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Shoot previews - Michael, Sebastian and Tom

Our last shoot of 2012 was one of my biggest productions yet, with four performers including myself, and Nimue Allen being my best lady behind the camera. It was an exciting one for me, not only because we were shooting M/M material for the first time since the site launched, but because Tom had finally come round to the idea of topping men professionally. This sets him apart from most other straight male tops, and I was buzzing with delight at getting to watch gorgeous guys spanking each other for my - and your - entertainment.

The other performers were Michael and Sebastian, who are real-life friends and whom I've been meaning to cast together for ages. They were particularly amazing that day; both of them were coming down with the cold that went round over Christmas (in fact I probably caught it off one of them), and yet despite feeling rough they were still up for doing it all, and even tolerated one of the scenes being changed to outdoors at the last minute - two, in the case of Sebastian. I know from personal experience how painful it is to be punished on a cold bottom, and they were both absolute champions. Everyone gave it their all, and the results look amazing.

Tom, Nimue and I arrived at the venue the night before to chat to our hosts, get an early night... and, as it turned out, plan how to work around the giant Christmas tree which was, naturally, in the room I'd planned to shoot most of the scenes in!

We started early on the Friday to film a couple of M/F scenes before Sebastian and Michael arrived. The first you've already seen, and the second was a super-hot domestic discipline 100 stroke belt whipping which I believe will appeal to Padme Amidala and Quai Disciplines, among others.

The rest of the day was a glorious romp through some of my favourite M/M and F/M fantasies, from an apprentice tailor dealing with a spoiled, rich young client, to schoolboys sneaking off to practice the cane on each other in the school grounds - and getting caught; to a Victorian undergardener being birched by the housekeeper; and, just for Kelley, a paternal workplace mentor/protegeé scene in which Tom deals with Michael for losing some important documents.

As if that wasn't enough, we rounded the day off with... the first ever Dreams of Spanking Male Spankee Wrestle-off! Ohhhhh yes.

I know a number of ladies who will by now be squeeing as much as I was. Believe me, girls, it's just as good as it seems, and I can't wait to share the goods.

However, I'm aware M/M is still an under-appreciated genre, so I'm going to take this opportunity to link back to my essay on what it is I like about it.

Even if there's no sexual tension, there's something enjoyable about seeing male homosocial dynamics intimately explored. I like the awkwardness that arises as the characters navigate the embarrassment of physical proximity, nudity, vulnerability. This wouldn't really be a thing without the aforementioned macho cultural pressure, but having been born into this fucked-up, gendered world, there's something fascinating and appealing about watching men try to align masculine expectations with the messy reality and strange intimacy of corporal punishment.

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This shoot enabled me to explore some of my favourite corporal punishment dynamics for the first time - such as a pair of schoolboys quaking in their shoes and exchanging nervous glances in front of the Headmaster; and a caring supervisor giving his most promising employee a reassuring handshake after having to discipline him at work. There's just no way you can re-create the emotional subtlety of these interactions outside an M/M scene, and having an experienced, older and very straight top in Tom made it all the more believable.

If you're a bloke, you don't have to be sexually attracted to other guys to find this sort of punishment dynamic interesting and hot. After all, if my heterosexual actors can enjoy playing out these scenarios simply for the love of the performance, I really don't think you have anything to worry about.


Excellent M/m previews!

These scenes all look excellent, but I'm especially enjoying the matching-sweater schoolboys outdoor shots - they both look so innocent!

We love boys in matching uniforms! The bit where the Headmaster catches them and Sebastian hides the cane behind his back and pretends nothing's going on is just adorable.

looking forward to this

Wow, I was soo hoping that we would get to see Tom spanking Seb and Mike in the same scene. Can't wait... it already looks so authentic in the shoot previews. You are right about Tom making it really believable. He is so freakin' masculine :)
Seb looks great in the Tailor outfit. Love his hair due and the glasses.
And the scene where Tom disciplines Michael for loosing some important documents as well. You write that he is "giving his most promising employee a reassuring handshake after having to discipline him at work." To me that sounds like a really humiliating thing to receive, after being punished hard. Seams like a bit of a power demonstration, which i really love :)
Same as, when the punisher tells the spankee to go and fetch the tool he wishes to use for the punishment, and then when the spanking is over, to go and put it back in its place again. It kind of sets the roles straight right :) Really humiliating... love it!

Yay! Thanks for the comment :) I love Sebastian in that outfit too, he looks so neat and tidy. Perfect!

Interesting that the hotness of the handshake for you is the embarrassment factor/power trip. For me it's the formality of it, the idea of mutual respect and ceremony, like two duellists bowing to each other before they fight.

I like the idea that the punished person isn't allowed to be upset or angry - they have to swallow their upset and pride and behave in a way that is polite and courteous. So I suppose that ties into embarrassment and submission, the idea of swallowing pride and being polite to the person who has just punished you. I love it when corporal punishment is so embedded in society that society creates little rituals to normalise and deal with it.

But it's the handshake as a sincere gesture of respect that I really like. There's an idea of mutual gratitude I think - the disciplinarian perhaps acknowledging "you took it bravely" and the recipient expected to show gratitude for being punished. That turns it from "humiliating power trip" to "caring discipline" for me, and I really like that.

Yes, I was quite surprised to see this, and I thought Mr C wasn't up for topping males. All credit for him for changing his mind.

The M/M scenes don't particularly do it for me personally, but as long as they do it for you and some of your members, then all power to your elbow!

Isn't it cool of him? Hooray for evolution. He spanked and caned Mike for the first time last summer for a non-Dreams of Spanking kinky film project which has yet to be released, and I think it made him realise that he's okay with it. I mean, it makes sense to me: there isn't an expectation that anyone, whatever their sexuality, should want to sleep with everyone they work with in the spanking industry, so I don't see why sexual attraction should enter into it. The best performances arise from genuine trust and good chemistry, so sexual attraction can certainly help, but it's not necessary. I certainly don't fancy everyone I've worked with over the years, and friends can enjoy playing out a scene together without there being any flirtatious aspect.

Looks an interesting few weeks ahead. On molly Malone website there is a photo of Molly, Nimue and yourself after some sort of spanking card game. Is this scene coming soon or is it a photo only shoot. http://naughtymollymalone.com/wp/photos/?nggpage=2

Yes, there was a video, an hour long live game of Spanking Ring of Fire in fact! It's scheduled to come out in the next couple of months.

I'm still waiting to see he scene with Tom and Michael at the workplace. Can't wait. When will it be available? :)


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