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Clothed female, nude female

Lady in Waiting is our first scene with the lovely Mila Kohl. It's not about a real lady-in-waiting, although that would make a fab historical scenario one of these days. Instead it's a domestic dominance and submission storyline which provides the opportunity for these delightful art nude photos of Mila by Paul Kennedy.

Mila has been given instructions by her dominant: to undress, and wait for her to arrive. She obeys nervously, wondering what awaits her, trying to arrange herself in a posture that will be found pleasing. Eventually Pandora comes home to find Mila fully nude, waiting submissively on her knees.

Pandora takes Mila over her knee and rewards her obedience with a firm but caring hand spanking.

Mila is beautiful in this gallery, a natural in front of the camera, with a charmingly shy submissive demeanour. She is also a highly intelligent, creative lady and a pleasure to work with, and this first scene was a lovely ice-breaker to help us get to know each other.

The dynamic of nude submissive, clothed dominant is one that is well explored in heterosexual pairings. CFNM (clothed female, nude male) is a genre of its own - one I didn't realise I liked until I discovered I'd unwittingly made spanking porn that counted.

CMNF also seems to be an acronym people use (clothed male, nude female), and barely a day goes by without images like this turning up on Tumblr:

The pattern is always the same: the submissive nude, and the dominant in formal clothing, either a smart suit or evening wear. The suit/nude dichotomy works regardless of gender. It's about contrasting the trappings of status, power and protection with vulnerability.

Clothed female has more versatility than clothed male however, as a ballgown fits the pattern just as well as a business suit.

This is a fascinating genre when it comes to thinking about gender presentation and power dynamics. The business suit/power dressing thing codes dominance as masculine; but elegant evening wear can also represent power as hyper-feminine. Either way, the tropes of masculinity and femininity tend to be heightened in these images; whether heteronormatively associating dominant with butch and submissive with femme, or queering those expectations.

I'm looking forward to playing with this theme further, and exploring the question of how presentation and dress relate to gender, power and consensual power exchange. I have a couple shoot coming up next month with D which will include some CMNF, and I'm not sure if we'll play it straight yet or include some sort of twist. I'd also love to shoot some clothed male, nude male at some point. As always, I'm open to ideas about ways we can create images of dominance and submission that are hot, interesting and innovative.


Well, what I was really hoping you'd discuss was the possibility of completely flipping the stereotype, so that the clothed figure is submissive and the naked figure is dominant. I have in mind some sort of cultural setting where a culture has clothing as a form of bondage or servitude symbol, while all the free folks are proud in their nudity, or something like that. Alternatively, a domestic service scene involving serving breakfast in bed or similar (maybe it's not made the right way and punishment ensues, with the ?waiter/waitress? still in uniform but the employer/guest not dressed yet?)

It would be interesting to see how you might convey the roles visually when the clothing thing is switched around.

Naked domliness

I actually find it quite hard to get my head around topping when I'm wearing less than the bottom. It's entirely possible, but it's definitely a conscious effort.

This is very interesting! There's nothing WRONG with that but we clearly have nudity=submissive encoded in our cultural thinking. Which does put a certain spin on the women in video games and advertising thing.

I like your thinking. The "breakfast in bed" idea sounds particularly workable - I think the "clothing as bondage" cultural thing might be tricky to convey without the budget for more elaborate sets and a number of extras. Although I guess simply adding bondage to the clothing (cuffs, collar etc) might make the point.

I am intrigued. I'll think about it.

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