deal for me and Tom, and I'm really pleased with the result.

The Major shows the young officer how to keep his wench in line

The New Lieutenant: Her Majesty's Hussars are off on campaign. Major Harry Havelock congratulates new Lieutenant Shada on his promotion, and introduces the boy to the privileges of rank: wine, wenching, and whipping! A more ambitious historical production indulging another favourite fantasy of mine and Tom's, and giving new performer Andrew a chance to shine. Episode three of this series is coming soon!

Caned on the last day of school

We're very honoured to be able to share Irelynn Logeen's last ever spanking film with you (probably), which she came out of retirement to shoot with us as a one-off a few months ago. She and Adele looked perfect in their matching tunics and blazers, but neither girl was perfectly innocent in this end-of-term school caning film. In the end they both lifted their skirts, lowered their white school knickers and bent over the gym horse for 12 hard strokes of the cane.

Click to view trailer for Leaving%20Day

Leaving Day

It's the last day of summer term, and the end of Irelynn and Adele's school career. After their last assembly, their head of year calls them back for one last interview. It seems that someone spiked the punch at the Leaver's Ball, and these two are the likely suspects. But which of them was it?

For their classmates, the summer holiday has already started, but rather than hugging their friends goodbye, Irelynn and Adele will spend their last moments at the school in an all-too-familiar position: bent over the gym horse for a final farewell caning.

Two sixth formers in trouble Two sixth formers in trouble
Two naughty girls thoroughly caned Two naughty girls thoroughly caned
School's out forever School's out forever

Serene in her surrender

Our latest photoset, Dominance and Submission, is from my shoot with D and Matt Christie in July last year. I'm remiss in still not having previewed the other scenes we shot that day, but I'm going to make up for it today by sharing a bumper load of free photos from this new gallery. 

I wanted to create some iconic male dominant, female submissive imagery, exploring themes of clothed male/nude female, bondage, human furniture and objectification, erotic breast teasing and whipping, nurturing dominance, throat grabbing and breath play, as well as corporal punishment with leather belt and crop. The depth of my connection and chemistry with D provided the ideal opportunity for these explorations, and Matt's trademark evocative imagery bathed in warm, soft light perfectly set the scene. I love every single photo he took, and had difficulty picking out just a few for the thumbnails on the scene page. I'm so delighted with Matt's photography that I just can't resist the urge to show you more here. 

A naked, cuffed and blindfolded submissive kneels and awaits her master's attentions. A naked, cuffed submissive walks towards her master as he beckons her to come closer.

Cuffed and collared, naked and vulnerable, she kneels and waits.

A naked submissive kneels at her master's feet, as he teases her with the riding crop. A kneeling submissive is kissed by her master as he cups her breast with his hand.

She kneels at his feet and he tells her to open her legs - wider - wider. She obeys. He squeezes her nipples and her breasts, wraps a cool hand around her throat. 

A naked submissive on hands and knees is used as a footstool by her master.
A naked woman surrenders and offers her bottom submissively to the crop.
A naked girl on hands and knees submits to the sting of the crop. A naked girl on hands and knees submits to the sting of the crop. A naked girl on hands and knees submits to the sting of the crop.

He arranges her on hands and knees and uses her as a footstool. She is aware of the weight of his feet resting in the small of her back; breathing in and out, concentrating on posture, poise, stillness. Back arched, bottom raised. When she feels the crop land sharply across her upturned buttocks she cries out. She flinches, she can't help it, but as soon as she realises it she arches her back again. Her bottom feels exposed, sensitive. The position is not easy to maintain as he whips her, but she does her best. 

A naked submissive knees on a chair and offers her bottom to the belt. A dominant comforts his submissive after her beating.

Cool hands soothe and squeeze her throbbing skin; their kisses are heated. She kneels to present her bottom again, offering herself to the belt, and he paints her cheeks red. 

He does not need to use words to tell her she is his. Serene in her surrender, she lets him direct her, trusting that whatever she does, she will be safe with him. He plays her body like an instrument. Even the pain, when it comes, is a treasured gift, a sign of love. 

A dominant kissing his kneeling submissive with passion and affection.

New year, new spankings

Evening all! I've got some lovely spanking updates lined up to share with you from our friends around the 'net.

