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Three good reviews

Further to my post about our Rabbits Review last week, we've been reviewed by some other porn rating sites lately who had very positive things to say.

Honest Porn Reviews made some glowing comments about our ethical stance, diversity and user interface:

Although you would like to presume that all porn produced within physically demanding fetishes such as spanking is ethically produced and with the full consent of everyone involved, occasionally you do wonder if that is always the case. So it was certainly interesting of Dreams Of Spanking to come out and push that side of their site. A good idea, too, because I think it does help most people to enjoy a site more knowing that it was produced in a happy and conducive atmosphere.

Although conceived by a lady, this site does not just focus on the women doling out the punishment. Far from it. This is an equal opportunities site in every single way and that is why it is a cut above most other spanking fetish sites that I have seen. The performers are all professional spanking fetish experts, all of whom know exactly what they are doing and perform specific roles. I was also taken by just how much variety they have within their scenarios and the such like.

User Interface

This is a beautifully presented site that does almost everything right. I think the best part of the user interface on this site was the section dedicated to the cast - all performers have a full bio including links to their own official pages and sites.

Update information is absolutely excellent and keeps you full informed about the recent additions to the site, plus there are also lots of options on the videos to keep you happy. The design of the site is ideal for this kind of content as well. 

Honest Porn Reviews have awarded us an overall score of 8.9/10 - second only to Whipped Ass in their list of spanking sites. Not bad for a site that's only 18 months old! I'm really chuffed by this review, and delighted that Honest Porn Reviews found so much to like.

Another review site, Porn Inspector, awarded us a total score of 4.5/5, and seemed particularly impressed by our tour transparency:

Dreams Of Spanking has some of the finest tour transparency out there. Instead of showing you those bright red, freshly caned asses in a mishmash of random teaser images, they've decided to kill two birds with one stone and just let everyone see their entire members area instead. You can browse the site, even download trailers for each episode.

The scenes themselves well shot and, by porno standards at least, feature fine acting. In fact, one of the great things about this site is that the content has such a unique feel. Their movies have a cinematic style to them that makes you feel like you're watching watching a perverse inde film created by some eccentric director with a knack for casting exceptionally beautiful actors. I actually just finished a horror flick-esque caning scene that was, from beginning-to-end, positively oozing with creepy atmosphere. My favorite part was the shift to P.O.V. shots from the villain's perspective. Watching those girls wake up from a sound sleep to the, no doubt, excruciatingly painful sensation of that surprise bare buttocks caning — trust me, this guy didn't hold back! — must have been terrifying ... not to mention disorienting. And, scripted or not, the sobbing and shrieks were totally legit. Ouch!

That would be A Ghost Story - one of my favourite films in the archive. Lovely to see it given special mention!

Porn Inspector also appreciated our gender egalitarian approach and HD film quality:

Another point that was made, and one that I think it bears repeating, is that kissing and sexual contact is not encouraged between the models. So, if you should happen to see any hanky-panky accompanying the usual corporal punishment, you can rest assured that it's %100 authentic. There's 18 models, so far, six of which are male. But the boys aren't just relegated to the roles of spanker or spankee. No, there's actually a few solo bondage scenes featuring the fellas, too, making this a pretty diverse archive.

I was pleasantly surprised to find their latest updates are available in a great looking 1080p HD. Not surprisingly, play-back quality was superb. Even the file marked "low quality" was clear and crisp, and very watchable.

Constructive criticism from this review included the photo resolution, which is mostly at 1200x800px, and the download speeds. When I can, these days, I do upload photo galleries at 1200 x 1800px - for instance, Bath Bubbles, Bridezilla and Kinky. I started doing this at the end of last year - I think the first photo gallery uploaded at this resolution was The Captain and the Tavern Wench.

Unfortunately not all our photographs are high enough quality for it to be worth increasing the resolution, and so as we publish material we have already shot, there will still be some photo sets at the smaller resolution.

Is 1800x1200px enough, or would you like to see images in even higher resolution?

Regarding download speed, this is something Honest Porn Reviews picked up on as well, and it was definitely a problem with our old server. Happily, since moving to our new server last month, loading times and download speeds have been much better, so I hopefully I can tick off that issue as "resolved" :)

Overall, thanks Porn Inspector for a very positive review!

Finally, my friend Motley Wanderer recently treated themselves to a 5 day membership after following us with interest since our launch, and wrote a lovely blogpost in the wake of my article about not being exploited by performing in porn:

For me to want to watch it, porn needs to be made by feminists, it needs to have women involved in the production end of things as well as starring, it needs to value the contribution of people of all genders (i.e., paying the men!), it needs to be made for more than just a cis, hetero, male gaze, it needs to feature a reasonable variety of body types. And if it’s kink, I want to get my switch on – one of the things I love about Dreams of Spanking is that it has any number of combinations of tops and bottoms, and the majority of the performers are switches who aren’t just interested in playing one role with one gender. As a queer switch, it is totally up my street.

It needs to be made with absolute respect for the performers, respecting their boundaries absolutely, creating a fun working atmosphere

Above all, it needs to be made by people who genuinely love what they are doing, and aren’t just faking that enjoyment.

Dreams of Spanking is very explicit about offering all of that, including lots of behind the scenes footage so it’s really clear exactly how much fun is being had, even (especially?) when shooting dark and edgy material.

Thanks Motley Wanderer, I'm really glad the content ticked your boxes, and I'm even more pleased to hear that it inspired some spanking fun of your own!

That's definitely the best kind of review :)



Yay! And, thank you. :-)

Thank YOU! Did you see my tweet about audio transcription, btw?

The one last week? I did reply, but I suspect it got lost in the maelstrom of Twitter. :-) Short answer: yay! And, Skyping or IM is good for me. Let me know when might suit? x

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