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Sunday spankings

Our latest film continues the story begun in The Tailor's Apprentice (part 1), in which a young gentleman makes such a nuisance of himself while getting measured for a suit that the tailor's apprentice is obliged to take drastic measures.

In Part 2, Mr Darling returns to the scene of the crime...

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The Tailor's Apprentice (Part 2)

Returning to collect his suit, Mr Darling musters his courage to confront the tailor's apprentice about the indignities he suffered on his previous visit. Humiliated, angry and sore, only one thing will satisfy him now: revenge. Sebastian is obliged to bend over and endure an embarrassing bare bottom spanking.

Meanwhile at Firm Hand, our own Thomas Cameron takes a tough approach to interrogation training, including humiliation. Cadet Leia-Ann Woods is bent over, bare bottom ready for 130 stinging smacks with a wooden hairbrush. “It was hard to take,” she admitted.


Spanking Sarah presents a story from St. Justs Academy where Bow is frantically trying to persuade Molly Malone to let her copy some of her exam answers. Molly refuses, so when the teacher returns Bow tells him that Molly tried to sexually interfere with her. I love Molly and Bow's facial expressions in this first photo. And the theme of a good girl being unfairly punished at school is always hot.


Bow's claim outrages the very moral Mr. Nightingale and he knows he has no choice but to take immediate and painful action. Molly is called to the front of the class and bent over a desk. She is first of all spanked on her drum tight white school knickers and then on her large firm bare bottom.


At Triple A Spanking, the lovely Alex Reynolds joins Paul Kennedy and Zoe Page for an exercise in conducting the perfect detention. Mr. Kennedy demonstrates the proper techniques of traditional school discipline, while Alex tries her best to avoid the consequences of her past transgressions, and Prefect Page takes notes for later.


Finally, Femme Fatale Films welcomes us to a day in the life of Mistress Eleise's houseboy. Failing her white-glove test leads to firm retraining. He is reminded of his position through the application of a slave collar, butt plug, corporal punishment, and psychological control. He will learn the painful pleasure of serving an uncompromising Mistress in the real world. 



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