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Brides, bubbles and wooden brushes

We've had three domestic female spankee punishment scenes over the last couple of weeks, featuring some very sexy performers and classic spanking photography.

I'm extremely fond of Molly Malone and Nimue Allen's switch scene Bridezilla. Both ladies look stunning, including Molly in white lacy bridal lingerie, and the acting is just superb. But don't take my word for it, watch the trailer for yourself:

Click to view trailer for Bridezilla


Molly is stressed out on her special day, and making life miserable for her long-suffering maid of honour. She even insists on punishing Nimue with a leather strap for imagined wrongdoings, which Nimue goes along with in hopes it will soothe Molly's temper and they'll be able to get on with the day.

Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking

Even after dishing out twenty-four hard strokes, however, Molly is still in a strop, and so Nimue turns the tables and gives the pouting bride some much needed discipline. A spanking and caning will leave Molly feeling calmer, and perhaps a sore bottom under her dress will help her behave a little more reasonably for the rest of the day!

Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking
Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking

Molly is getting married for real in August, and I hope she has a much happier day than her character in this film! I suspect she won't be anywhere near as stressed out, but she has mentioned that it might be a good idea to have Nimue along, just in case...

Last Wednesday we uploaded Bath Bubbles, a timeless spanking photoset starring the lusciously curvy Mila Kohl nude in the bathtub, covered in bubbles and being spanked by Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking. I took the photos in this gallery, and was aiming to create some classic spanking images showing off Mila's beautiful body to best advantage. Admittedly, it isn't hard to make Mila look good:

Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking
Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking

Bath Bubbles

Paul comes in while Mila is relaxing in a bubble bath, and the naughty girl can't resist the urge to blow foam at him, earning herself an on-the-spot spanking on her wet bottom.

Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking

Finally, our latest video is an adorable age play scene starring myself and Alex Reynolds (who is wearing the cutest pink bunny romper ever) getting spanked by Thomas Cameron's hand and wooden hairbrush. Here's the trailer:

Click to view trailer for Sofa Fort

Sofa Fort


Alex and Pandora are having a lovely time in their sofa fort. It's the best fort ever! They camp out inside it in their pyjamas and bunny rompers and play with all the stuffed animals. Alex shows Pandora the red marks from her latest spanking, and Pandora decides Alex deserves extra spanks for hitting her with her heavy lavender-filled bear.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking

But the giggly girls' fun and frolics are interrupted when Tom appears, and wants to know why the hell they've rearranged the lounge when he's expecting business guests for dinner this evening. Alex and Pandora are very sorry for forgetting, but they're about to be even sorrier. Tom hauls them out of the safety of the fort and bends them over one by one to be spanked. By the time his heavy hand and stingy wooden hairbrush have done their work, both girls are sobbing, begging and sorry. Slowly Alex and Pandora learn that no matter how cute they are, it won't save them from spankings.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking

This is an adorable domestic discipline video for fans of age play, cuteness and painful wooden hairbrush punishments. Keep watching to the end for the super-cute alternate ending!

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking

Editing this video made me squee a lot, but it was also kind of embarrassing because oh my god, I did not take that hairbrush with anything approaching grace or dignity. Alex, who is somewhat tougher than me, especially when it comes to wood, hollers a lot but basically stays still and submits to her spanking. I do not. I squirm and yell and move out of position and am basically a total wuss.

I hope that my total lack of fortitude is, at least, hot to those of you who like to know a spanking really hurt (and my word, this one REALLY did), but having watched my sorry performance I feel motivated to film another wooden hairbrush spanking, and aim to take it more submissively. I'm thinking an over the knee position, with my bottom high in the air over Tom's lap, possibly one of his thighs trapping mine in place. A really immersive scene with lots of anticipation to give me a chance to psych myself up for it properly; either a romantic dominance/submission scene or a roleplay in which my character has done something really bad, and genuinely deserves it.

Wooden hairbrushes are a huge part of my kink, and I fantasise about them all the time, quite possibly because they are so evil and difficult to take in reality. Being my own worst sadist, this is more than enough reason for me write myself lots of wooden hairbrush spankings. If you have any particular requests let me know, because I am determined to do this again, and hopefully take it a little better next time.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking

Three good reviews

Further to my post about our Rabbits Review last week, we've been reviewed by some other porn rating sites lately who had very positive things to say.

Honest Porn Reviews made some glowing comments about our ethical stance, diversity and user interface:

Although you would like to presume that all porn produced within physically demanding fetishes such as spanking is ethically produced and with the full consent of everyone involved, occasionally you do wonder if that is always the case. So it was certainly interesting of Dreams Of Spanking to come out and push that side of their site. A good idea, too, because I think it does help most people to enjoy a site more knowing that it was produced in a happy and conducive atmosphere.

Although conceived by a lady, this site does not just focus on the women doling out the punishment. Far from it. This is an equal opportunities site in every single way and that is why it is a cut above most other spanking fetish sites that I have seen. The performers are all professional spanking fetish experts, all of whom know exactly what they are doing and perform specific roles. I was also taken by just how much variety they have within their scenarios and the such like.

User Interface

This is a beautifully presented site that does almost everything right. I think the best part of the user interface on this site was the section dedicated to the cast - all performers have a full bio including links to their own official pages and sites.

Update information is absolutely excellent and keeps you full informed about the recent additions to the site, plus there are also lots of options on the videos to keep you happy. The design of the site is ideal for this kind of content as well. 

Honest Porn Reviews have awarded us an overall score of 8.9/10 - second only to Whipped Ass in their list of spanking sites. Not bad for a site that's only 18 months old! I'm really chuffed by this review, and delighted that Honest Porn Reviews found so much to like.

Another review site, Porn Inspector, awarded us a total score of 4.5/5, and seemed particularly impressed by our tour transparency:

Dreams Of Spanking has some of the finest tour transparency out there. Instead of showing you those bright red, freshly caned asses in a mishmash of random teaser images, they've decided to kill two birds with one stone and just let everyone see their entire members area instead. You can browse the site, even download trailers for each episode.

The scenes themselves well shot and, by porno standards at least, feature fine acting. In fact, one of the great things about this site is that the content has such a unique feel. Their movies have a cinematic style to them that makes you feel like you're watching watching a perverse inde film created by some eccentric director with a knack for casting exceptionally beautiful actors. I actually just finished a horror flick-esque caning scene that was, from beginning-to-end, positively oozing with creepy atmosphere. My favorite part was the shift to P.O.V. shots from the villain's perspective. Watching those girls wake up from a sound sleep to the, no doubt, excruciatingly painful sensation of that surprise bare buttocks caning — trust me, this guy didn't hold back! — must have been terrifying ... not to mention disorienting. And, scripted or not, the sobbing and shrieks were totally legit. Ouch!

That would be A Ghost Story - one of my favourite films in the archive. Lovely to see it given special mention!

Porn Inspector also appreciated our gender egalitarian approach and HD film quality:

Another point that was made, and one that I think it bears repeating, is that kissing and sexual contact is not encouraged between the models. So, if you should happen to see any hanky-panky accompanying the usual corporal punishment, you can rest assured that it's %100 authentic. There's 18 models, so far, six of which are male. But the boys aren't just relegated to the roles of spanker or spankee. No, there's actually a few solo bondage scenes featuring the fellas, too, making this a pretty diverse archive.

I was pleasantly surprised to find their latest updates are available in a great looking 1080p HD. Not surprisingly, play-back quality was superb. Even the file marked "low quality" was clear and crisp, and very watchable.

Constructive criticism from this review included the photo resolution, which is mostly at 1200x800px, and the download speeds. When I can, these days, I do upload photo galleries at 1200 x 1800px - for instance, Bath Bubbles, Bridezilla and Kinky. I started doing this at the end of last year - I think the first photo gallery uploaded at this resolution was The Captain and the Tavern Wench.

Unfortunately not all our photographs are high enough quality for it to be worth increasing the resolution, and so as we publish material we have already shot, there will still be some photo sets at the smaller resolution.

Is 1800x1200px enough, or would you like to see images in even higher resolution?

Regarding download speed, this is something Honest Porn Reviews picked up on as well, and it was definitely a problem with our old server. Happily, since moving to our new server last month, loading times and download speeds have been much better, so I hopefully I can tick off that issue as "resolved" :)

Overall, thanks Porn Inspector for a very positive review!

Finally, my friend Motley Wanderer recently treated themselves to a 5 day membership after following us with interest since our launch, and wrote a lovely blogpost in the wake of my article about not being exploited by performing in porn:

For me to want to watch it, porn needs to be made by feminists, it needs to have women involved in the production end of things as well as starring, it needs to value the contribution of people of all genders (i.e., paying the men!), it needs to be made for more than just a cis, hetero, male gaze, it needs to feature a reasonable variety of body types. And if it’s kink, I want to get my switch on – one of the things I love about Dreams of Spanking is that it has any number of combinations of tops and bottoms, and the majority of the performers are switches who aren’t just interested in playing one role with one gender. As a queer switch, it is totally up my street.

