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Dear Michael

I recently received this beautifully heartfelt letter from a viewer which he wished me to forward to Michael. I have done so, and I think it touched him as much as it did me. If our films can reach and reassure even a handful of people in this way then I consider the time well spent.

This letter is reposted here with permission.

Dear Michael

I have always felt very down about my body and its shape despite both male and female friends saying very kind things about it. Although I am, I think, your senior in years, our body shapes are amazingly similar. Mine hasn't changed much in years.

Your open, happy smile and beautiful comfort with your body has helped me more than I could ever tell you to feel at ease with my own body. You look so handsome and at once adorable (as many commentors have said) and you look comfortable in your own skin.

I am planning to work hard to emulate your comfort and hopefully some of your frankly beautiful sexuality.

My former wife was always trying to make me feel better about myself but I think I needed to see another man showing that calm confidence.

Thank you so much,
with love

Michael Darling at Dreams of Spanking


"If our films can reach and reassure even a handful of people in this way then I consider the time well spent."

Agreed, agreed, agreed. It's lovely to get fan responses praising one's work and one's body but it's extraordinary to read that you're changing other people's minds about their own bodies and sexuality for the better.

This is why porn can change the world :)


Michael indeed has a wonderful attitude, I like his slightly humble, shy behavior and yet his real confidence in himself is very sexy! He has a bottom made for spanking! I'm glad these scenes really help make people more at ease with their sexuality.

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