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They dress you up, they dress you down

I felt like I was taking a bit of a chance by filming a cross-dressing F/FM scene with Mike Stryker and Dana Kane. Being a little bit self-indulgent. Sure, we all love a bit of gender-bending, but would anyone want to watch it? Do people really want gender politics in their spanking porn?


Mike and I play siblings united in our rejection of default gender roles. Mike feels fabulous in eyeliner and lipstick, and I prefer the comfort of baggy clothes that free me up to run around and climb trees. Unfortunately, our absent parents aren't the tolerant sort, and they've hired an uber-strict governess for the summer to turn us back to the straight and narrow. The fearsome Ms Kane embarks on a harsh discipline regime, part of which is forcing us out of our preferred clothing and into more conservative garments. Once Mike is dressed in a smart suit and tie and I've put on a pretty frock and feminine underwear, she takes us both over the knee in an attempt to spank the non-conformity out of us.

This is a super-hot fantasy for me, but it's a tricky one too. