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I absolutely love the preview images from this historical film 'Snatch' by Lupus Spanking. Without understanding Czech it's hard to work out the plot from the trailer, but it seems to be about a working girl who is mistreated by a brutal client who is eventually brought to justice. Unless I've missed some complex, surreal and darkly comic plot twist, which knowing Lupus is more than possible.

Normally I'm the first to insist on knowing the context before I can enjoy watching a spanking; I think there is nothing more dull than a punishment without a reason and characters without depth. But in this case, knowing that backstory and developed characters exist is enough. Even with the specifics remaining a mystery, there's enough scene setting here to fire my imagination.

In any case, even for a die-hard fan of spankings with plot, sometimes beautiful visuals are enough. As you know, I have a passion for historical scenarios, and these images are simply gorgeous.

The dreaded cane

"Insanely hot!!  I love M/M schoolboy scenes, and this one is just perfect." - @DanaKaneSpanks

"Unghhh, *rubs thighs* This is the hottest thing ever. Mmmmmm, boys." - @Naughty_Molly

"Ooof. Mmmm. Excuse me just a second whilst I rearrange my panties ;)" - @funkdup_k

"Om-nom-nom!" - @AdeleHaze

I was a bit nervous about publishing the first M/M scene on this site since we launched, but as the above replies from the ladies of twitter show, I really didn't need to be.

This scene hasn't just proved popular with our female cast members, but with site members too. It's prompted some active discussion and very positive feedback, including both male and female members reminiscing about their childhood fantasies and real life school experiences surrounding the cane. It seems that this film has struck a chord.

The idea of growing up fearing the school cane above all else is deeply embedded in British culture. I first encountered it reading what immediately became my Personal Kink Bible, aged 7, Roald Dahl's childhood memoir 'Boy'. I remember each and every one of the caning scenes from that book, and the very first one, in which he stands trembling in line for his first school caning, not much older than I was the first time I read it, still holds extraordinary power for me.

That creeping dread of the cane is the theme explored in haunting school story The Condemned Playground (which I can highly recommend if you haven't read it). The cane is that thing you hear rumours about; see the stripes in the dormitory or shower rooms; wonder if you'll ever get it; hope you don't but are strangely, horribly fascinated nonetheless; wonder if you'll be able to take it.

Caning Practice was inspired by a real school story from a gentleman in the scene who told me about boys at his school ducking behind the bushes to cane each other. The excuse was that they were steeling themselves to take it, but he freely admitted that curiosity, homoeroticism and the desire for intimacy were likely motivations. Leaving the schoolboy homoeroticism aside for now (although I have a post brewing on that topic), I wanted to explore the idea of a fear so great that you have no choice but to face it.

Click to view trailer for Caning%20Practice

Caning Practice

Like all schoolboys, Michael and Sebastian have a dread of the cane. Fearing they'll disgrace themselves by crying, they decide to practice. In a secluded spot in the school grounds they bend over for each other, and give and receive some practice strokes with a stolen cane. Unfortunately, the Headmaster catches them... and soon enough, they'll find out what it really feels like.

Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking
Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking
Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking Schoolboys get the cane at Dreams of Spanking

Michael Darling, Sebastian Hawley and Thomas Cameron all give superb performances in this film. Michael and Sebastian picked up my script and ran with it beautifully in their roles of curious, scared, usually well-behaved schoolboys. They also dealt with the pain of outdoor cold caning in icy December winds like total champions.

Tom played the Headmaster with his usual authority, and I absolutely loved seeing the two of them lined up in front of him, shuffling their feet and biting their lips. The canings he gave were both hard, accurate, and left some vivid welts, and the boys took them very well indeed.

Click here to check out our new school punishment film, Caning Practice, and here to look at more preview photos from our recent M/M shoot.

Ten Amorette in 'The Mediator'

Our latest film features gorgeous spanking star Ten Amorette as a punk rock singer with an axe to grind. This was the only scene on our shoot where the two of us got spanked together, and I really enjoyed it. We play rockstar rivals embroiled in a legal dispute. After our band split we've each pursued solo careers, but now Ten is suing me for using songs she wrote without her permission.

Click to view trailer for The%20Mediator

In The Mediator, my boyfriend Tom intervenes and invites both of us over without telling us the other will be there. He tells us that lawsuits don't help anyone, and tries to get us to calm down and resolve the matter privately.

