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On writing update schedules

I've just been working on the Dreams of Spanking update schedule for the next three months. This is a complex, ever-evolving beast that takes ages to write and a lot of thought. I never stick to it - but without it I'm completely lost. Week by week I look at the plan and re-organise things as I see fit, but some weeks it's nice to have a schedule to stick to without having to think about it.

At this point in time, I have enough spanking scenes filmed and saved (multiply backed up, of course) on various hard drives that if I never shot again, I would still have enough material to keep updating the site with one or two scenes a week until mid-November. Of course, I will shoot before then, because shooting is my favourite thing about running a spanking website.

Having so many scenes in the bank is a blessing: it gives the business a certain amount of security, and it gives me the luxury of uploading a diverse range of scenarios each month (rather than simply updating the site with a run of scenes starring the same performer every time I shoot with someone new). Diversity is a core part of the Dreams of Spanking concept, and each month I try to release a balance of material catering to a variety of tastes. (I love all of it, but then I'm coming to learn that most people are a little more discerning than me.)

You'd think that the more shoots you have to work from, the easier it would be to keep things nice and varied, right? I was surprised at just how complicated it turned out to be. Here are the (rough) guidelines I have set myself when planning my updates, as much as possible:

  • No updates starring the same spankee two weeks running;
  • Alternate male and female spankees; in general, don't feature the same gender orientation (F/F, F/M etc) two weeks running;
  • Include one example of each gender combination (F/M, F/M, M/F, M/M) every month;
  • Vary locations - spread out scenes shot in the same venue over time;
  • Vary type of scenario week to week (ie no two school scenes, or domestic discipline scenes next to each other)

After the precarious juggling act involved in meeting all the former requirements, the last one is the one that most often slips. I also sometimes make exceptions for "theme weeks" - for instance, I recently deliberately uploaded Ring of Fire and Short Shorts in quick succession, as they are both candid, unscripted F/F spanking-for-fun videos, and I thought they went together nicely. 

The resulting mix does throw up some interesting correspondences. When I uploaded The Undergardener's Birching I'd just published another fairly serious F/F Victorian punishment fantasy, and I had in mind that a similar F/M scene would provide a pleasing balance. I didn't realise until after The Rites of Spring went live a couple of weeks later how similar the slightly fantastical, romantic Beltane photo gallery was, visually, to Sebastian's punishment. Both scenes feature a spankee in period costume being birched bare bottom, outdoors, while holding on to the trunk of a tree. Clearly, my fantasies have recurring themes.

The other issue I keep running into is that I have a lot more F/F material than anything else. This is quite simply a consequence of how many female performers are already working in the industry (since pretty much every other site only pays women, a gender imbalance in the available performers is fairly inevitable). I'm constantly looking out for new male spankers and spankees that meet my high standards for casting, but meanwhile, female colleagues and friends are often travelling around and looking for work. Particularly in the case of international performers visiting the UK, it seems daft to miss an opportunity to shoot with someone awesome.

As a switch I can play either role, so the easiest way to put together a low-budget shoot with a friend visiting the country is for me to work with them, whether they are top or bottom. The result is twice as much F/F as any other orientation.

Luckily, most people love F/F, but I care about maintaining the site as a gender-balanced space. Although I have enough scenes filmed to keep me going until November, most of them are female spankee, and I keep running out of male spankee material and having to book new shoots. And so more scenes get added to the bank, and the cycle continues...

Really, though, this is a "diamond shoes are too tight" sort of problem. I love shooting with people of any gender, I love working with my friends, and I love having a reassuringly large content buffer. So when I heard that gorgeous young US model Mila Kohl is visiting the UK this month and seeking work to pay her way, I couldn't turn her down. I met Mila at the Texas All State Spanking Party last summer, where she struck me as clever and adorable, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

She's staying with our mutual friend Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking, and Paul is going out of his way to facilitate Mila's shoot with us, which is very kind of him. He'll be involved in our shoot as top and cameraman, and I'm looking forward to welcoming both new faces to the Dreams of Spanking cast.

Of course, after the shoot with Mila my carefully-arranged schedule will be thrown into disarray as I'll have a handful of new scenes to work in, at least some of which I'll want to show you sooner rather than later. But juggling too many spanking videos of hot boys and girls is my favourite type of problem.


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