First up, from our joint location shoot in the autumn, Nimue has a new scene featuring me being most unimpressed with her choice of footwear. She has to prove that her heels are not Too High by putting them on to take a brisk caning - without wobbling or falling over. This shoot also included "shoe cam", the third camera recording a close up of Nimue's feet to capture any tiny movement that might occur, to the amusement of all concerned.

Over at Clare Spanks Men, the tall, stunning and dominant Alexis Grace has hired her boyfriend Bradly King to work for her at the office. When he slacks off, she has no recourse but to put him over her knee for a long, hard spanking to put him in his place and turn his cheeks rosy red.


Meanwhile the lovely Molly Malone is in trouble at English Spankers. Her teacher Mr Nightingale has discovered a priceless hockey stick belonging to the school on sale on the internet, and Molly is selling it. After a whacking with the hockey stick itself, her knickers are lowered for the school strap, and then she must touch her toes for a good hard caning.


At Straight Lads Spanked, Dom has been caught goofing off at work and is due for a dose of discipline. Dom receives a very hard hand spanking over old bruises, but a mere spanking is never going to teach this lad a proper lesson. Mr X decides that the birch will do the job more effectively!


And finally Paingate introduce us to the luscious Eve, who arrives at a dinner party to discover that she herself is to be the evening's entertainment. An elegant and tempting lady, she submits with dignity to bondage and the lash.


A Victorian cold caning

As you'll know if you read my posts after the shoot, our latest film was a big deal for me. Dreams of Spanking had already published one severe caning scene courtesy of Kaelah and Ludwig - now relocated at Darker Dreams. The last (and only) severe caning I had filmed with myself as the bottom, however, was with another producer. Since then I've known that my next full-force, judicial strength cold caning film would be for Dreams of Spanking.

Click to view trailer for The%20Whipped%20Maid

The Whipped Maid

Things are awry below stairs. A stolen coin has been found in the room of Blake, one of the maids. When confronted she pleads family trouble, and begs for mercy.

She has served the house well, so her employers hear her out. But they are stern in the face of her pleading: order must be maintained, after all. They would prefer not to take this to the authorities, and she is therefore offered a private punishment to suit the severity of her crime. Even family circumstances won't save her from 50 cold strokes of the cane.

I'll be honest with you: the premise of this one didn't take as much thought as some of our storylines. I knew I wanted to do a judicial strength, severe caning; and when I discussed it with Leia-Ann one sunny, boozy, scene-plotting afternoon last summer, it occurred to me that a double caning from Leia and Tom would be super hot. After that, it was just a question of what would make sense within the venue. I knew I wanted it to be historical; the location suggested a domestic setting. Victorian upstairs/downstairs power dynamics have always been a core part of my kink, and so it was that the idea of the whipped maid came to the fore. Hardly original, but every spankee deserves to have a go at each of the classics at least once, I think.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

The plot emerged from a gift by a friend in the scene - a gold pound coin dating from Victoria's reign. It was too good not to use as a prop. 

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

However, I hate the image of the low, thieving maid who deserves everything she gets - it reeks of out-dated class stereotypes, and as you all know, I prefer my spankee characters to be sympathetic.

So the theft became one that, perhaps, might be understandable... and Leia and Tom played the Master and Mistress as far more compassionate than my character had any right to expect. Rather than being summarily dismissed without a reference - or, worse, arrested - she is granted the chance to atone privately, and keep her position.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

This film was shot with two 8mm canes; one kooboo (Tom) and one smoked dragon (Leia). If you watch the behind the scenes video you'll see me commenting that Leia's cane feels much nicer, to my taste; and that Tom's is almost too light to be used accurately at full force. (Denser canes are easier to aim; I've found that myself when in top mode).

My taste is for thud, and the hard canings I've taken have historically been with dense dragon canes, 10-12mm in thickness. The problem was that on this shoot we only had one cane that matched that description, and with its modern purple handle it didn't look Victorian. 

I didn't want to receive a lopsided caning, and I didn't want the implements themselves to be anachronistic. So we opted for the matched pair of lighter canes.

