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Looking forward

Happy new year! I've got a lot to look forward to in 2013. I feel like I'm starting the year in a really strong place. Living on my own suits me very well indeed, and I'm grateful for my wonderful friends and lovers, and to be able to make a living doing work I love.

They say that you should do porn as long as it makes you happy, and I have to admit I wondered whether going full time as a producer rather than shooting for other people as an occasional treat would take the sparkle out of making spanking videos. But the opposite has proved true: making my own films and bringing my fantasies to life the way I imagined them has fuelled my passion for spanking erotica. The more I do spanking, the wider my range of interests, and it was pretty wide to start with!

I'm really looking forward to 2013. By the end of 2012 I had reached my initial membership target for my first year of business, which is a great feeling and leaves me feeling really optimistic about the future. I've got some exciting plans for this year, and various projects in the pipeline which I'm looking forward to sharing with you all. Look out for shoots with Caroline Grey, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Alex Reynolds and some brand new faces who have never done spanking porn before, some ambitious historical productions, "Choose your own adventure" style spanking videos, and more! I'm also working on a number of side projects loosely affiliated with Dreams of Spanking, including a feature film starring Molly Malone and Michael Darling, and a new website dedicated to celebrating the male spankee.

Unfortunately I've not felt at my best the last few days. D and I both came back from visiting family with colds which have now lasted nearly a week. Mine got significantly worse over the new year, and I now have laryngitis to add to the sinus congestion, sniffles, headaches and hacking cough. Woe is me! Of course we made it worse by stubbornly staying out late on New Year's Eve despite our struggling immune systems.

I managed to publish a photoset before New Year's Eve, which I really enjoyed editing and will write more about in my next post, but unfortunately the need to regularly lie down until the world stopped spinning slowed down my workflow, and I didn't manage to get the video I had planned ready in time. Video editing requires a lot of concentration and when your head is full of fog it's not always possible to plough through. The last couple of days I've felt worse and worse, and I decided I'd better get some real rest or else it'd drag on forever. So our next film, a domestic service movie starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley, is very nearly ready, but it still needs some finishing touches and a preview clip before I can upload. Meanwhile here's a glimpse of what you can look forward to:

This video will be available in the next couple of days, and I'm sorry for the delay. In the meantime I've given everyone whose membership was due to expire on or after December 30th 2012 a 5 day membership extension so that you'll have access to the forthcoming film. I'll email those concerned individually to let them know.

Being a one woman show behind the scenes is ace in some ways, as it gives me an amazing amount of control over my creative vision, but it also does mean I'm vulnerable to this sort of bad timing. One of my aims in 2013 is to get 2-3 weeks ahead with my editing so my update schedule will be more secure. I managed to get 1 week ahead a few times in 2012 but each time a project or event came up which took me away from Dreams of Spanking. Those other commitments won't go away, so getting properly on top of my editing will mean working hard, but that's not so bad when you're doing work you love.

I have great plans for this year, and after the success of the last one I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in. As soon as I'm feeling well again, that is!

The Captain and the Tavern Wench

Our last update of 2012 was a medieval fantasy that I've nurtured for years and years. I've read a lot of fantasy novels in my time (of the "sword and sorcery" variety rather than the erotic kind, although ... that too) and of course I've combined my interests by imagining all sorts of punishments in fantasy settings. The genre rather lends itself to it, being usually set in a medieval sort of society where corporal punishment is common.

In this scenario, I play a tavern wench with a proud temperament who serves a captain who comes in to shelter from the rain. I think he's a mercenary captain, but he might be an officer in the Duke's army or possibly the city guard. I've seen his type often enough. I pour him his ale, and deflect his bawdy comments with sharp remarks, but when he demands I remove his boots I refuse. I'm not some camp follower any man can order about!

I manage to dodge his wandering hands until he grabs my wrist and pulls me onto his lap. He steals a kiss and a caress before I slip away, but he doesn't let me get far - he's decided I need to be punished for my disobedience. I struggle in vain as he hauls me over his sturdy lap, holds me in place with strong arms, and lifts my skirts. He spanks me like a child, and to my embarrassment he pulls down my drawers and continues to punish my bare flesh with his hard hand. 

This was a genuinely hard spanking, and our photographer Daniel captured it magnificently as I yelped and struggled. I found it really difficult to stay in position, and eventually Tom hooked his leg over mine and held me in place as he continued to briskly redden my behind.

Spanked and red-cheeked, the tavern wench collects her dignity as the captain refreshes himself after the thirsty work of punishing her.

