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Rave resistance

Behind the scenes with Molly Malone and Pandora Blake Behind the scenes with Molly Malone and Pandora Blake
Laughter and silliness behind the scenes of Charley Says.

When I told my partner D that Molly Malone and I had filmed a scene in which a raver girl is spanked by her girlfriend for buying drugs from strangers, he laughed and told me I had to call it Charley Says after the song by The Prodigy. I know the band well, but it was only then that I looked up the background of their industrial dance track Charly, which contains the sample "always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere" and the scratchy yowling of a cartoon cat.

I discovered that these snippets were taken from the 1970s BBC informational series Charley Says, teaching safety messages to children. Charley is the cat who miaows the safety message, which the little boy then translates, telling us, "Charley says..." 

"Can you use the Prodigy song in your film?" D asked. "That would be awesome."

"I think I might get sued."

I compromised by using the title, for the enjoyment of any fellow kinky ravers who know the song and will get the reference. But rather than using the Prodigy track, I grabbed the same BBC sample and layered it over a different, royalty free, dance track by my favourite creative commons composer, Kevin McLeod.

Geeky references aside, our film Charley Says is an affectionate domestic discipline scene with a really hot hairbrush spanking. Molly and I were dating at the time of filming and the genuine intimacy we shared is easy to see.

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Charley Says

Raver bunny Molly has been out dancing all night and comes home late on Saturday morning to find her girlfriend Pandora enjoying a leisurely lie in. Pandora is glad Molly had a good time, but when she finds out the silly girl has been irresponsibly taking party drugs bought from strangers, rather than going through their usual network of trusted contacts, she thinks Molly needs to learn a lesson about personal safety. Pandora takes Molly over her lap, still in her skimpy clubbing outfit, for a long, thorough spanking with hand and hairbrush.

Raver bunny Molly spanked at Dreams of Spanking

Molly looked incredible in a revealing clubbing outfit of crop top and tight black hotpants, accessorised by black fluffy legwarmers and cute pink bunches. It was quite hard to capture the whole outfit, but this behind the scenes glimpse shows it off pretty well (sorry about the white lines, this is cropped from a screengrab of my video editor!):

Behind the scenes with Molly Malone and Pandora Blake

As an enthusiastic raver myself, I thought it would be a bit hypocritical of my character to punish Molly for staying out late or taking drugs. Instead we decided to focus on the personal responsibility angle, and have Molly get into trouble with her partner for thoughtlessly buying pills from unknown sources.

Raver bunny Molly spanked at Dreams of Spanking

Raver bunny Molly spanked at Dreams of Spanking

A lesson on personal safety takes the form of a hard hand spanking and then a long, stingy hairbrushing. Molly, still a bit bombed from the party, goes from giggling to trembling and back again as the spanking proceeds. But it's not all punishment. My character can't stay angry with her girlfriend for long, especially not when she's in such a fragile state. Once I feel she's learned her lesson, I soothe her burning cheeks with some gentle rubs.

A bedtime spanking and some sensual bottom massage: the perfect wind-down after a night out dancing, even if it is at ten o'clock in the morning!

Raver bunny Molly spanked at Dreams of Spanking Raver bunny Molly spanked at Dreams of Spanking


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