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Spanked by uncle and aunt

I'm really excited about our latest spanking video and photogallery, School Report. This was created in response to several viewer requests I received along these lines:

There is one way that you can widen the appeal of any M/m content. By including a female element, such as a witness or onlookers. It matters not how tenuous the link, if it is there you would be amazed at how many buttons this will press!
Love your films. I particularly love Thomas Cameron. He's a great top and knows how to give a good OTK spanking with his hand. My question is this, would you have him spank another guy over his knee?
I really do love your site and am looking forward to more updates. I would like to see you add a m/m otk spanking video. I am a straight male but have been spanked by both men and women. I always thought the most embarrassing scene would be getting spanked over a man's knee on my bare bottom with a woman watching. Like a dad/mom or uncle/aunt scenario. Or even better someone like you playing the babysitter and watching my spanking. I think it's great that you enjoy every type of combination.

Well, far be it from me to not take good advice, and if I like an idea I always try to bring it to life... even if it might take me a few months or years to find the opportunity.

I've known for a while I wanted to feature some MF/M scenes on the site, with a male spankee punished by a man and a woman together, to balance out the FM/F we've shot with performers including Ten and Alex. Since I started topping, Tom and I have discovered we love playing the dom double act. I thought perhaps we'd get the chance on our 2012 M/M shoot, but we ran out of time. (I wanted to shoot some M/FM that day too but it didn't happen - nor did our planned M/FM scene with Phil Fury. Still, it's always nice to have some ideas left in the bank!)

Based on the positive response School Report has received so far, it seems that plenty of people want to see naughty boys spanked by another man while a woman watches... and vice versa.

Click to view trailer for School%20Report

School Report

Michael hates living with his strict, old-fashioned aunt and uncle, who believe in traditional methods of discipline and do not consider him too old to be taken over the knee for a sound spanking. When he brings home an unfavourable school report he knows they will be displeased, and so he keeps quiet and hopes they won't ask. Unfortunately his nosy aunt goes through his things, finds it, and is all the angrier because he tried to deceive them.

She scolds Michael and, although he is nearly fully grown, she makes him lie over her knees, and spanks his bottom firmly. Nose to the wall and in disgrace, with his spanked bottom on display, Michael is forced to wait until his uncle comes home, knowing that when he does he will give him an even harder spanking while his aunt looks on.

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

This is a very simple spanking plot line. It is similar to countless other domestic scenarios, with one difference: the schoolgirl one usually sees is, here, a schoolboy.

I'm interested in innovation, but that doesn't have to come from increasingly wacky storylines. It can arise from something as simple as swapping the familiar genders. Until hot young male spankees are as common a sight as female ones, there's a value to revisiting the classic tropes, the traditional scenarios. I'm interested in making videos that strike to the heart of the spanking kink, that have a nostalgic quality, and sometimes that means returning to familiar, well-loved storylines.

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

What I wasn't expecting was that when you reverse the genders, it can bring a freshness to the fantasy that re-injects it with life. The idea of being spanked in front of someone watching is fundamentally about embarrassment. I suspect that might be even more true when you introduce an F/M element. Boys are traditionally encouraged to be tough and strong, and so being infantilised and punished like a little boy by a female relative might, perhaps, be particularly humiliating.

And for a boy to be punished by a man - well, you might think that was a private, masculine affair, to be endured with as little fuss as possible. Putting someone else in the room to watch - particularly a female someone - heightens everyone's awareness of what is taking place. Suddenly the bare bottom seems particularly bare. The over-the-knee position becomes especially embarrassing.

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

Watching this scene play out, and even now when I look at the pictures, something about the spanking felt particularly real. The over-the-knee position, which I have seen and enjoyed countless times, took on a new piquancy. I felt newly aware of how intimate it is, to have your weight supported by someone's thighs, your bottom vulnerably raised and your face humiliatingly close to the floor. Familiarity had taken the edge of that embarrassment I felt when I first explored my spanking fetish, but when I see Michael over Tom's lap, I can feel it all over again. That tremble in the tummy, the disbelief that this is even happening. I almost blush on Michael's behalf.

As one commenter has pointed out, the excellent photos accompanying this set were taken by Nimue Allen, so in fact Michael had not one, but two female observers during this scene. And now you all can see it too.

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

Of course, in real life Michael is a professional and I loved his performance in this scene. Thankfully for those of us who want to hire him for spanking video, he's not really embarrassed about people watching him get his bottom smacked. He does still blush delightfully at compliments, though - so when he reads the comments on School Report, his face might indeed end up as red as his bottom ;)


Re: that last paragraph: gosh, you know me so well!

ahh so you DID read all the complimenting comments about you Michael ;)

A Spanking Is A Spanking

The visuals of Thomas spanking Michael (as good as they are photographically) don't particularly excite me, and that's simply because getting spanked by another man (be it father, uncle, whoever) has never figured in my repository of spanking desires. The thought of having my bare bottom intimately seen to by a man (as Michael's surely is) appeals to me only inasmuch as I've always believed I was born to be spanked.

That's why I say a spanking is a spanking. I'd rather be spanked on my bare bottom over another man's lap (which I have been...once) than get no spanking at all. I have to admit, the element of a female witness to the spanking does make it interesting. I'm enough of an exhibitionist where my bottom's concerned that I'm sure I'd welcome as much spanking as my spanker cared to administer. I have an idea I'd enjoy showing the woman just how accomplished I was at getting spanked.

The one and only time I was ever spanked by a man (I was desperate and he was cheap), I think he initially believed I was gay. When I told him I wasn't, he paddled my bare bottom across his lap...but I'd had to finally prompt him to take down my underpants. And he never did spank me with his open hand. That disappointed me, but I figured he must've thought I wouldn't appreciate such intimate contact. I'd actually been looking forward to feeling even another man's hand on my bare backside.

Anyway, nothing was said about it, and while I was even thinking of seeing him again, his ad subsequently disappeared.

The one thing that definitely wouldn't have worked for me in Michael's spankings is the chair. The inverted-V position is murder on my back and legs! Either a couch or a bed, and you could have my bottom at your mercy all day long. ;-)

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