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Winner spanks loser

At the end of a day shooting M/M spanking videos, I thought it would be fun to unwind with something lighter. I'd had the idea of a Dreams of Spanking wrestling shoot for a little while, and then it turned out that Sebastian Hawley was a competitive Varsity wrestler. Michael Darling didn't have similar experience, but he did have a shiny lycra costume, and he was more than willing to be shown the ropes.

I decided to indulge myself with a bout of female-gaze, spanking-oriented, all-male wrestling - winner spanks loser! The boys put in impressive performances, especially given both of them had colds that day, and the resulting film has already brought me a fantastic amount of glee.

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Here's the blurb: Contestants Michael DARLING vs Sebastian HAWLEY fight for the right to spank in the first ever Dreams of Spanking male spankee wrestle-off! Pandora Blake presents a best out of three bouts, with extra points for landing smacks on each other's arses during each round, as well as the traditional points for single or double shoulder pins. Referee Thomas Cameron keeps the score. Round ends on a three second count of a double shoulder pin, or after 120 seconds, whichever happens first.

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

Winner spanks loser: after best out of three, the loser bends over for a number of swats equal to the total point count of the winner.

Wearing only tight lycra, Darling and Hawley grapple in a tangle of limbs, bottoms frequently uppermost and providing tempting targets for those all-important, points-worthy spanks. The stakes are high and passions are higher as the tension mounts.

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

This one-of-a-kind video includes 15 full blooded swats with a wooden sports paddle - but who will spank who?

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

If you like this, you might enjoy Kink's male wrestling site Naked Kombat. It's a bit more hardcore than the above effort, both in terms of the standard of the wrestling, and the action. Naked Kombat are just concluding their Summer Smackdown Tournament, in which contestants compete for sexual domination. Spanking is definitely a part of it - but that's just the beginning.


Mixed Wrestling

My wife and I play strip wrestling. The first one to strip the other wins, she usually wins, and the loser submits to the winner's whim for the day. We wrestle in our finished basement. A year or so ago we were wrestling and my wife once again won with only her thong left on. As usual she grabbed me by my handle and marched me over to the couch, sat down and turned me over her knee and started spanking away. A few minutes into her celebration she looked up and saw Betty Sue our neighbor standing out side our sliding door (we forgot to close the blinds and door) looking in. Oh well, my wife said, it's too late to hide and my wife called to her telling her to come in. I turned my head around (as my head was facing away from the door) and saw Betty Sue (about 65 divorced and in great shape) for the first time, I tried getting up but my wife was having none of that and held me down without missing a beat. The women talked while my wife spanked she asked her to stay as the added embarrassment would be good for me. Then she asked her to get the container of hand cream in the bathroom and bring it over so she did. Then my wife flipped me over so I was facing up and bent down sucking and biting my nipples as she held me down. Then she told Betty to put some cream in her hand and do what comes natural as my wife bent down again and started kissing me as I felt a hand with cold cream starting to stroke me. Just before I lost control my wife turned her attention back to my nipples as I let out a moan when I lost control. My wife thanked our neighbor for lending a hand in helping to humiliate her husband.

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