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Dudes in distress

As someone who likes looking at naked men, it sometimes feels as if the world of rope bondage photography thinks that only women ever get tied up. I've enjoyed watching men submit to bondage in real life, and I've always wanted to see more of it in porn. For a while now I've been particularly fascinated by the idea of seeing a physically strong man in artistic rope bondage; tight rope curving around bulging muscles. The idea of strength subdued and power restrained.

With his athletic physique and experience as a nude model, our newest switch performer Will Savage provided the perfect opportunity to test my ideas.


Introducing new switch performer Will Savage, freshly oiled and showing off his muscular physique. Strength and power are slowly tamed as he kneels and submits to tightly tied hemp rope.

Many thanks to rigger Ariel Anderssen (AKA Amelia Jane Rutherford) and photographer Hywel Phillips for helping me bring this vision to life. I love the results, and producing this male bondage photo set has only whetted my appetite for more.

It seems I'm not alone, either.

Musclebound went up on Friday. On Saturday, I uploaded a couple of preview images to Fetlife. By Sunday night, one image had climbed to the top of the "Kinky & Popular" feed, with over 1000 "loves". The other followed not far behind.

This feed is not just based on how many likes or comment a picture has, but has an algorithm that seems to take into account recent activity, maintaining a balance of media types, and quite possibly some human moderation as well. The tendency of the feed to include a majority of white, skinny, naked women has been well documented. Men are rare; male submissives are practically invisible. (Likewise, the Fetlife homepage always includes a photograph, usually of rope bondage, always, always of a female, white, skinny bottom.)

As I write this, our photo of Will Savage bound in rope has 3,734 "loves" and 390 comments, all positive, both numbers climbing by the minute. A lot of people have commented on how rare it is to see a male submissive featured in K&P, and how much they appreciated it. Here's a tiny sample:

Take one look at this thread and tell me again that "men just aren't that nice to look at naked" or "women just aren't that visual".

The kinky world, or at least the part of it that spends time on Fetlife, is crying out for more beautiful imagery eroticising and celebrating male submission. I am absolutely bowled over by the scale of the response this photo has received. It's renewed my determination to continue the work I'm doing to produce imagery that depicts male submission, as well as female, as positive, sexy and beautiful.

If you like Musclebound, you may enjoy a couple of other sites I've found recently which provide sexy photos of men in bondage.

FM Concepts is a digital download site which contains fetish photos and videos starring both male and female subs. Their Men in Bondage section contains a large number of titles including, interestingly, many scenes in which men and women are tied up together, as well as F/M scenarios. Seems I'm not the only one who thinks that boys and girls getting into trouble together is hot.

The other link I stumbled across this week is a tumblr site called Dudes in Distress which publishes original male bondage photography by two kinky ladies. The boys are cute, the photography and the bondage are beautiful, and the predicaments are creative.

Dreams of Spanking is first and foremost a spanking site, so aside from introductory model photosets like this one of Will, bondage is mostly something I will only include as part of a spanking scene. But there is clearly a need for more beautiful imagery of men in bondage, as well as more D/S erotica focussed on the male submissive. I already have all sorts of ideas about potential spin-off projects.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Musclebound; and we have two scenes featuring all three of Will Savage, bondage and spanking still to come.

I'll leave you with a poem about the submission of a strong, powerful man by the excellent Labcoats and Lingerie, which I think is beautiful.

Give me the lion

What use have I for worms?
I am no gardener.
Where I could crush with the toe of my boot,
I’m reluctant to step.

For they are hard to see, down there,
competing to wriggle the lowest.
From the height of a human it’s hard to tell one from another.
So I wait,
and watch–kindly–so as not to interrupt
as they wriggle away in search of a thing that I’m not.

I do not need a worm.

Give me the lion.

Give me the lion with the orange mane,
the teeth, the sweeping tail,
quiet paws, and the unmistakable
curve of his spine.

No housecat he, declawed and docile,
content with long-dead food.
He tears his meat with me,
my lion.
‘Til I challenge him:
tossing scraps on the ground and watching his hackles rise.

We test one another.

If I do not stand over him–if I turn, and assume his obedience–
he may tear me to pieces
(and I will deserve it).
You must. Respect. The beast.

Therefore he tests
the still and wordless strength
in my gaze, and the tension I keep on the chain in my hand;
in return I test his will, and smile
when he finally lowers his head to obey me
and eats.

He wears my collar, but it doesn’t make him tame.
It just makes him mine.
Astride his ferocity I am ferocious:
marking his rippling hide,
or twisting a hand through the curls of his mane to hold him.
When I mount him, and ride,
I command the world.

So keep your worms, and give me the lion.
Give me the lion, a chair and whip,
and time,

and we shall roar.



This is probably your best work so far.
Porn and Art.
I love it.

The photoset of Will? Thank you. I am delighted with how well it turned out. Credit and huge thanks of course Will, Hywel and Ariel for their significant contributions to making it happen.


I've been waiting sooo long for this! (You think porn for straight women is hard to find? Try porn for dominant straight women! It's practically nonexistent, for possibly-obvious reasons (grr).) So this is fantastic. Thank you so much, and PLEASE, keep it up!!

You are so very welcome. :)

We're still a new site and growing by word of mouth. Because we bridge so many genres it's quite hard to target our advertising. So if you like what we're doing, you can help support us by spreading the word. Dominant straight women have always been one of the most underserved porn audience, and right from the start I had you/us (I switch, but still - I get it) in mind when thinking about what I wanted to create. I want to try and reach as many dominant women as possible with what we're doing.

I'm also keen to continue making female gaze erotica/porn/art, and possibly expand this beyond the spanking niche... but that, perhaps, is a project for another day.

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