It needs to be made with absolute respect for the performers, respecting their boundaries absolutely, creating a fun working atmosphere

Above all, it needs to be made by people who genuinely love what they are doing, and aren’t just faking that enjoyment.

Dreams of Spanking is very explicit about offering all of that, including lots of behind the scenes footage so it’s really clear exactly how much fun is being had, even (especially?) when shooting dark and edgy material.

Thanks Motley Wanderer, I'm really glad the content ticked your boxes, and I'm even more pleased to hear that it inspired some spanking fun of your own!

That's definitely the best kind of review :)

New link banners

I made a collection of new horizontal banners this week, in response to a request for some at 668x80px. Feel free to use any of these to link to us. Here they are:

If your site uses link banners of a different size or format and you'd like me to make you one to fit, let me know!

M/M mentor/protegeé

Our latest video is one for the ladies. It was inspired by talking to a fan of M/M spanking porn last summer (hi, Kelley!) - and, indirectly, by NCIS.

Kelley didn't think she loved male spankee videos until she watched Marital Discipline, which is a compliment in itself. She wanted to know if we could book Michael for a M/M shoot; and she specifically wanted to see more M/M mentor/protegeé relationships, involving a strict but caring father figure and a younger man who looks up to him, and wants to make him proud. She cited Gibbs from NCIS as an example of the kind of character she meant.

I haven't watched NCIS, but Tom has, and once I established that he was willing to do an M/M scene he seemed like the ideal casting, as his style of dominance is naturally very nurturing and supportive. (I've since discovered that Kelley isn't the only viewer to love Gibbs for his toppy potential.)

Here's the trailer for Compromised Security:

Click to view trailer for Compromised%20Security

Compromised Security

Michael's first solo mission was a success, and he successfully extracted the data his company was contracted to retrieve. There was only one problem: somewhere on the way back, he managed to lose the disk. When he's called in to speak with his supervisor, Cameron is not impressed. He's been a mentor throughout Michael's career and is deeply disappointed by this carelessness. Now it's time for Michael to accept the consequences of his mistake, and bend over for a strapping from the boss who has been like a father to him. 

Check out the expression on Michael's face in this photo, when Cameron tells him what's about to happen. "Gulp!"

Michael gets the strap from his boss at Dreams of Spanking

Michael's curvy bottom looks like it was made for the strap:

Michael gets the strap from his boss at Dreams of Spanking

Michael gets the strap from his boss at Dreams of Spanking

After taking his strokes and his scolding bravely, Michael assures Cameron it won't happen again - and Cameron shakes him by the hand, signalling that he took it well, and is forgiven. Dignity and mutual respect are restored.

Michael gets the strap from his boss at Dreams of Spanking

This just sends tingles down my spine. I love the formality of it, the subtlety of it, the way it expresses so much about traditional male relationships; all the unspoken, restrained emotion. I know that those expectations of male self-restraint are very problematic, but oh dear lord in a spanking context it is hot as hell.

Sun and spankings

Hi all! We've been loving the gorgeous weather in England these last couple of weeks, and hope you have too. We've also been enjoying the latest adventures of our spanking friends around the web. 

First up from English Spankers we have The Slipper for a Schoolgirl. Lola Marie is home from school and she is in trouble. The rules of the house are punished at school, punished at home.


She knows what that entails. First off she has to bend over the knee for a good spanking on her white school knickers, then it's knickers down and out comes the slipper.


We're pleased to announce that Dreams of Spanking will be shooting with Lola Marie in September, and we can't wait to work with her.

At Clare Spanks Men, Clare has taken on her cute friend Bart as a houseguest for some "friends with benefits" action, but he has broken the rule about having young sluts over. Clare catches him with a pair of another girl's panties, and it is over her knee for a searing bare ass spanking with hand and hairbrush. If anyone is going to be anyone's sex toy it will belong to the lady of the house who is letting him stay for free. 


At Spanking Sarah, Sarah has caught Ten Amorette romping with a guy on her bed and is not well pleased. She puts Ten into the diaper position and uses a nasty leather slipper on her bottom and thighs. Next she makes a naked Ten stand up and bend over. She is going to be caned and caned hard. The cane is a very English way of handing out punishment, and this young lady from America does not appreciate the finer points of the stinging swish of a flexible cane on her bare bottom.


