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The Spankee's Gaze

There are lots of videos out there with camera angles that depict the spanker's point of view; just as there are lots of videos that portray the top's fantasy, and images of spankees representing the dominant gaze. Our latest film captures the intimacy of an over-the-knee spanking through shots that portray the spankee's point of view.¹

In Alex's POV you can watch Tom's face as he tells Alex Reynolds what's about to happen; you can look back at him over Alex's shoulder, and see the reflection of herself she glimpses in the mirror.

Click to view trailer for Alex's%20POV

When Alex admits to feeling bad about flouting her D/S rules during her time in the UK, Tom suggests a spanking might help her feel better. She lies over his knee on the edge of the bed, feeling his strong thighs support her hips. Looking back over her shoulder, she meets his gaze as his hand rises and falls... and in the mirror, she can see her bottom bouncing under the smacks.

Tom used to have a cupboard with glass doors in his bedroom, and the glimpses I caught of my own bottom being spanked, reflected in the glass, were very exciting. During a punishment I often find it erotic to look back at my spanker and watch them preparing to deliver a stroke.

I started to wonder what a spanking video would look like shot from the spankee's perspective, with camera angles representing their point of view. Of course, ten minutes of a square of carpet would be boring. But what about an over-the-shoulder shot as the top tells them what's about to happen? Or, over the knee, looking back over their shoulder, meeting their top's gaze, seeing the hand rise and fall? What about glimpsing their own reflection in a mirror, just as I had?

This film is an experiment in, quite literally, the spankee's gaze. I think the subtle glimpses and reflections are quite exciting, and more suggestive and provocative than a direct view. In the end, however, we wondered if it would be a waste of what ended up be a very hard, thorough spanking not to show you any shots of Alex's bottom at all, so we compromised by introducing some more traditional camera angles towards the end of the spanking.

My hope is that by putting the viewer into Alex's shoes, this video captures the intimacy of an over-the-knee spanking, and will resonate with fellow spankees. Perhaps it will also prove of interest to spankers curious about seeing a spanking from the bottom's perspective. Does it work for you? Let us know what you think.

1. The femdom genre has some point-of-view videos that show a female top addressing the presumed male submissive viewer via the camera - Dana Kane has some excellent examples - but as far as I know, this has never been done with a male top. Perhaps the innovative thing about this film is not that it portrays a spankee's gaze, but a female one.


What a wonderful post!

I absolutely love this. So much of the imagery we see in porn/erotica/BDSM imagery, as well as more mainstream media, is from the male gaze (or Top in the case of BDSM imagery.) This captures so well that very same interaction from the bottom, and this case female, gaze. Well done (and a lot of fun.) :-)

As I mentioned elsewhere, I do hope you will consider linking it to this week's Kink of the Week topic (spanking.) This would be a lovely addition to it. :-)

Thankyou Jade! I have done so. :)

Glad you love the idea of this. I'm trying to tell stories from the spankee's perspective, in a narrative sense, throughout this site, but this is the first time I've experimented with camera angles. I wonder how far you could take this idea. I've considered actually having me, as the spankee, hold the camera, but I don't know how much mileage that idea has. It would shake every time I got a whack, for a start!

A very different view

It seems like a very affirming piece for a Top to watch, in that for me personally, I don't know what I look like when I deliver a spanking, but I imagine it s something like Tom's expressions shown there. It's a good feeling to be reflected in the piece, where normally I would be looking more at her reactions. It takes it away from "this is what turns me on" - because a huge part of why spanking is so fun is because I get to cause, and watch, a reaction in my partner - but puts it into a more intimate relationship with myself.

The discussion of the camera angles was interesting, explaining why the "looking back over the shoulder" view and so on, although for me that angle didn't feel natural as a "POV" (I think it definitely works as a conceptual "spankee's gaze", but as a camera angle view it seems slightly forced). I recognise you mentioned it as something you do, so your experience would differ from my bottoming, I guess. There again, I'm not sure it's possible to show through video the *sense* of being there. For fantasies, that may be why I turn to the written word when I want to immerse myself in being the spankee rather than watching, or being with, a spankee (For instance, from the post above, "She lies over his knee on the edge of the bed, feeling his strong thighs support her hips." put me there far more than anything in the trailer or photos in the post did).

One last point - apologies for grammar cop role - but: "When Alex admits to feeling bad about flaunting her D/S rules during her time in the UK" I'm guessing that it should be "flouting", not "flaunting".

Hi Valery, lovely to hear from you :)

It's good to hear that this style of shooting works for one top, at least. I guess you'd have to have quite a good sense of imagination to identify with a top who doesn't look like oneself, though, if they are the focus of most of the shots. But I really enjoyed capturing the intensity and tenderness of Tom's glances towards Alex, the way he holds her in his gaze. Funny how once you get into an exploration of "gaze", when you're portraying intimate relationships, it quickly becomes a little recursive due to the eye contact - spankee gaze showing us the top's glances and vice versa.

Interesting that the words put you there more effectively than the film. Cinematically speaking though, this piece is very simple. I'd love to do more detailed work in visual storytelling with some intimate closeups, soundscaping of breath and heartbeat, etc. In fact I've got a whole in-the-moment caning film of that nature already storyboarded in my head - but I'm waiting for a location that is just right.

Thanks for the vocabulary correction, apparently I get those two words mixed up. It's been fixed.

Well, Tom doesn't look very much like me, really. I was really saying that I identify with the expressions and emotions - I imagine that those are similar. As you say, showing the eye contact etc.

I think your idea of an "in-the-moment" caning scene using that soundscaping sounds awesome, I am exceedingly curious and interested by that.

You're welcome re: vocabulary - although now I have this idea of a film where the sub has actually been flaunting hir rules and is punished for being unjustly proud or belittling others with fewer rules! Think you could do something with that?

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