But bitter feelings quickly rise to the surface, and Ten and I fail to keep our tempers under control. Tom is obliged to do a little attitude adjustment, and spanks us both until we simmer down. In the story, Tom and Ten were together in the old days, so she's already familiar with his hard hand - although she protests in vain that he can't do that to her any more.

To satisfy both our grievances, he dishes out eighteen strokes of the cane to each of us, with the other watching so that both of us can be sure that justice has been done.

Finally our mediator manages to persuade us to sit down and talk calmly, with cooled tempers and very hot bottoms.

I got the idea for this scene watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch last year. I wanted to shoot Ten and I getting punished together, but with a context that was a little different from the usual domestic discipline setup. I think Tom is great in this as the calm mediator who wants the best for both of us. Still, I can't help feeling some sympathy for Ten's character - I definitely felt like I was the villain in this piece!

This was the last scene of the day on my shoot with Ten, and we decided to go all out with the punishment. Thirty six cane strokes in total, after two very hard, fast and furious hand spankings, and both Ten and I will tell you that the canings were no joke.

It was me that decided we should get eighteen strokes each. I went first, and quickly realised my mistake and began to think that a dozen strokes would have been enough! The strokes that landed very low on the crease between my thighs and bottom were particularly painful with that thick cane. Neither Ten nor I were acting as we gritted our teeth through those last few strokes. But still, we both got through it, and the result is a hard, very satisfying punishment scene.

I loved working with Ten, and it was a joy to get spanked with her - even though we did spend most of the scene sniping and yelling at each other! You can also see Ten in Filthy Girl and Our Au Pair.

British spanking updates

Various UK spanking sites have released some great scenes recently starring performers you'll recognise from Dreams of Spanking. I'm very lucky to have worked with so many of the best spanking actors and actresses in the business, and I'm always interested to follow their adventures elsewhere.

At Spanking Sarah, Ten Amorette is kidnapped and punished by the rather dishy Nick Nightingale in an edgy blackmail story. Nick feels that he has been badly treated by his ex boss and decides it's payback time. He kidnaps the guy's wife and takes his revenge on her. He videotapes the whole thing as he abuses and then spanks Ten with the object of sending the video to her husband. Ten puts up a good fight but it's not long before she is bent over and getting her bare bottom well spanked and belted.

Meanwhile, at Triple A Spanking, Molly Malone and Amelia Jane Rutherford show off their long legs and impressive flexibility in 'Bad Volleyball Girls'. After being sent off for fighting during a vital game, their coach punishes them both with a hard old fashioned slippering, followed by the cane on their bared bottoms.

Northern Spanking has just released 'Unhealthy Obsession', a poignant little film starring Nimue and Janna that reminds me of my own schooldays. Janna has been reported to her housemaster by a number of her teachers for lack of concentration and lack of application, due to what they believe is an infatuation with another girl at school. Janna is to face the ultimate sanction. But will it cure her obsession?

Here's what Nimue has to say about shooting this wonderfully innocent little film:

I play the object of Janna’s obsession, and the feelings are mutual. It was wonderful to put myself into the headspace of a shy schoolgirl, who’s been having these thoughts and feelings, suddenly presented with an opportunity to act on them. The nerves, slowly pushing things a step further, feeling out the other’s mental state – does she want more, does she feel the same, not wanting to overwhelm her. Generally in most scenes I do, it’s accepted that one or both have experience, and that’s what made this scene stand out in my mind. This wasn’t an older, experienced girl corrupting a younger, inexperienced girl. This was two girls in exactly the same place, both exploring something new and forbidden together.

Head over to Northern Spanking to see 'Unhealthy Obsession' and much more.

Michael Darling on Sarah Spanks Men

Exciting news! UK spanking producer Sarah Bright, who specialises in original, engaging storylines that combine edgy complex consent fantasies with a playful sense of humour, is launching a new F/M site.

The first shoot for the new project took place this week with our very own Michael Darling, and by all accounts a good time was had by all. The previews look great:

This is exciting for me not only because I think Michael has tremendous talent and deserves wide recognition, but because it's amazing to see a shift starting to take place in attitudes towards male spankees.

