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Big Location Shoot 2013 - Lola Marie

I'm currently away on location with Nimue and Tom for a week, shooting four days for Dreams of Spanking and two days for Nimue's World. We're now halfway through, absolutely knackered, and very happy with how it's gone so far.

It's been long days of shooting photos and video, with all three of us crewing and performing by turn. The farmhouse we're staying in is gorgeous - we've shot in five different rooms so far, plus the private garden, and quite a lot of the interior is suitable for period scenes. It's also very chilly, more than you'd expect this early in September, but perhaps not surprising given the lack of urban microclimate and central heating. Instead we have heaps of blankets, a log fire and I'm extra lucky to have Tom to snuggle at night, who serves as a man-sized hot water bottle when not dishing out spankings.

The only problem so far has been staying in an isolated historical cottage in the middle of the English countryside without a car, miles from the nearest shops. Sainsbury's Online has been our friend, with more things ordered after we got here and remembered things we'd forgotten in the first shop (including props for various scenes!). However, fresh groceries like milk and salad still keep running out (although we have plenty of wine.... funny, that!) and Tom, our resident smoker, is struggling for the lack of means to replenish his tobacco.

Grocery shortages notwithstanding, tt turns out that Tom, Nims and I are a porn-producing dream team, getting things done smoothly, efficiently, creatively and with minimal fuss. Over the last two days shooting for Nimue's World we've shot a staggering 17 or 18 short scenes, and I'm happy with everything we've produced so far. I've had an awful lot of fun playing with my new stills camera (a Sony NEX-6, for the photography geeks) and it's been lovely to mix up topping, bottoming, shooting video and taking photographs. We certainly haven't had any opportunities to get bored.

On our days shooting for our own sites, both Nimue and I have suffered from a symptom that I'm starting to think of as "director's brainwipe". This is when the person directing for the day starts to experience total decisiveness failure sometime during the afternoon, and her deputy in command has to step in and start making decisions on her behalf. Nimue has acted in this capacity - as a capable, unflappable DoP - on most of the Dreams of Spanking shoots over the last year, and it's been a pleasure to return the favour over the last couple of days.

With this in mind I'm a bit nervous about what comes next: directing for Dreams of Spanking three days in a row, two of them with new performers. I hope I don't get too stressed, too tired or too fussy to be able to keep things running smoothly ... but based on our unexpectedly streamlined teamwork over the last three days, it should be absolutely fine.

We arrived on Sunday night, unpacked, took a groceries delivery and were joined by Monday's guest photographer, Steve. Then it was early nights all round before new performer Lola Marie arrived the next morning.

Ebony beauty Lola Marie at Dreams of Spanking

I've wanted to shoot Lola ever since I saw her first spanking shoot for Spanking Sarah, but this was my first opportunity to work with her. It was well worth the wait. Lola was a pleasure to work with in every way. Gorgeous figure; beautiful face; great modelling skills; fantastic, versatile acting; and she can take one hell of a spanking.

Lola Marie spanked over the knee at Dreams of Spanking

In fact her high pain tolerance probably didn't do her any favours, as she prefers not to over-act or fake any pain responses, so we ended up (with her consent, of course!) spanking her somewhat harder than we normally would on a first shoot in order to elicit convincing reactions. Her poor bottom suffered for it - but the resulting scenes are incredibly hot.

Lola was a schoolgirl who had a crush on her teacher Mr Cameron, and deliberately got herself into trouble so she would be spanked by him - only to realise that a serious punishment spanking with the wooden hairbrush was much less fun than she'd imagined.

Lola Marie gets the wooden hairbrush at Dreams of Spanking Lola Marie gets the wooden hairbrush at Dreams of Spanking

Lola was a biker girl who got the belt from the mate who had to collect her (and her bike) in his van after she came off the road while drinking and driving. I loved her tough, streetwise portrayal of this character - and, even more, the on-screen relationship that developed between her and Tom in this scene, rife with brusque, laddish banter that hid a platonic friendship built on genuine care for each other.

Biker chick Lola Marie gets the belt at Dreams of Spanking Biker chick Lola Marie gets the belt at Dreams of Spanking Biker chick Lola Marie gets the belt at Dreams of Spanking

Lola was my neglected girlfriend, trying to lure me away from my endless focus on work and chores with some very provocative housework...