And over at Sarah Gregory Spanking our very own Pandora Blake takes charge of a sensual scene with Sarah.


Pandora is not too happy when her girlfriend, Sarah, completely ignores her at the spanking party. Sarah plays with everyone else and makes her lover feel very unloved.


Pandora gives Sarah the punishment she deserves, before they enjoy the kind of sensual spanking they both like best.


"Please don't, Miss!"

This week's updates include something from mine and Pandora's early archives, and something fairly new and very attractive from Pandora and Molly Malone. Our latest video is a second instalment in their instructional series which debuted with Introducing the Cane. In this scene the lovely ladies demonstrate the process and practicalities of scene negotiation. Here's the trailer:

Click to view trailer for Negotiation


In this instructional video Molly and Pandora discuss the best ways to negotiate within a spanking scene. They demonstrate techniques including in-role ways for bottoms to express their needs, ways for tops to check in with their bottoms, and ways to deal with ending or taking time our from a scene if necessary. Finally the ladies discuss how to say "please no" when you mean "please yes". Molly and Pandora demonstrate all these techniques while spanking each other, including thigh spanking, the leather paddle and the tawse!

I particularly liked this moment for Molly's entirely blissed out expression.

Molly over Pandora's Knee at Dreams of Spanking

These shades of green and pink do go together well, don't they?

Molly gets the paddle...

"Please don't, miss!" Pandora bends over for a demonstration of the principles of consensual non-c0nsent.

...And Pandora gets a bare-bottom tawsing.

This is both a hot spanking scene in its own right and a useful, sensitive exploration of consent and negotiation.

For your additional pleasure, we also have a new photo gallery, Kitchen Punishments

Pandora feels the tawse.

Kitchen Punishment

Pandora has been daydreaming about spanking rather than doing her chores. When Tom comes home and discovers the kitchen still a mess, her fantasy is about to become reality.

This is the sequel to Messy Kitchen, and is the last set of photos from that shoot in 2006. It was our first attempt to shoot our own spanking photos at home, with a photographer recruited from Net-Model (who preferred not to be named), no lighting, and not even much idea of what we were going to do during the shoot.

Pandora is paddled in the kitchen. Pandora is paddled in the kitchen. Pandora is paddled in the kitchen. Pandora is paddled in the kitchen.

Pandora had only done a couple of spanking shoots for other producers, and had already been bitten by the bug to shoot her own material. She had a vague idea she might want her own site "one day", but no concrete plans, or even a name, as yet. Still, I liked spanking her and even better doing so on camera, so we decided to have a go regardless.

We've come such a very long way since those early days, with a clearer vision, higher production values and a great deal of hard work and laughter along the way. We would never have made it without support from our members, so thank you all, and we hope you enjoy looking back to where it all began!

Caned by the governess

Our latest scenario is our first historical punishment fantasy to feature boys and girls spanked together. Like most of our Victoriana and Edwardiana, it also combines class politics, lavish costumes and the frustrated desires of spirited young ladies.

Caroline and Amelia are young companions living together at Amelia's house, under the care of her father and household staff. Their adventurous natures have got them into trouble before with Amelia's stuffy governess, Miss Blake.

Miss Blake is only a couple of years older than the girls, and used to be their friend and confidant, but lately she has grown determined to curb their rebellious tendencies and shape them into well-mannered young ladies fit for society. Until the girls are married, they are subject to Miss Blake's authority, and given their distate for the eligible gentlemen Amelia's father would choose for them, that day seems a long way off.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Invitations begins with our heroines working mischief upon a forthcoming dinner party, swapping the rightful invitations for ones of their own devising, and replacing Mr Rutherford's chosen guests with young gentlemen they like better.

