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Alex in pyjamas

Our latest scene was filmed at the Texas All State Spanking Party with my friend Alex Reynolds. I've been an avid reader of her blog Alex in Spankingland for some time, and was very happy that she agreed to shoot a couple of scenes with me. Alex is smart, funny, adorable, and has an amazing sense of adventure and fun about this thing we do.

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Missed Alarm was the second scene we shot together, and belongs to the oh-so-common "scenes you can plausibly shoot in hotel rooms" genre. (I will be shooting more scenes like this at the Spain party next month - let me know if you have any ideas for plot lines!)

We decided to film a true to life story about Pandora and Alex at a spanking party, sharing a room in the hotel. The story we came up with goes like this: Pandora was jetlagged and decided to take a nap, and asked Alex to wake her up before the evening's festivities. Alex decided to let her sleep instead, and as a result Pandora missed the pool party and a whole load of spanking! When she wakes up the next morning and discovers she's missed the fun, she takes her frustration out on Alex's bottom.

Alex is awesome, and I can highly recommend her blog if you haven't seen it already. I loved working with her, and can't wait to do so again next time we're on the same continent.


Hallowe'en's coming up, so Pumpkins and Pyjamas?

Ooh, good one! You always see photos of pumpkins that look like bums at Halloween. I suddenly have a visual of a bum bodypainted to look like a pumpkin, but I'm not sure that would be very practical for spanking. Perhaps one of our spankees could get in trouble with auntie for carving their pumpkin to look like something rude?

"Young lady, I'm going to turn your bottom the colour of that pumpkin!" (Or young man, if you prefer...) Actually, that probably doesn't quite work, as spanked bums aren't usually orange ...

How about a warning of the consequences of ignoring a door sign that says "Trick or treaters not welcome"? Can be worked for just about any combination you want.

Pubs and Pyjamas

As I can’t really judge pubs on the quality of the cask ale these days, it has to be down to the entertainment.
I want to know where this pub is!
Can any of the customers join in?

Is that because you can't drink these days, or because you don't rate the quality of ale in most pubs? If the latter, I can make some recommendations ;)

The location of this particular public house is going to have to remain a trade secret, as it's the one Tom managed for a while and some friends of ours are running it now we've left. Worlds colliding, and all that. It did have excellent real ale though!

It’s not that I can’t drink alcohol, it’s just not advisable given my tendency to get addicted to it. I was at risk of becoming another NHS statistic, so apart from the odd glass of bitter shandy I’m in an alcohol-free space these days.

Nice with 2 nice girls playing ,best spanks,Timx

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