When he asks me again to remove his boots, I decide it's easiest to obey. He claims another kiss then, leaning down as I kneel still before him, and as he cradles my head gently in his strong hand and looks into my eyes I realise that maybe this captain isn't so bad looking after all. 

"Will that be all, then?" I ask... and then realise it came out more rudely than I intended. He decides that my impertinence merits another lesson. This time, he bends me right over and uses a split tailed leather strap. 

The burning strokes make my bottom dance and wriggle, but I'm determined not to shame myself by crying out. He growls at me to stay in position, or else he'll strip me naked and throw me over his horse to be paraded through the streets of the town. After that I try my hardest to stay still, although the tool is roughly cut along its edges, leaving raised welts that soon have my whole bottom aflame. 

I know I can't do a thing about it, and if I go running to complain I'll just be laughed at - what power has a mere tavern wench to resist a captain? So I submit, and hope it'll be over soon. 

When it is over, I am subdued. The captain draws me onto his lap for another embrace, and this time his kisses are more tender. I know I couldn't resist him physically if I tried, but I also find his strength attractive. If he desires my company for the evening, perhaps my other duties can wait after all...


In other news, Tom and I have put together a Storify tracking Padme's live tweets when she discovered our films. I thought it would be cool to have a record of a kinky woman's real time reactions to watching Dreams of Spanking videos for the first time. There are some interesting conversations with other tweeters included as well. Click here to read Padme's live tweets

Tight boxers and frilly aprons

Our new video (finally up after I was laid low by this horrid cold virus that's been going round) will appeal to fans of domestic service, feminine dominance, and cute boys in tight underwear. It stars Sebastian Hawley and Nimue Allen as two students who share a flat and wage a bet as to who will get the highest mark in their next essay.


Sebastian is so sure he's going to get a good mark that he's been messing around playing football rather than studying. When Nimue calls him on it he challenges her to a bet: whoever gets a higher grade gets whatever they want for a day. Of course pride comes before a fall, and Nimue's hard work pays off: she gets an A, and wins the bet.

She decides to milk it all she can -  after all, Sebastian needs to learn not to be so cocky in future. She makes Sebastian her slave for the day. And as house slave, there are rules he must follow if he wants to avoid punishment. Nimue makes him change into sexy underwear, do the dishes wearing only tight boxer briefs and a maid's apron, then dresses him up in a butler's outfit with tight trousers and smart waistcoat, and has him bring her tea and shine her shoes, while she gets ahead with her reading.

Sebastian's character thinks this whole thing is kind of ridiculous, but the bet was his idea, so he'd lose too much face by backing down now. Fair's fair, and it's only 24 hours, after all - how bad can it be?

He loses his nerve, however, when Nimue decides to use one of the spanking implements she's dredged up from around the house. He hasn't disobeyed her, so why is he going to be punished? Well, she wants to punish him, and today, that's reason enough. Worse, she's going to make him beg for it. Sebastian is her slave fair and square, and Nimue intends to make sure he knows it.

Finally, just a reminder that voting is still open in a couple of blog awards for the Most Improved Spanking Site and Spankee of the Year 2012. Dreams of Spanking is in the running for the former, which is the only website award, and I've been nominated for the latter, along with other Dreams of Spanking cast members Ten Amorette and Caroline Grey, as well as some other fantastic performers including my friends Sarah Gregory and Kami Robertson. I'm not going to insist that you vote for me, there are lots of deserving candidates, but if you haven't yet please do go and vote!

Abduction, wrestling and wicked stepmothers

Elegance Studios have just announced the release of their latest bondage feature film, A Day in the Life. As Honest Omar's auction house prepares for the grand launch of the new slave resort, slave trainer Kate is unconvinced by the dedication of new voluntary slavegirl Scarlot Rose. Will she be up to the task?

At Spanking Sarah, Molly Malone plays a young trophy wife called to the school to help deal with Bow, her badly behaved stepdaughter. The Headmistress thinks that Molly needs to learn how to discipline the girl and gives her instructions in spanking and slippering a naughty bottom. Molly soon gets the idea and it is not long before Bow's tender young bottom is turning a bright shade of red under her leather slipper.

At Femme Fatale Films, Amy Hunter is fearsome in leather as she wrestles her unnamed submissive to the ground in "Held Responsible".

Finally there is a very exciting update coming out at Northern Spanking, a new and different kind of spanking film called "The Chosen". Camerawoman Leia Ann Woods has written a very interesting blogpost about this project with more details about how it was created and what is unique about it. Here's what Northern Spanking have to say...

