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Spanking variety: Nurse Amelia and more

At Spanking Sarah this week, the latest story in the Unladylike Manor series is called The Plot. In this first episode Nurse Amelia Jane Rutherford falls foul of the Lady of the Manor. Amelia Jane soon finds herself over the knee of nasty Lady Sarah, her uniform skirt raised and her panties around her ankles. Sarah then gives Amelia's beautiful bottom a good hard spanking, covering every inch and producing just the right reaction from the nurse. 

At Femme Fatale Films, an unnamed office worker who has been being slack was given a second chance, but blew it. This is his third and final chance to prove he can mend his ways. But first he must endure a beating at the hands of his boss, Miss Amy Hunter.

At Red Stripe Films Suzanne has come to a sort of realisation. She needs to be punished. This maybe the reason for her bad behaviour, she craves the pain and the humiliation she knows will come with the punishment. She contacts the Disciplinarian and asks that he call round. Once together she describes the type of punishment and discipline she needs.

Finally at Straight Lads Spanked naughty Jay is made to wait for his father to return home. After using the house phone to call adult chat lines Jay's father gets an expensive phone bill. Angry Dad comes home and lectures young Jay about using the house phone in such a disrespectful manner. Jay has got no means of repaying the money so Dad makes him pay with his belt! The belt continues to strike until Dad decides that Jay has learnt his lesson.

I was going to end the post there, leaving it nicely balanced between the various gender orientations, but then this morning I saw two more updates which I just have to feature. Both of them are M/F, so it screws up the balance. But then, the majority of spanking content is M/F.

Anyway, both of these scenes include Dreams of Spanking performers, so they get a free pass into my blog roundup. I always love seeing what my friends do for other people, and Tom in particular makes me extra-happy whenever I see his work another spanking site.

At Northern Spanking, Zoe Montana stars in an evocatively photographed school punishment storyline along with with Michael Stamp, shot in what appears to be a real school hall. You can still see the marks of her recent severe thrashing on her thighs. Beautiful.

Meanwhile at Firm Hand Spanking, Leia-Ann Woods is back with a bottom-clenching new series, Military Training. Corporal punishment is part of the regime but she's startled at a 210-smack intense spanking from Thomas Cameron on her bare bottom.


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