Lola Marie spanked in the kitchen at Dreams of Spanking Lola Marie spanked in the kitchen at Dreams of Spanking

And finally, Lola was a Victorian scholarship girl punished by the Headmistress for unladylike behaviour. She'd responded enthusiastically to the idea of a historical scene and we had great fun dressing up together in clothing from my collection of Victoriana, but her bottom was already bruised and sore even before 18 firm strokes of the heavy tawse.

Victorian discipline for Lola Marie at Dreams of Spanking Victorian discipline for Lola Marie at Dreams of Spanking

I was delighted with how all her scenes turned out, especially the emotional subtlety of her performances as the girl with a crush on her teacher, and the biker chick with something to prove. I hope to get her back in 2013 - especially now I've learned that she's an enthusiastic switch!

I almost forgot. Before Lola Marie arrived that morning, we'd got up a couple of hours early to squeeze in a scene with me subbing to Tom. I wanted to film a severe belt whipping scene, and I knew I'd be able to take it better when I was fresh at the start of the day than at the end. We brought to life one of my recurring, longtime punishment fantasies, both more physically severe and more emotionally edgy than anything I usually shoot. It was intense, it fucking hurt, I cried buckets, and it was amazing.

Pandora Blake whipped with a belt at Dreams of Spanking

I knew I wanted it to be severe enough to leave some dramatic marks on the day, and I knew I'd probably end up bruised. Monday was Lola Marie's day, then Tuesday and Wednesday we were shooting for Nimue's World, giving me (I hoped) time to recover before the next Dreams of Spanking day on Thursday. The welts on my thighs went down over the next 36 hours, and the bruising on my bottom is fading as it should.

Unfortunately, a single stroke that wrapped around the inner leg left a great black bruise which is still very visible, and it certainly won't have gone by the time I bend over for my next bottoming scene tomorrow. We'll have to shoot around it, either with careful camera angles, or spankings over underwear, or both. It's irritating, but a hazard of a week-long shoot where I'm bottoming on multiple days, and it was a risk I knew I was taking. Hopefully it won't ruin the rest of the scenes I have planned with me on the receiving end ... and even if we have to make some changes, I think that belting scene will have been worth it.

Pandora Blake whipped with a belt at Dreams of Spanking


Lola Marie is gorgeous and I'm very taken with this schoolgirl scenario! Can't wait to see these scenes - they look incredibly hot.

Thank you! It feels like it's gone well so far, although of course it's impossible to say until I watch the footage. I loved working with Lola and it'll be a pleasure to publish her scenes. The schoolgirl with a crush storyline has been in my scripts folder for a while, and was originally written with me in mind for the schoolgirl character, but I'm glad I sat on it - Lola was absolutely superb, perfect for the role! Now I just need to come up with a title for it...


"More than she bargained for"
(bit long?)

"From crush to brush"
(maybe not)


"Teacher's pest"


Hahaha <3

I might just go for "Crush on Teacher" in the end. I have time to think about it :)

Teacher's Pest :D



Oh my. You have excelled your usually fine taste in model selection. I look forward to seeing all of Lola's scenes in due course! :D

She was amazing. Can't wait to share them, or to shoot with her again!

I wish you could see the super grin on my face, Pandora! Congratulations on this shoot with Lola. I love the pictures, especially the Victorian piece.

I hope that she continues to make videos with you. :-)

She specifically requested the Victorian scenario and it's already garnering a lot of interest. Glad you like the previews, it was an amazing shoot and Lola was so much fun to work with!

Oh, Lola is rather gorgeous, isn't she?

Ridiculously pretty. :)


All the Lola Marie shots are fabulous, but in bloomers, she's just a dream come true - can't wait to see more!

Isn't she just? I'm looking forward to sharing that one!


I have been into the scene for as long as I can remember. What a welcome addition your site is! I will be following closely with great interest. When will we be able to see the Victorian session with the quite amazing Lola?

Thanks TrustedSwing, it's lovely to hear from you! Lola's Victorian scene is currently scheduled for the end of January 2014 :)

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