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The dreaded cane

"Insanely hot!!  I love M/M schoolboy scenes, and this one is just perfect." - @DanaKaneSpanks

"Unghhh, *rubs thighs* This is the hottest thing ever. Mmmmmm, boys." - @Naughty_Molly

"Ooof. Mmmm. Excuse me just a second whilst I rearrange my panties ;)" - @funkdup_k

"Om-nom-nom!" - @AdeleHaze

I was a bit nervous about publishing the first M/M scene on this site since we launched, but as the above replies from the ladies of twitter show, I really didn't need to be.

This scene hasn't just proved popular with our female cast members, but with site members too. It's prompted some active discussion and very positive feedback, including both male and female members reminiscing about their childhood fantasies and real life school experiences surrounding the cane. It seems that this film has struck a chord.

The idea of growing up fearing the school cane above all else is deeply embedded in British culture. I first encountered it reading what immediately became my Personal Kink Bible, aged 7, Roald Dahl's childhood memoir 'Boy'. I remember each and every one of the caning scenes from that book, and the very first one, in which he stands trembling in line for his first school caning, not much older than I was the first time I read it, still holds extraordinary power for me.

That creeping dread of the cane is the theme explored in haunting school story The Condemned Playground (which I can highly recommend if you haven't read it). The cane is that thing you hear rumours about; see the stripes in the dormitory or shower rooms; wonder if you'll ever get it; hope you don't but are strangely, horribly fascinated nonetheless; wonder if you'll be able to take it.

Caning Practice was inspired by a real school story from a gentleman in the scene who told me about boys at his school ducking behind the bushes to cane each other. The excuse was that they were steeling themselves to take it, but he freely admitted that curiosity, homoeroticism and the desire for intimacy were likely motivations. Leaving the schoolboy homoeroticism aside for now (although I have a post brewing on that topic), I wanted to explore the idea of a fear so great that you have no choice but to face it.

Click to view trailer for Caning%20Practice

Caning Practice

Like all schoolboys, Michael and Sebastian have a dread of the cane. Fearing they'll disgrace themselves by crying, they decide to practice. In a secluded spot in the school grounds they bend over for each other, and give and receive some practice strokes with a stolen cane. Unfortunately, the Headmaster catches them... and soon enough, they'll find out what it really feels like.

Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking
Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking
Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking

Michael Darling, Sebastian Hawley and Thomas Cameron all give superb performances in this film. Michael and Sebastian picked up my script and ran with it beautifully in their roles of curious, scared, usually well-behaved schoolboys. They also dealt with the pain of outdoor cold caning in icy December winds like total champions.

Tom played the Headmaster with his usual authority, and I absolutely loved seeing the two of them lined up in front of him, shuffling their feet and biting their lips. The canings he gave were both hard, accurate, and left some vivid welts, and the boys took them very well indeed.

Click here to check out our new school punishment film, Caning Practice, and here to look at more preview photos from our recent M/M shoot.


Absolutely interesting conversations about this, I agree. I must recomend a book called "The evil", by author Jan Guillou.
Some really intense and detailed descriptions about school canings as well. It's actually a good book, based on the authors own life.
You can read more about here if you like:

Ooh, thanks for the recommendation!

And thanks for sending me the FM/M scene, I would LOVE to film it! I'll keep an eye out for a suitable location :)

caning practice

Very realistic conversation which reminds me of the tales I heard and the fear I had of being called to the Headmaster's Study, along with others, for the cane. The only difference was that the three of us were given 6 each across our underpants not bare. The fear of crying and its possible consequences was on all our minds but fortunately as it was our first time he seemed to only lay the last two strokes with force - not like subsequent visits.

Wow! Yes, I understand that underpants were common in many cases, or even strokes administered over trousers or gym shorts. But I've also read enough stories of canings on the bare to know that it was done sometimes, at least.

I can't imagine that sense of genuine horror. I'm glad that he spared you the worst that first time, at least!

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