"Two women. Unsuspecting. Unknowing. About to be thrown head-first into a world of hell. 2013. Northern Spanking Gets Evil."

"This film was born out of an idea from Stephen Lewis. What would happen if we made a film where the girls involved didn't know what was going to happen to them? What would happen if we filmed it live? So excited by this as a project we set out to make it happen.

We spoke to a few girls about this project and we were surprised by quite how many were receptive to the idea, and even more than were downright excited by it. Jadie practically begged us to be involved, and Sascha was incredibly keen too. As we know both girls intimately, as they are friends as well as models, we decided they would be the best two for the experiment. We love them, they trust us. But it wasn't quite that simple. Click to read more about The Chosen »

Contest of Arms

Our latest update stars Molly Malone and myself in a playful, light-hearted spanking film called Contest of Arms. In this scenario my character has recently been getting into personal fitness, and goads her housemate Molly into a contest of strength. Molly knows she will easily beat me, and is getting tired of my competitiveness, so she insists on a forfeit: she'll accept the challenge, but only on one condition - that if she wins, she gets to literally beat me, on my bum. 

We test our strength with free weights, but when Molly matches me lift for lift, she proposes settling the question in time-honoured fashion: arm wrestle! Of course, all of this is a mere warm-up for Molly getting to really demonstrate the power of her strong right arm - when she has me over her lap and is giving me a sound bare bottom spanking.

This scene had me laughing out loud while I was editing it - it contains some moments of comedy gold. Fitness buffs will find it entertaining, even if it's only to laugh at us! (If you actually know what you're doing, don't be too harsh on us; I'm still a newbie to strength training and as the video demonstrates, Molly finds spanking a more than adequate fitness regime!)   

I think this film will also appeal to queer porn fans. There are hints that both characters are at least a bit queer, although they aren't an item, and the whole scene plays with traditional gender roles and macho performance. This storyline subverts the idea of strength being an exclusively masculine pre-occupation, with our characters playing out a stereotypically butch competition for social dominance. All totally tongue-in-cheek, of course!

A quick out-of-character note. Molly and I were involved at the time of filming, but sadly our relationship ended last summer due to me making some horrendous mistakes which I deeply regret. The immediate aftermath was emotionally acute and it seemed best to wait a while before publishing our remaining scenes. Working with your real life lovers and play partners is a mixed blessing, and it can bring sadness as well as joy. Still, I'm proud of the material we filmed together and glad that Molly has given her consent to its publication. Watching it now is somewhat bittersweet, but it's good to have a record of some of the fun we shared.

Molly is a wonderful person and a very talented performer, and I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to shoot with her. If you enjoy her videos, do check out her website, and look out for her work on Northern Spanking, Spanking Sarah and Triple A Spanking.

Most Improved Site 2012

Dreams of Spanking has been voted the 2012 Most Improved Spanking Site! I am completely bowled over by this. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. I'm absolutely, ridiculously delighted. Thanks so much to Brushstrokes for hosting these awards, and especially to everyone who voted.

I also have to give a shoutout to my partners D and Tom, without whom this website wouldn't exist. I am so very grateful to them both for their hard work and support both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. And if the pictures Brushstrokes chose were anything to go by, Tom's performances have played no small role in our success:

Runner up was the deserving Spanked in Uniform, who have pushed the boat out with several new series this year and continued their creative use of green screen to give their fantasies greater scope.

As Brushstrokes explains, he doesn't offer an award for "best" site because it would be impossible to judge between different spanking genres when everyone has a favourite, so instead the award is given to the site that's shown the most improvement, which might conceivably be something all can agree on.

I really appreciated this comment by iwasrobert praising the result:

Both Dreams and SIU have taken new approaches in terms of both storycraft and production techniques; these are bold and perhaps risky moves which IMHO have indeed paid off rather well, creatively speaking, and I hope financially as well.

It's absolutely amazing to see my hopes affirmed that the world is ready for a new sort of spanking website: more transparently ethical, performer-driven and gender egalitarian. If a site that includes F/M and M/M can win a democratic award on a blog that exclusively features /F spanking, that's got to be a step in the right direction. (The next step of course is more blogs that feature both - and in the last year I've seen some improvement there, too.)

I've got some great ideas and plans for 2013, and can't wait to grow the site and produce more creative, believable storylines, shoot more beautiful male and female performers who genuinely love spanking, and continue to improve our production values.