I realised early on in this punishment that it wasn't going to be as intense as I'd envisaged. I promised myself there and then that the next time I did a severe caning scene as a bottom (and trust me, there will be a next time, and it will be for Dreams of Spanking) I'd make sure I had two 12mm dragon canes that looked the part.

Some commenters have said they find this scene overly brutal. For my tastes, and I know this might be weird, it was almost not brutal enough. When I envisaged doing another severe caning scene I imagined struggling, tears, violence, vivid welts. Not only was the atmosphere of this beating incredibly restrained and quiet, each character regretfully doing their duty while maintaining as much dignity as they could, but even my poor, over-spanked bottom didn't mark as much as I'd hoped.

I'd been playing hard without a break for a long time by the time this scene was filmed, and despite the pain, the welts don't look as dramatic as the other canings of similar severity I've seen other spankees take. I know it's not a competition. But I'm only going to do a few of these in my life, and you know me well enough by now to know I care about the look of the thing.

Still. In all other respects, this scene went out without a hitch. Leia and Tom were perfect, the caning was laser precise, and I managed to stay in control of myself throughout - which was just what I'd wanted. I love the maid's uniform I wore, and I love the finished film. I hope you do, too.

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

For what it's worth: since this shoot last September, I've been giving my skin a break and have barely taken any CP beyond the occasional hand spanking, professionally or privately. The next time I shoot, I expect both the marks and my reactions to be more dramatic. 

The maid is severely punished for stealing from her employers

The good news, and the good news

Dreams of Spanking: 6 months for £75, offer ends Thursday 16 January

I've been waiting a long time to make this announcement. The ever-so-clever D. has been hard at work behind the scenes for months (well, weeks, at least) to make this happen, and I'm super excited about it. Do you want the good news, or the good news? :)

In two days time, Thursday 16 January 2014, we'll be updating our pricing structure. The good news is that for the first time we will be able to offer the option of recurring billing, providing ongoing subscriptions at a reduced price to our loyal members. We'll also be tidying up the other membership options so that everything is consistent.

When I launched Dreams of Spanking, I had several long conversations with D. about pricing; how complicated to make it, and what I wanted to offer. I knew one thing for certain, which is that I didn't want recurring billing to be compulsory. As someone who regularly buys memberships to porn sites myself, I know how annoying it can be when you forget to cancel and are accidentally rebilled beyond the point you intended. Especially when your budget is tight, it can lead to unhappy or even unwilling members, and generate bad feeling.

Other site owners advised me that my business would depend on rebills - but I vowed from the start that I never wanted the success (or otherwise) of my site to depend on accidental or reluctant custom. I wanted happy members, who chose upfront how much they wanted to pay, without having to set a reminder in their calendars to fiddle about if they didn't want to be charged extra after the fact.

Two years ago, we worked out we could either write the system to only offer rebills, or to only offer one-off subscriptions. It was an easy decision. I also decided to offer a reduced rate 5 day membership to make the site more accessible to those on low incomes, and to those, especially women, who had never bought a porn subscription before.

I added the current 3 month and 6 month subscriptions, priced at £45 and £75 respectively, to fill the gap while D. got recurring billing up and running. 6 months was set at the maximum price CCBill would let me charge for a single membership, which is why it's such a ridiculously good deal!

As of midnight on Thursday 16th, the new membership options will be priced as follows:

  • 5 days non-recurring £10.00
  • 30 days non-recurring £20.00
  • 30 days recurring (first month £20.00, rebilling at £15/month)
  • 90 days non-recurring £50.00 (3 months at £16.66 per month)

Members signing up for a recurring subscription are placing the most trust in us, and so I want to offer them the most competitive rate. I hope that many people who have been buying the 3 month and 6 month memberships will switch to the recurring option, which will save you having to check your expiry dates and regularly resubscribe, at the same low rates you've been enjoying so far.

The changes will take place at midnight GMT on Thursday 16 January. Now that recurring billing is going to be on the menu, it's time to retire the 6 month option, which was only ever intended as a temporary measure. Which brings me to the other good news: if you wish to join Dreams of Spanking for 6 months for only £75 (only £12.50 a month!) you still have 48 hours to do so! I wanted to give you a bit of notice to take advantage of this low price while it lasts.

If you currently have an active membership and wish to take advantage of this offer, drop me an email and I'll send you a payment form, and extend your membership manually.

Alternatively, if you wish, I would be delighted if you chose to wait until Friday and be one of the first to join our family of recurring members. Recurring billing will never be mandatory; I will always retain a selection of non-recurring options for those who want to buy a one-off subscription. The choice is, and always will be, yours.

Spankings galore

Good afternoon! Today is the last day you can buy our low-priced 6 month membership, which works out at only £12.50 per month. As of tomorrow, we will be replacing it with the option of recurring billing. More info here.

As if that wasn't enough, we've also got a treasure trove of spanking scenes to share with you from around the web. Read on for our favourite updates from our friends' sites this week.

At Northern Spanking, our two favourite auburn-haired darlings are in trouble with Mr. Lewis at bedtime. Zille and Irelynn always make an endearing pair, and both can take a thorough spanking. A lovely domestic film featuring cute pyjamas and pink bottoms for two naughty girls!


Dana Kane Spanks have are rather more intense domestic scene called 8 Canes. "It's 5:30, and he's reported for his punishment right on time - but tries to get out of it, even if only for a moment. I instruct him to hand me a cane from the basket and assume the position - he hands over a traditional cane, and it begins. Three strokes, each harder than the one before, sting across his misbehaving behind..."


Meanwhile Lupus Pictures have another fine historical offering for us. As if being made to serve the gentlemen while exotic dancers perform a dance of veils wasn't humiliating enough, in this lord's household the penalties for disobedient servants are severe. Once the entertainment is over, the gentry gather around to watch a new diversion: three maids, shackled and stripped of their clothing, are brought in to be punished. Each girl is secured over the ottoman, her bottom raised by a bolster, and whipped with a cane. The guests sip their drinks and watch in amusement as the poor girls sob and howl.


At Reluctant Young Men Nicholas is 18 years old, straight, cute as hell, and full of the hubris of youth. Rich lowered his pants, took him OTK and delivered a long, hard, aggressive hand spanking that had him grunting and struggling.


And finally, Triple A Spankings have concocted a delightfully geeky sci-fi story for us. John tells us that he is a gullible geek who buys into all the latest gadgets, so when he hears of lifelike submissive spankbots, he decides to try them out for himself. He is presented with two "Stepford Wife" style spankbots that are controlled by a remote device at his command. However, not everything goes to plan, as these are naughty spankbots that don't always follow orders!


Spanked by two strict nurses

I hope you all had a good weekend? Mine was a mixture of work and rest, with a late night editing on Friday night, an all-afternoon switch spanking session on Saturday (I'm definitely rediscovering my bottoming mojo after a bit of a fallow period - hooray!) followed by a hot date with D, and a leisurely Sunday divided between working out and watching films. Perfect.

Our new pricing structure is now up and running, including for the first time recurring billing, offering you an ongoing membership that rebills at only £15/month. This is now our cheapest membership option and I hope will tempt some of our loyal customers. If you sign up for it then as well as taking advantage of the low price, you won't have to remember to resubscribe when your membership expires, meaning you never have to be without access to our growing collection of spanking scenes.

We recently uploaded our third film starring Vincent Brennan, which also just happens to be the first scene of his first ever spanking shoot! He had never been spanked on camera before, and the scenario was dreamed up by him.

The shoot had its challenges, but all three performers did a great job, and even after some of the footage was lost this film is worth watching. I can certainly see why Vincent liked the idea of being ganged up on by two strict nurses at once!

Click to view trailer for Nursing a Grudge

Nursing a Grudge

Nurse Molly is outraged when a cheeky patient smacks her bottom, but things start looking much worse for Vincent when Molly's colleague Zoe comes in to see what all the noise is. It turns out that this isn't the first time Vincent has sexually harrassed a medical professional - nor is it the first time he's found himself in this position.

If Molly and Zoe have anything to do with it, this is the last time he'll ever treat them or one of their colleagues this way. The pair join forces to teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

A naughty patient is taken in hand A naughty patient is taken in hand

One unexpected kinky moment was when Molly was in such a hurry to turn the rude Vincent over her knee that she started out spanking him while still wearing her latex medical gloves. Hey, I'm sure that's someone's fetish. She then slowly, deliberately removed them, while looking him in the eye and telling him about the severe spanking he was about to receive. Oh my. 

