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Abduction, wrestling and wicked stepmothers

Elegance Studios have just announced the release of their latest bondage feature film, A Day in the Life. As Honest Omar's auction house prepares for the grand launch of the new slave resort, slave trainer Kate is unconvinced by the dedication of new voluntary slavegirl Scarlot Rose. Will she be up to the task?

At Spanking Sarah, Molly Malone plays a young trophy wife called to the school to help deal with Bow, her badly behaved stepdaughter. The Headmistress thinks that Molly needs to learn how to discipline the girl and gives her instructions in spanking and slippering a naughty bottom. Molly soon gets the idea and it is not long before Bow's tender young bottom is turning a bright shade of red under her leather slipper.

At Femme Fatale Films, Amy Hunter is fearsome in leather as she wrestles her unnamed submissive to the ground in "Held Responsible".

Finally there is a very exciting update coming out at Northern Spanking, a new and different kind of spanking film called "The Chosen". Camerawoman Leia Ann Woods has written a very interesting blogpost about this project with more details about how it was created and what is unique about it. Here's what Northern Spanking have to say...

"Two women. Unsuspecting. Unknowing. About to be thrown head-first into a world of hell. 2013. Northern Spanking Gets Evil."

"This film was born out of an idea from Stephen Lewis. What would happen if we made a film where the girls involved didn't know what was going to happen to them? What would happen if we filmed it live? So excited by this as a project we set out to make it happen.

We spoke to a few girls about this project and we were surprised by quite how many were receptive to the idea, and even more than were downright excited by it. Jadie practically begged us to be involved, and Sascha was incredibly keen too. As we know both girls intimately, as they are friends as well as models, we decided they would be the best two for the experiment. We love them, they trust us. But it wasn't quite that simple. Click to read more about The Chosen »


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