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Most Improved Site 2012

Dreams of Spanking has been voted the 2012 Most Improved Spanking Site! I am completely bowled over by this. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. I'm absolutely, ridiculously delighted. Thanks so much to Brushstrokes for hosting these awards, and especially to everyone who voted.

I also have to give a shoutout to my partners D and Tom, without whom this website wouldn't exist. I am so very grateful to them both for their hard work and support both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. And if the pictures Brushstrokes chose were anything to go by, Tom's performances have played no small role in our success:

Runner up was the deserving Spanked in Uniform, who have pushed the boat out with several new series this year and continued their creative use of green screen to give their fantasies greater scope.

As Brushstrokes explains, he doesn't offer an award for "best" site because it would be impossible to judge between different spanking genres when everyone has a favourite, so instead the award is given to the site that's shown the most improvement, which might conceivably be something all can agree on.

I really appreciated this comment by iwasrobert praising the result:

Both Dreams and SIU have taken new approaches in terms of both storycraft and production techniques; these are bold and perhaps risky moves which IMHO have indeed paid off rather well, creatively speaking, and I hope financially as well.

It's absolutely amazing to see my hopes affirmed that the world is ready for a new sort of spanking website: more transparently ethical, performer-driven and gender egalitarian. If a site that includes F/M and M/M can win a democratic award on a blog that exclusively features /F spanking, that's got to be a step in the right direction. (The next step of course is more blogs that feature both - and in the last year I've seen some improvement there, too.)

I've got some great ideas and plans for 2013, and can't wait to grow the site and produce more creative, believable storylines, shoot more beautiful male and female performers who genuinely love spanking, and continue to improve our production values.

Winning this is an amazing vote of support from everyone who's watched us grow during our first year. In including all gender orientations, plus size models, genderqueer models, overt feminist principles and at times fairly complex storylines, I wondered if I was dooming myself to be a cute niche forever, and never be taken seriously by the spanko "mainstream". (Inasmuch as a kink as niche as spanking can have a mainstream; I'm aware these distinctions might seem somewhat meaningless to anyone looking in at us from outside!)

This award suggests that actually, a lot of people want to see something different, and support those who are going out on a limb to try something new. So hooray for that: I hope it gives more producers the courage to take risks and follow their dreams.


Congratulations Pandora, a thoroughly well deserved award! Dreams has included really good, high quality photo sets and videos during 2012, covering a vast range of CP scenarios - something for everyone. Great to hear that 2013 will be even better. My personal suggestion for this year would be to include a few more BDSM scenes, as well as the tried and trusted CP storylines, but I reckon it will be quite difficult to improve on what you have put together already! Really well done to you, Tom and D. I am sure this will be the first of many more awards to come your way in the future.

Thankyou John! I know that Tom is interested in making more BDSM video - or are you thinking of F/F stuff?

Mostly my plans for this year involve making it as pretty as possible. I want to shoot in gorgeous venues with good camera crew who know about lighting, and I want to show off the beauty with elegant clothing and some period pieces. I'd also like to start introducing a bit of artistic rope bondage - in combination with spanking, of course!

I have some amazing shoot opportunities, more than I need really, but there's nothing wrong with getting footage in the bank, I guess :)


Congratulations to all the team and especially to the gerat Pandora. It is a wll deserved award for many reasons, but mainly because of the best-compromise achieved among ellegance, artistic quality and hotness.

Thanks Sheldon! More elegance and artistic quality is definitely what I'm striving for this year. With good looking kinky enthusiasts acting out believable spanking fantasies, hotness I hope is a given!

Congratulations Pandora!

I wasn't sure whether Dreams of Spanking would have a chance in the vote, because The Spanking Spot is, as you already mentioned, a pure x/F site. Fortunately that didn't keep the readers from voting for Dreams of Spanking. In my opinion the award is definitely well deserved! :-)

I know, I was surprised too, but it made the vote of confidence all the more amazing!

By the way Kaelah you should definitely check out the post after this one... I believe it may be relevant to your interests.

There's a theory that in a fair democratic vote the electorate is never wrong (even if their decision is hard to interperate - e.g. the last general election). In this case I think that the quality of your site simply spoke for itself, male subs be damned!

Anyway, congratulations and good luck for next year ;)

I like that theory! Thanks so much for your support, I'm really looking forward to this year :)

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