A naughty patient is taken in hand A naughty patient is taken in hand
A naughty patient is taken in hand A naughty patient is taken in hand

This is a playful scene with some amusing backchat from Vincent and eye rolling and interplay between Molly and Zoe as they pull out all the stops in an attempt to get through to him. He does learn his lesson... eventually. Well, that's what he claims...

A naughty patient is taken in hand

Nursing a Grudge also includes extensive behind the scenes materials including an out-takes video, interview with Vincent and some fabulous behind the scenes photos by Dodgy Dave.

Molly Malone behind the scenes in Nursing a Grudge - Dreams of Spanking Zoe Montana behind the scenes in Nursing a Grudge - Dreams of Spanking
Hilarity behind the scenes in Nursing a Grudge at Dreams of Spanking

Biceps and bottom bondage

The Baroness has a new houseboy and plans to show him off...

Fans of Will Savage will love our latest photoset The Baroness' New Houseboy, a selection of 110 glossy, beautifully lit photographs shot by the talented Hywel Phillips.

I strongly believe that there's a need for more female gaze porn portraying the male body as an object of female desire. Not enough studios, even those ostensibly catering to women, provide a gender balanced gaze and show the men in the same light as the women. As a woman who is attracted to men, I can tell you that when I look at porn, I want the men to be beautiful and sexy, and I want the camera to linger over their physique, and show me their facial expression, the look in their eyes. I don't want to see faceless men or disembodied bums and cocks. I want men I can drool over: strong arms that make me shiver in anticipation, backs I can imagine caressing, jaws I can imagine kissing.

This is all the more important when it comes to submissive men, who are often misrepresented as the least sexy of kinky people. The reality couldn't be further from the truth - and no-one is better suited to demonstrating this fact than the drop dead gorgeous Will Savage.

The Baroness has a new houseboy and plans to show him off... The Baroness has a new houseboy and plans to show him off...

The Baroness' New Houseboy

The Baroness is expanding her household, and her girls are brought in to help initiate the new houseboy. The ladies inspect his physique and his capacity to take punishment without complaint. Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind Will in a flattering tie that accentuates his toned buttocks, and Caroline and the Baroness both take a turn spanking him with hand and leather strap to see how he reacts.

It seems that the new boy meets the Baroness' high standards, as finally she instructs Amelia to tie him to the coffee table as a decorative ornament, with his reddened bottom on display for all the house to see.

The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.
The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.

Ahhh, I love my work.

I was delighted when this scene was picked up by the female gaze porn blog Birds Eye View, which aims "to create a space that prioritises erotic female spectatorship, male objectification and female sexual pleasure" - exactly what I am trying to do with the male spankee material on Dreams of Spanking. I hadn't heard the phrase "female spectatorship" before, but this CFNM scene has it in spades.

The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation. The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.
The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation. The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.

The ropework was done by the very clever Amelia, AKA Ariel Anderssen, who is a skilled rope artist as well as a famous spanking and bondage model.

When I was coming up with scenes for this shoot, I'd been obsessed with the idea of bottom bondage for months. I couldn't get out of my head the image of rope separating and sliding between my cheeks, perhaps a cunningly hidden knot pressing against my most secret place. I loved the thought of bottom bondage that looked like breast bondage, rope tightening around each buttock, compressing them until they swell and throb, and making them all the more sensitive to the attentions of a paddle or cane. Sadly, the latter is not physically possible - our gluteal muscles are attached to the body in a fundamentally different way to breasts, and there is nothing for the rope to tighten behind. But when I described my idea of combining bottom bondage and spanking to Amelia, she designed a beautiful, sexy tie that enclosed Will's toned buttocks, accentuating them and making them seem all the more vulnerable.

None of Amelia's rope experience had prepared her for the newness of tying a male body (there's that gender imbalance again!) but she confronted the challenge face-on... as it were. I will never forget the matter-of-fact way she knelt down in front of Will and said, "Right then: what are we going to do about your cock?"

Ariel Anderssen ties Will Savage in tight bottom bondage Ariel Anderssen ties Will Savage in tight bottom bondage

Check out the full scene page for more hilarious behind the scenes moments - and even, in the members photogallery, some full frontal shots of the cock in question, bondage and all!

The scene ends with the lovely Caroline Grey taking a hand in the new houseboy's initiation, before the very well-spanked Will is securely tied over the coffee-table, as decoration for the Baroness' house. If the three of us look rather pleased with ourselves as we admire our new ornament, that's because we were enjoying the view immensely. Human furniture - and female spectatorship - at its finest.

The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation. The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.
The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.
The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.

Cinekink and feminist porn

Since hiring AJ I've had more time to devote to promoting Dreams of Spanking and the campaign for ethical porn, and all of a sudden life has become very interesting. So far this year I've appeared in an FHM feature on woman-friendly porn, a forthcoming Guardian article, and a TV shoot last week for a BBC3 documentary on young people and porn, alongside Nichi Hodgson of the Ethical Porn Partnership, with which I'm also getting involved.

The Feminist Porn Awards: I <3 Feminist PornAs if all that wasn't enough, I've accepted invitations to speak at Eroticon 2014 in Bristol in March, and - most exciting of all - the Feminist Porn Conference at the University of Toronto in April. I'm a bit overwhelmed by this news, as I'll be presenting alongside some of my idols, pioneers of feminist porn including Shine Louise Houston, Ms Naughty and Courtney Trouble. I'm also getting a bit starstruck at the idea of meeting queer porn superstars like Jiz Lee, on whom I defy any individual with a heartbeat not to have a crush.

The Feminist Porn Conference takes place in conjunction with the Feminist Porn Awards. In 2013, to my delight, Dreams of Spanking was nominated for best website, and I've submitted us to that category this year as well. A bit more scarily, I've also submitted six films for individual consideration to the main awards. This would be less nerve-wracking if I wasn't planning to be there, but the idea of having to watch one of my films screened amongst that illustrious company of established producers is frankly terrifying!

Cinekink: the kinky film festival

Despite my nerves, I've also submitted two films to the sex-positive kinky film festival in New York, Cinekink. This was an interesting experience; the submission process was geared towards mainstream, high budget productions, and I had to fill out pages and pages of a form asking me to name all different sorts of crew, technicians and other members of a normal Hollywood style production team. Our films are on a radically different scale, and there are usually only 3-6 people involved in the creation of any one video. I found myself entering my own name dozens of times, and feeling more amateur by the second!

The films I submitted were My Inner Little Girl and Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy, retitled "Dreaming of Daddy". (I would have called it that originally, were CCBill less stringent about the words we're allowed to use.) I was asked to write a covering letter accompanying each submission, and finding the words to articulate my reasons behind creating each of these films was another interesting experience. Here's what I wrote.

My Inner Little Girl

My Inner Little Girl

I've been wanting to make a film like this for years. My adult paysite is named "Dreams of Spanking", and right from its inception in 2011 I knew I wanted to make films about sex and masturbation that showed the fantasies of performers. In my case, those fantasies almost always involve spanking.


As a director and business owner, my sexual submissiveness creates a potent paradox. I might fantasise about being helpless, but in real life, I couldn't be more in control. But this isn't a senseless contradiction. My submissive fantasies provide escape and relief from the pressures and responsibilities of adult life. The more successful my career, the more satisfaction I receive from letting go in fantasy.

I love being spanked. It's not just a sexy idea for me - it's solace, therapy, meditation, both as a fantasy to enjoy on my own, and an activity to enjoy consensually with my chosen partners.

This is my first ever real solo masturbation scene on video, and my first orgasm on camera too. I'm nervous and excited to share it. This film expresses something true about my life and my sexuality, and my hope is that other women who share my fantasies will see it and relate to it - and perhaps feel affirmed that it is possible to enjoy fantasies of submission without it compromising our power and independence.

For the other film, I found I had even more to say.

Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy

Dreaming of Daddy

In a candid interview, Pandora confesses one of her edgiest fantasies: a dark domestic punishment that involves age play, struggling and resistance, and a severe whipping of over 100 very hard strokes of the leather belt.