They enlist Will, one of the footmen, to help deliver the counterfeit invitations. Unfortunately he is intercepted by Miss Blake, who happens to be his cousin, before he can leave the house. She discovers the plot and marches him back indoors, where he and the girls must account for their behaviour.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Disappointed that the discipline she has previously administered has clearly had no good effect, Miss Blake threatens to inform Mr Rutherford about the attempted sabotage to his dinner party, which will inevitably result in Caroline being sent away. The girls beg her not to tell him. Still, Miss Blake is adamant that such disgraceful disobedience must be punished, and insists that instead each girl must receive twelve strokes of the cane from her.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Although Miss Blake has long been the girls' friend and companion, they now see another side of her. She is responsible for their behaviour, and is determined to correct it, no matter what it takes. She will ensure that they never dare attempt such outright rebellion again.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking
Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Once the girls have been thoroughly disciplined, Miss Blake turns her attentions to her young cousin, Will. She was glad to be able to find him a place in the household, and knows that her aunt and uncle cannot afford for him to lose his position. She also knows that this is exactly what must happen if she reports his behaviour, as she knows she should; and that if she were discovered to be covering for him, both their jobs would be forfeit. She therefore has no choice but to discipline him as she has the girls, if he will accept it from her; after all, although a woman, she is his older cousin, and senior to him in the household.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Will knows he has erred in letting the young ladies draw him into their conspiracy, and humbly submits to correction from Miss Blake in the form of six strokes of the cane.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

This was an intense scene to film, at the end of two exhilarating days shooting on location. Cold canings are notoriously hard to take, and I didn't hold back. When I came to edit this video I winced to watch myself deliver these strokes, and felt full of sympathy for poor Amelia, Caroline and Will, all of whom took it brilliantly. Their performances captured the emotional nuance and intensity of this fantasy, and it's an honour to work with three such talented actors.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking
Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Sometimes I look at a picture and think: yes, this is the porn I always wanted to make. If you went back in time and showed the above photo to my eight year old self, you would blow her mind. Scenarios like this are right at the core of my kink, and have had meaning for me my whole life. I feel so blessed to be able to tell these stories that have always held such power for me, and to express my innermost fantasies on film. The implementation is far from perfect, of course - authentic period drama is hard on a low budget - but it improves with every shoot. I hope you will bear with the imperfections, and that the emotional intensity and drama of this Edwardian fantasy is as powerful for you as it is for me.

Steamier spankings

I don't know about you but we love the heat. Admittedly it's inconvenient if you're carrying heavy things or getting public transport, but any situation that inclines people to get more naked and spend more time outdoors is good with us. 

Things are getting warmer at our favourite spanking sites as well, with some steamy scenes resulting in hot, sore bottoms.

Molly Malone takes to the sunny outdoors with Aleesha Fox at Red Stripe Films. The girls decide to go camping in the country but soon get lost. Molly gets really stressed at this state of affairs and they just decide to camp where they are. To relieve her stress Molly asks Aleesha to give her a good spanking. Aleesha does this with great enthusiasm, and soon brings a good rosy glow to Molly's bottom cheeks.

In episode 2 the girls decide it's time to eat, but Molly finds out that Aleesha has only packed booze, no food! Molly decides a punishment spanking is in order and takes Aleesha over her knee. Spanked first on her denim shorts she knows that she is in for a real painful episode. Next it's her beautiful bare bottom that comes in for some spanking attention from Molly's hard hand.

Meanwhile at Reluctant Young Men, eighteen-year old Trey looks like he belongs over an older man's knee getting what he deserves, and Chic looks like the guy who can give it to him. First Chic spanks him hard and heavy by hand. Nopone can give a hand spanking quite as hard as he does, pounding away until you can see Trey's body heave forward with every blow. Soon the poor young man is crying out in pain. Chic strips him down and continues with the bath brush as Trey kicks, struggles, screeches and howls in pain. Chic is both tough and tender with the young man, just like a dad, as he dishes out an intense punishment until Trey's cute, young butt is red and bruised.


Over at Triple A Spankings, Alex Reynolds is the subject for prefect Zoe Page's study on how to carry out the perfect detention. Alex is a complex subject for Zoe to observe, as this American Exchange Student tries every trick in the book to wriggle out of her guilt until confronted with overwhelming evidence. Miss Reynolds' regulation panties are removed, then she receives various tried & tested methods of discipline on her bare bottom. This includes the heavy hairbrush, a thick leather strap and a painful wooden paddle. Zoe watches eagerly, taking notes as the punishment unfolds so that she can step in when required.


At Femme Fatale Films, Famous TV chef Miss Severity Myers was proud to present her bakery lesson, until her hapless assistant decided to help himself to her stash of cupcakes. What ensues is a humiliating lesson for the assistant, who ends up with four red cheeks and an arse full of icing - and it's all broadcast live on TV!


And finally, something a little different and even steamier at Bright Desire. Sundae Love and Andrew are a real-life polyamorous couple who couldn't wait to fuck and went at it like monkeys. Sundae has no less than six orgasms during their marathon, playful sex session.


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