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The Captain and the Tavern Wench

Our last update of 2012 was a medieval fantasy that I've nurtured for years and years. I've read a lot of fantasy novels in my time (of the "sword and sorcery" variety rather than the erotic kind, although ... that too) and of course I've combined my interests by imagining all sorts of punishments in fantasy settings. The genre rather lends itself to it, being usually set in a medieval sort of society where corporal punishment is common.

In this scenario, I play a tavern wench with a proud temperament who serves a captain who comes in to shelter from the rain. I think he's a mercenary captain, but he might be an officer in the Duke's army or possibly the city guard. I've seen his type often enough. I pour him his ale, and deflect his bawdy comments with sharp remarks, but when he demands I remove his boots I refuse. I'm not some camp follower any man can order about!

I manage to dodge his wandering hands until he grabs my wrist and pulls me onto his lap. He steals a kiss and a caress before I slip away, but he doesn't let me get far - he's decided I need to be punished for my disobedience. I struggle in vain as he hauls me over his sturdy lap, holds me in place with strong arms, and lifts my skirts. He spanks me like a child, and to my embarrassment he pulls down my drawers and continues to punish my bare flesh with his hard hand. 

This was a genuinely hard spanking, and our photographer Daniel captured it magnificently as I yelped and struggled. I found it really difficult to stay in position, and eventually Tom hooked his leg over mine and held me in place as he continued to briskly redden my behind.

Spanked and red-cheeked, the tavern wench collects her dignity as the captain refreshes himself after the thirsty work of punishing her.

When he asks me again to remove his boots, I decide it's easiest to obey. He claims another kiss then, leaning down as I kneel still before him, and as he cradles my head gently in his strong hand and looks into my eyes I realise that maybe this captain isn't so bad looking after all. 

"Will that be all, then?" I ask... and then realise it came out more rudely than I intended. He decides that my impertinence merits another lesson. This time, he bends me right over and uses a split tailed leather strap. 

The burning strokes make my bottom dance and wriggle, but I'm determined not to shame myself by crying out. He growls at me to stay in position, or else he'll strip me naked and throw me over his horse to be paraded through the streets of the town. After that I try my hardest to stay still, although the tool is roughly cut along its edges, leaving raised welts that soon have my whole bottom aflame. 

I know I can't do a thing about it, and if I go running to complain I'll just be laughed at - what power has a mere tavern wench to resist a captain? So I submit, and hope it'll be over soon. 

When it is over, I am subdued. The captain draws me onto his lap for another embrace, and this time his kisses are more tender. I know I couldn't resist him physically if I tried, but I also find his strength attractive. If he desires my company for the evening, perhaps my other duties can wait after all...


In other news, Tom and I have put together a Storify tracking Padme's live tweets when she discovered our films. I thought it would be cool to have a record of a kinky woman's real time reactions to watching Dreams of Spanking videos for the first time. There are some interesting conversations with other tweeters included as well. Click here to read Padme's live tweets



I think you make a very good tavern wench. Can you recommend where I can pick one up more local to me? Mines moved south.

I don't know any near you, but then I don't really know anyone near you. That would be a cool dating site concept though!

OK I will write an advert entitled "Wanted One Tavern Wench" Must be unreliable and exceptionally naughty.

I think that covers the job description.

That sounds like it'll do the trick :)

Good news. Two applications already . they should be here in March and you know them both ! Trust you approved of the editing in the Christmas Youtube special. You laugh too much :-) took me ages to edit.

Oh really? Excellent! Do let me know how it goes.

Sorry I didn't have time to do you some custom audio. Laughter is a bit of a problem when playing with Molly, I'll admit. We just had too much fun together!

The costumes infuse this scene with a really quite intense eroticism.

Or in other words, 'wow'.

Thanks, really glad you like it. I got a bit hot and bothered typing out the story, I'll admit!

Thanks for Tweeting my comment!

I found myelf wondering what everyone else in the tavern is doing while all this is going on. Does an audience gather? Does the landlord punish her afterwards? Is she comforted by her colleagues, and/or are some of them envious of the attention she received from the captain? Some of this is probably quite hard to mount in a shoot, but lots of potential in the set up one way or another ...

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