Remember that this is still an industry where 99.9% of studios don't pay their male performers fairly, or even at all - tops and bottoms both. Not only is this profoundly unjust, but it has knock-on effects throughout the industry, alienating skilled actors and professional male models, and fostering a non-professional atmosphere in which it is assumed that men in spanking films are motivated by personal gratification.

I know many volunteer workers in this industry, and of course most of them behave decently, and some have admirable skill and talent. But that still doesn't make a culture that expects or demands unpaid work fair. When that expectation is gendered, it is sexist.

Generally speaking, you can't expect someone to behave like a professional if you don't treat them like one. If you want to attract high quality professional performers, you have to offer fair pay.

As well as the business ethics and fairtrade angle, this is also a female gaze issue. As someone who is trying to create spanking porn that will be erotically and aesthetically appealing to women, including women who are attracted to men, I believe that hiring hot, good looking male actors is crucial. And, generally speaking, men who look like professional models and actors won't work for you unless you're paying decent rates - and nor should they. It's as simple as that.

So congratulations to Sarah and Michael on their shoot, and kudos to Sarah for bucking the trend and understanding that quality male spankees are worth their weight in gold. I wish her all the best for her new venture, and I can't wait to see the results.

If you want to see more hot, talented male spanking stars, support studios that pay all performers fairly, regardless of gender, and maybe we can start a revolution in gender egalitarian porn.

Valentine's Spankings

Our latest update is an affirming, consensual film about how spanking can help romantic harmony even when times are hard, in which Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley play a young couple struggling to pay the bills.

Click to view trailer for Beat%20the%20Recession

Beat the Recession

Work is in short supply, and it's been a stressful few months for Nimue and Sebastian. But after a successful interview Sebastian has finally got a job, and their worries are over. They can't afford to go out on the town, so instead they stay in and indulge in some joyful, cathartic spanking for celebration and stress relief. A playful, consensual switch scene featuring both F/M and M/F spanking, including over the knee hand spanking, leather strap and cane.

I think this is an adorable little film, beautifully acted by Nimue and Sebastian - both true switches with a genuine love of spanking.

Beat the Recession at Dreams of Spanking, starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley Beat the Recession at Dreams of Spanking, starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley

All credit goes to PrefectDT, writer of the blog SpankedHortic, for writing this lovely storyline, which I think many of us can identify with in the current economic climate.

I'm really enjoying exploring the different facets of affirming, positive spanking at the moment, spanking for pleasure rather than punishment or discipline.

Beat the Recession at Dreams of Spanking, starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley

In this switch scenario we see two subtlely different approaches to relaxation spanking: first Nimue's stress relief spanking, a way for her to let go of all the accumulated stress and responsibility of money worries, put herself into Sebastian's hands and stop being the one in charge for a little while. Once she is refreshed, she proposes a reward spanking for the clever young man with the new job. This time it is about pure pleasure and satisfaction. For both of them, the play session marks a cathartic turning point, the end of a bad time and the start of a better one.

After all, spanking is free and can be done with items found around the house. All you need is a little time, a little imagination, and a little love.

Beat the Recession at Dreams of Spanking, starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley Beat the Recession at Dreams of Spanking, starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley
Beat the Recession at Dreams of Spanking, starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley Beat the Recession at Dreams of Spanking, starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley

Meanwhile, Vixen Ladies has a steamy Valentine's Day couple spanking that combines pain and pleasure, spanking and sex. I like the heart shaped paddle, and the way both partners have matching nipple piercings.

Casting previews

Allow me to introduce our newest recruit: Mr Will Savage. Hunky, kinky, and a switch! What do you think?

I met Will through a friend at a nightclub a few weeks ago, and after only five minute's conversation I knew I wanted to work with him. Will is an professional male model, porn performer and stripper, but he's never done specialist spanking video before. Still, he's no stranger to kink and has has been spanked on BDSM shoots before. He tells me he's looking forward to our shoot - and so am I.

Joining him will be two of Dreams of Spanking's most well known, popular female performers, Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford.

Over two days, we'll be shooting a mixture of historical and equestrian F/F, elegant F/M, and some entertaining modern day M/F scenes to give Will a chance to demonstrate his spanking (and striptease!) skills. We have Amelia's husband Hywel Phillips back behind the camera, and Amelia will also be acting as our rigger for the day, showing off Will's superb body in some tight, flattering, rope bondage.