Winning this is an amazing vote of support from everyone who's watched us grow during our first year. In including all gender orientations, plus size models, genderqueer models, overt feminist principles and at times fairly complex storylines, I wondered if I was dooming myself to be a cute niche forever, and never be taken seriously by the spanko "mainstream". (Inasmuch as a kink as niche as spanking can have a mainstream; I'm aware these distinctions might seem somewhat meaningless to anyone looking in at us from outside!)

This award suggests that actually, a lot of people want to see something different, and support those who are going out on a limb to try something new. So hooray for that: I hope it gives more producers the courage to take risks and follow their dreams.

Shoot previews - Michael, Sebastian and Tom

Our last shoot of 2012 was one of my biggest productions yet, with four performers including myself, and Nimue Allen being my best lady behind the camera. It was an exciting one for me, not only because we were shooting M/M material for the first time since the site launched, but because Tom had finally come round to the idea of topping men professionally. This sets him apart from most other straight male tops, and I was buzzing with delight at getting to watch gorgeous guys spanking each other for my - and your - entertainment.

The other performers were Michael and Sebastian, who are real-life friends and whom I've been meaning to cast together for ages. They were particularly amazing that day; both of them were coming down with the cold that went round over Christmas (in fact I probably caught it off one of them), and yet despite feeling rough they were still up for doing it all, and even tolerated one of the scenes being changed to outdoors at the last minute - two, in the case of Sebastian. I know from personal experience how painful it is to be punished on a cold bottom, and they were both absolute champions. Everyone gave it their all, and the results look amazing.

Tom, Nimue and I arrived at the venue the night before to chat to our hosts, get an early night... and, as it turned out, plan how to work around the giant Christmas tree which was, naturally, in the room I'd planned to shoot most of the scenes in!

We started early on the Friday to film a couple of M/F scenes before Sebastian and Michael arrived. The first you've already seen, and the second was a super-hot domestic discipline 100 stroke belt whipping which I believe will appeal to Padme Amidala and Quai Disciplines, among others.

The rest of the day was a glorious romp through some of my favourite M/M and F/M fantasies, from an apprentice tailor dealing with a spoiled, rich young client, to schoolboys sneaking off to practice the cane on each other in the school grounds - and getting caught; to a Victorian undergardener being birched by the housekeeper; and, just for Kelley, a paternal workplace mentor/protegeé scene in which Tom deals with Michael for losing some important documents.

As if that wasn't enough, we rounded the day off with... the first ever Dreams of Spanking Male Spankee Wrestle-off! Ohhhhh yes.

I know a number of ladies who will by now be squeeing as much as I was. Believe me, girls, it's just as good as it seems, and I can't wait to share the goods.

However, I'm aware M/M is still an under-appreciated genre, so I'm going to take this opportunity to link back to my essay on what it is I like about it.

Even if there's no sexual tension, there's something enjoyable about seeing male homosocial dynamics intimately explored. I like the awkwardness that arises as the characters navigate the embarrassment of physical proximity, nudity, vulnerability. This wouldn't really be a thing without the aforementioned macho cultural pressure, but having been born into this fucked-up, gendered world, there's something fascinating and appealing about watching men try to align masculine expectations with the messy reality and strange intimacy of corporal punishment.

Read the rest of this post »

This shoot enabled me to explore some of my favourite corporal punishment dynamics for the first time - such as a pair of schoolboys quaking in their shoes and exchanging nervous glances in front of the Headmaster; and a caring supervisor giving his most promising employee a reassuring handshake after having to discipline him at work. There's just no way you can re-create the emotional subtlety of these interactions outside an M/M scene, and having an experienced, older and very straight top in Tom made it all the more believable.

If you're a bloke, you don't have to be sexually attracted to other guys to find this sort of punishment dynamic interesting and hot. After all, if my heterosexual actors can enjoy playing out these scenarios simply for the love of the performance, I really don't think you have anything to worry about.

Dominant masochism

Our latest spanking film, A Pleasure to Serve, is a sizzlingly sexy bedroom fantasy in which Michael and I play a F/M couple who explore their switch sides. In this scenario, my submissive Michael may have wanted to get his hands on my bottom, but he certainly never dared ask.

Still, from time to time, my character quite likes the feeling of a good, long hard spanking ... as long as it's on my terms. He's been a good boy lately, so tonight I decide to reward him by letting him take me over his knee. But as I command him to spank me as hard as he can, it's quite clear who's in charge!

Slowly removing my knickers before going over Michael's knee.

This is a sensual dom/sub spanking with a twist. Some viewers have described it as a switch scene, which is technically true - my character is both the domme and the bottom, and Michael's is both the top and the sub. However, I haven't tagged it as a switch scene; I'm reserving that keyword for scenes in which the same person both gives and receives corporal punishment.

