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Spanking therapy and a messy kitchen

In our latest film, Alex Reynolds is referred to a new therapist to help her with her guilt issues. This specialist (played by moi!) recommends spanking therapy (what else?), and employs bare bottom spanking and the leather strap to help Alex achieve emotional release.

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This is a sweet little consensual F/F spanking video that features nurturing, supportive discipline. I enjoyed playing the role of Alex's gentle, matter of fact doctor, and Alex takes a hard spanking and strapping on her shapely, spankable bottom. As anyone who's seen her videos before will know, she also makes the most adorable little sounds while being spanked.

I love working with Alex and am really excited that I'll get to see her again soon, when she visits the UK in March. I'm planning to shoot with her while she's staying with me for a few days. I've already got a couple of scene ideas, including one based on a real story from my own life and another casting her as a historical wench, but let us know if you have any requests!

I also published a photoset which is one of the first scenes we ever shot, back in 2006 when I'd first moved to London and this website was just a twinkle in my eye.

Messy Kitchen

Pandora's housemates are out, and it's her turn to clean the kitchen. Instead she fantasises about getting punished for the terrible state it's in! Spanking is much more interesting than housework.

This is a classic domestic discipline fantasy with an implement you don't often see - and which Pandora herself has learned to dread. Pandora's wooden spoon spanking leaves her red and sore, and she's ordered to keep her bare bottom on display while she attends to the neglected kitchen. 

I was living in a shared flat, and I should have cleaned the kitchen before our shoot, but I didn't. So of course I had to get spanked for it!

The mess really was awful, and I'm very embarrassed now that we actually took photos of how bad it was. It makes me feel slightly better that we decided I should be punished for it. Good call, quite right too.

Still, I'm bit uncomfortable with the "woman gets punished by man for not doing enough housework" type of spanking plot, so I've made this one a fantasy instead. It's closer to reality that way, too: in my life I have spent far too much time fantasising about being spanked when I should have been tidying up!


Scenes with Alex

Remember the little party you had with Ten that you teased us with a photo? Well this time video the party, make the viewer feel like they are in the room. It does not really matter (to me anyway) what you do, as long as there is some bare bottom spanking, just be yourselves. Just think of the savings, no costumes, no elaborate settings, just lots of ass whacking and having fun.

The only thing wrong with the tidy kitchen one is there is no video. Somebody deserves a good thrasing.

Bacchus, I've done several scenes like that already and have more to publish. Glad to know they will be well received! Still, my personal kink is definitely about more developed, complex storylines and interesting aesthetics, and so you won't talk me out of more of those - I'm going to do what I enjoy most, first and foremost :)

Excuse me. I'll go quitly.

No need. Suggestions always welcomed. I've just thought about this one rather a lot :)


Our scene looks great.
Also, historical wench? Yes, PLEASE! :D
Can't wait to see you again!

I was hoping you'd say that! :D

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