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Episodes from real life

Real life has been far too busy lately. After a hectic July that left me burned out, I'm taking a couple of weeks to recuperate and rest ... relatively, anyway. That's why this blog has been a little quiet, but I'm starting to catch up. Here's a scene that went up while I was away at the end of last month.

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Alex has been keeping a cat in her new flat against the terms of her tenancy agreement. Her landlady is scheduled to visit later, but to Alex's horror she arrives a few hours early. The cat is hastily bundled into the bathroom, but Alex doesn't have time to tidy anything else up - and when the landlady finds a cat toy under a cushion, the secret is revealed.

Alex begs her not to kick her out, and instead the landlady decides that some old-fashioned discipline might do some good. She fetches a heavy wooden spoon from the kitchen, and Alex bends over for some stinging swats over her denim jeans and on the bare. 

Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking

In this scene I asked Alex if she'd be willing to help me re-create an experience from my real life, with her playing me, and me playing the role of my landlord (or landlady, in the case of this film). Apart from the spanking, this actually happened. I hadn't obtained permission for my cat when I moved into my new home. I planned to ask about it at some point, pretending I was getting the cat for the first time, but before I did so my landlord paid me a visit to fix a broken blind.

He'd said he'd come round later that afternoon, and I was planning to hoover the place and set the cat up nice and comfy in the shed for an hour or so in time for his arrival. He showed up in the morning, however, and I barely had time to shove the cat and her litter box in my bedroom before letting him in.

One of the first questions he asked me was, "So where's the cat?" Turns out that without having hoovered, the cat fur everywhere was a dead giveaway. What can I say - she sheds a lot.

Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking
Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking

The dialogue in this is pretty much true to life, apart from the fact that in real life he let the matter drop, fixed my blind (when we picked it from where it had fallen onto the floor, the catnip mouse was on the carpet underneath it, plain as day; that would have been obvious even if I had hoovered, but he didn't mention it), and went away without saying a thing about it. He still hasn't called me on the fact I was blatantly trying to hide the fact I had a cat, but I felt guilty about it for weeks.

Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking

Initially I thought I might re-create this scene with me playing myself and enjoy a bit of catharsis for my misbehaviour, but we needed a domestic scene when I shot with Alex at my place, and I decided to go with this one. It meant that Alex got to star in a video alongside Fatface, who is her favourite spanking performer ever. It also gave rise to this superlative image, which is possibly my favourite photo of all time and which still makes me laugh whenever I see it.

Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking

Alex and Fatface formed a close connection during filming and are now bonded for life. No cats were harmed in the making of this video.



I was curious whether you experienced catharsis in any form (empathetic catharsis? vicarious?!) in replaying this scene? Or, do you need to play it out with you as the bottom, do you think?
I'm pleased to see that this line of thinking matters to other spankers/ees, though, because for me, long-held guilt (even over minor things) seems like a wonderful trigger for a fulfilling scene.
M (&S)

I definitely experienced empathic catharsis playing this scene! Actually it's funny, this isn't the first time I've played the "baddie" or top in a cathartic scene. For instance, after attending a political protest which was policed in an overly heavy-handed way, I got a lot out of playing a riot cop punished for misconduct at Spanked in Uniform.

I think casting a spankee I felt so close to helped with the landlady scene. But mostly in the end, the atmosphere of this scene wasn't guilt/cleansing, so much as reclaiming a situation which had been awkward and embarrassing in real life, and turning it into something hilarious and hot. A different sort of catharsis to guilt cleansing, in the end.

The implications of calling Fatface my favorite spanking performer ever are kind of horrible, but I still think it's probably true. :P

I'm sure Paul and Mila will forgive you. I already know you only love me for my cat ;)

Haa...love this..

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