Together, she and Thomas, her long-term romantic partner in real life, collaborate to make her fantasy reality. They negotiate, and discuss details of the scene they are about to enact. Pandora expresses concerns that Thomas might be uncomfortable with her calling him "daddy". They talk, and finally agree.

The following roleplay is violent and intense, and the remorseless whipping of Pandora's bare bottom and thighs raises vivid welts, and brings her to real, cathartic tears. Afterwards, we see the lovers reconciled as they discuss the extreme experience they have just shared. This is what happens when dreams come true...

Statement by Pandora Blake:
I recently had the opportunity to realise a huge personal fantasy - a particularly edgy domestic discipline scenario. The key element of the fantasy is severe, perhaps excessive punishment from an angry paternal figure; I might kick, struggle, cry, say I'm sorry and beg him no, but the whipping continues regardless. In my fantasies the punishment takes various forms, but when I had to choose one to immortalise in video I opted for a severe belt whipping of at least 100 strokes, delivered nearly full force without a warm-up.

This scene includes lots of kicking, struggling, and begging, and the whipping proceeds regardless. It continued past the point where I was saying "please, no", and past the point where it broke down my resistance and I started to cry. This was a hugely cathartic and satisfying experience for me.

The floodgates opened about three quarters of the way through. I'd stopped trying to struggle and fight back, and had reached that point in the whipping where I was just knuckling down and trying to get through it. Even though I'd surrendered, even though I was sorry, nonetheless Tom aimed a particularly hard stroke low on my thighs. Rather than feeling indignant at the unfairness of it, it just tipped me over the edge. I accepted the pain without argument. It enhanced my awareness of my own helplessness. I broke out in genuine, gulping sobs, and tears poured down my face. The punishment continued remorselessly, which is of course exactly how I wanted it.

I know that this sort of edgy scenario can be problematic for viewers. I find the idea of helplessness, severity and punishments that aren't necessarily fair or consensual incredibly hot, but as a viewer of adult films I struggle to enjoy videos telling this sort of story unless I have absolute, cast-iron certainty that the spankee was privately enjoying the experience. One of my main aims with this website is to solve the problem of how viewers can tell that a dark, severe or edgy fantasy video was produced by performers who not only consented, but did so enthusiastically, and had fun with it.

Behind the scenes videos are one way of showing this, as are blogposts and comments from the performers. There has been some debate about portraying rape fantasies in porn in the UK this year, and one criticism was that if videos are taken out of context, it can be very hard to tell the difference between good acting, and a shoot that was genuinely unpleasant for the submissive. I had the idea of bringing some of the behind the scenes material into the video itself, so that as well as seeing the fantasy, you also see some of the making-of before and after.

As an adult filmmaker I'm very much in favour of showing real negotiation of kinky scenes, including communication before and after, as a way to make production more transparent, and perhaps provide some examples of healthy communication in kinky relationships.

From my personal experience I can testify that it is absolutely possible to realise a severe, edgy, violent and boundary-pushing fantasy in a safe, responsible and enjoyable way - but a lot goes into it beyond the roleplay itself. There's preparation and talking beforehand, choosing positions and implements, negotiating limits and details. There's breaks, if necessary, during the scene; and there's aftercare and cuddles once it's over.

I like watching videos of rather nasty things happening to consenting people, and as a pornographer I think it's important to produce them in a way that's empowering for the "victim". I'm interested in showing that part of the process as well as the fantasy itself.

This film opens with me talking about this scene beforehand, what makes it hot for me, and how I feel going into it. We then videoed my chat with Tom in which I told him about the scene - I hadn't shared some of the details with him until this conversation and I wanted to show the negotiation, and his responses, live as they happened. We agree various specifics, and then go straight into the roleplay. Later, after the punishment sequence is complete, the camera keeps rolling as we drop out of character and react to the scene.

Personally, when dabbling in extreme kinky fantasies, I'm much more comfortable if it's an experience that's led and initiated by the submissive rather than imposed on them. In my films you can guarantee that any scene in which I am spanked is one I sought out for myself; and since launching my adult paysite Dreams of Spanking I've enacted more of my fantasies than I ever imagined. Films like this one provide a safe space for me to explore my darkest fantasies; and hopefully a safe space for others to enjoy them, too.

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