This two day shoot is my biggest production to date. I've been working hard behind the scenes writing scenarios, finding a venue, booking flights and organising other logistics. I'm nervous, but also very excited.

After this I won't actually need to shoot again until the summer, as I already have more than enough footage on my hard drive... but, of course, I will. Shooting is still the best thing about this job for me, and I don't think I'll ever get enough of it.

Spanking variety: Nurse Amelia and more

At Spanking Sarah this week, the latest story in the Unladylike Manor series is called The Plot. In this first episode Nurse Amelia Jane Rutherford falls foul of the Lady of the Manor. Amelia Jane soon finds herself over the knee of nasty Lady Sarah, her uniform skirt raised and her panties around her ankles. Sarah then gives Amelia's beautiful bottom a good hard spanking, covering every inch and producing just the right reaction from the nurse. 

At Femme Fatale Films, an unnamed office worker who has been being slack was given a second chance, but blew it. This is his third and final chance to prove he can mend his ways. But first he must endure a beating at the hands of his boss, Miss Amy Hunter.

At Red Stripe Films Suzanne has come to a sort of realisation. She needs to be punished. This maybe the reason for her bad behaviour, she craves the pain and the humiliation she knows will come with the punishment. She contacts the Disciplinarian and asks that he call round. Once together she describes the type of punishment and discipline she needs.

Finally at Straight Lads Spanked naughty Jay is made to wait for his father to return home. After using the house phone to call adult chat lines Jay's father gets an expensive phone bill. Angry Dad comes home and lectures young Jay about using the house phone in such a disrespectful manner. Jay has got no means of repaying the money so Dad makes him pay with his belt! The belt continues to strike until Dad decides that Jay has learnt his lesson.

I was going to end the post there, leaving it nicely balanced between the various gender orientations, but then this morning I saw two more updates which I just have to feature. Both of them are M/F, so it screws up the balance. But then, the majority of spanking content is M/F.

Anyway, both of these scenes include Dreams of Spanking performers, so they get a free pass into my blog roundup. I always love seeing what my friends do for other people, and Tom in particular makes me extra-happy whenever I see his work another spanking site.

At Northern Spanking, Zoe Montana stars in an evocatively photographed school punishment storyline along with with Michael Stamp, shot in what appears to be a real school hall. You can still see the marks of her recent severe thrashing on her thighs. Beautiful.

Meanwhile at Firm Hand Spanking, Leia-Ann Woods is back with a bottom-clenching new series, Military Training. Corporal punishment is part of the regime but she's startled at a 210-smack intense spanking from Thomas Cameron on her bare bottom.

Consensual domestic strapping

This is Tom standing in for Pandora while she's away making pretty films. This week we published the sequel to Contest of Arms, featuring Molly Malone and Pandora Blake in a consensual domestic F/F scene.

Click to view trailer for Roll%20of%20Shame

Roll of Shame

After being goaded by her housemate into a weights contest, Molly goes to the gym. She comes home feeling bad, and confesses she tried to lift too heavy a weight and had to do a "roll of shame". Pandora insists that Molly needs a spanking to teach her not to overreach herself.

Molly bends over for ten hard strokes of the long leather strap... after which she insists that to balance it up, Pandora needs to give her another ten from the other side! Perhaps she's enjoying her punishment too much to really learn anything. A fresh, funny spanking film starring two genuine enthusiasts.

These lovely ladies made a semi-serious plot into a very engaging, light-hearted film which couches its more serious context in a relaxed and happy domestic context. The housemates continue their unique blend of rivalry and mutual encouragement throughout Molly's correction.

Roll of Shame at Dreams of Spanking, starring Molly Malone and Pandora Blake Roll of Shame at Dreams of Spanking, starring Molly Malone and Pandora Blake

A lot of fun was had by all! This film is bound to appeal to fans of fitness, humour, girls in short shorts and sound, consensual strappings.

Roll of Shame at Dreams of Spanking, starring Molly Malone and Pandora Blake
Roll of Shame at Dreams of Spanking, starring Molly Malone and Pandora Blake Roll of Shame at Dreams of Spanking, starring Molly Malone and Pandora Blake

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