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A Beltane birching

Merry May from all of us at Dreams of Spanking! The first day of May is traditionally dedicated to worker's rights, political dissent and exuberant celebrations. It's also the day when modern pagans celebrate Beltane, the festival of vitality, sensuality and creativity. People light fires, dance, and share food and drink, enjoying the warmer weather as the earth flowers with new life. This is the time when lovers jump over fires and slip into the woods together.

Our newest photogallery is our personal celebration of May Day; a ceremonial outdoor birching starring Alex Reynolds and Thomas Cameron as a couple who choose to consummate their Beltane rite with spanking.

After their courteous, formal meeting, the lovers remove their masks to drink from the ritual cup. The May Queen raises her skirts and places her hands on the trunk of the tree to receive the birch.

This is a sacred rite, in which man and woman embody the polarised forces of God and Goddess, but it's also the playful union of human partners, exploring their passions in consensual celebration of the gifts of nature.

I've always been fascinated by the idea of sacred kink. At a personal level, spanking and BDSM can lead to a state of personal exaltation that can feel very spiritual, if you're that way inclined. And the idea of a spankee becoming the object of a ritual, offering up their body to the needs of a ceremony in the name of a higher power, is a form of noble objectification that I find very hot.

This photoset explores the more personal end of that spectrum. Alex Reynolds and Thomas Cameron looked magnificent in their Mayday costumes, and both played their roles with potency and grace. It's always a pleasure to work with likeminded people who share my enthusiasm for my more unusual scene ideas, and bring my visions to life so handsomely. Thankyou, both!



I love birching! There is something particularly pleasurable to me in the feel of the twigs and branches, mentally as well as physically. This is a beautiful set of photos, as well. Loved the costumes, and your discussion of sacred kink.

Birching is a really hot fantasy for me mentally, primarily because of the associations with real historical punishment, but physically I often find it very unpleasant - the twigs and branches are much more likely to wrap, or land high or low, than with more easily controlled implements, so it tends to distribute the sting over a wide area in a way I don't enjoy. As part of a big historical punishment roleplay, that's all part of the ordeal and can be hot, but the birch isn't an implement I tend to enjoy for pleasure unless the top I'm playing with is very, VERY accurate with it. That's another reason I tend to prefer birches with fewer, thicker rods - it's more like using a bundle of canes than a spray of twigs. Whatever the type, though, birches really hurt, and can do a lot of damage very quickly, which is one of the reasons they are quite such a hot thing to fantasise about :)


Be a good video 're enacting the isle of Mann birching during the 60s substitute girls for boys or a mixture courtroom straight to jury room for sentence ?

This is definitely on my wishlist! I'm on the hunt for a suitably judicial venue - let me know if you have any ideas?

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