I wrote it after Michael asked for a top role, and I think it shows off his aptitude as a spanker in the making. He's certainly got the hands for it - and doesn't he look good taking a lady over his knee?

Look at the size of those hands! He knows how to use them, too.

One bottom, well spanked.

And here are some of my favourite screengrabs:

"Spank you hard, you said? Are you sure?"

"Michael, I want you to spank me as hard as you possibly can with that hairbrush. Do you understand? Good boy."

Michael doing his best to please me.

This scene has already proved popular. The fact that it's a genuinely hard, long spanking with some serious use of the hairbrush may help, but what people have commented on is the explicit consent. It seems that lots of you want to see videos in which a spankee who adores being spanked asks for it - or even demands it!

As one viewer wrote after watching the trailer:

It's so so good to show so clearly that the spankee can be wholly desirous of her spanks... (and they can still be hard and long!)... People who disapprove of kink might have to re-think their views if we have more videos like this :)

But this scene isn't quite as simple as a spankee who loves to be spanked. It also turns traditional ideas of the roles of dominant and submissive upside down. When Michael questions my orders or doesn't obey quickly enough, my character scolds him - and at one point gets up from his lap and slaps his face.

This scene doesn't portray "topping from the bottom" (a problematic phrase at the best of times, with its associated value judgements about being submissive 'enough') but the relationship between a dominant masochist and her submissive.

(For reference, this does not express anything about my own relationships with D and Tom. I might request types of play I know I'll enjoy, but one thing I never do is dominate either of my primary partners in the bedroom. Perhaps I would, if either of them had a submissive side, but they don't, so I don't. However, with different partners I'm a sadist, a masochist and a switch, so with more submissive playmates this dynamic might be one I'd explore.)

This film was inspired by watching people play at spanking parties; people who are known dominants, but who occasionally enjoy receiving pain on their own terms. Most people have more than one side to their kink, and I know that dominant masochism and service sadism are fairly common dynamics. But it's not something you see portrayed very often in kinky videos.

The point is that simply enjoying and receiving pain does not imply any act of submission. It can for some people, but it's not inevitable. Dominance, submission, topping, bottom, sadism and masochism are all richly complex, subtle and nuanced phenomena which frequently overlap and interact in the same individuals. Bottoms are not always masochists and not always submissives, and tops are not always sadists and not always dominants.

I'm interested in making videos which express some of the fascinating variety of kinky relationships, and from the positive feedback this video has already received, you're interested in watching them, too.

Giggling after the final "cut". That was fun ... and hot!

Spanking therapy and a messy kitchen

In our latest film, Alex Reynolds is referred to a new therapist to help her with her guilt issues. This specialist (played by moi!) recommends spanking therapy (what else?), and employs bare bottom spanking and the leather strap to help Alex achieve emotional release.

Click to view trailer for Spanking%20Therapy

This is a sweet little consensual F/F spanking video that features nurturing, supportive discipline. I enjoyed playing the role of Alex's gentle, matter of fact doctor, and Alex takes a hard spanking and strapping on her shapely, spankable bottom. As anyone who's seen her videos before will know, she also makes the most adorable little sounds while being spanked.

I love working with Alex and am really excited that I'll get to see her again soon, when she visits the UK in March. I'm planning to shoot with her while she's staying with me for a few days. I've already got a couple of scene ideas, including one based on a real story from my own life and another casting her as a historical wench, but let us know if you have any requests!

I also published a photoset which is one of the first scenes we ever shot, back in 2006 when I'd first moved to London and this website was just a twinkle in my eye.

Messy Kitchen

Pandora's housemates are out, and it's her turn to clean the kitchen. Instead she fantasises about getting punished for the terrible state it's in! Spanking is much more interesting than housework.

This is a classic domestic discipline fantasy with an implement you don't often see - and which Pandora herself has learned to dread. Pandora's wooden spoon spanking leaves her red and sore, and she's ordered to keep her bare bottom on display while she attends to the neglected kitchen. 

I was living in a shared flat, and I should have cleaned the kitchen before our shoot, but I didn't. So of course I had to get spanked for it!

The mess really was awful, and I'm very embarrassed now that we actually took photos of how bad it was. It makes me feel slightly better that we decided I should be punished for it. Good call, quite right too.

Still, I'm bit uncomfortable with the "woman gets punished by man for not doing enough housework" type of spanking plot, so I've made this one a fantasy instead. It's closer to reality that way, too: in my life I have spent far too much time fantasising about being spanked when I should have been tidying up!

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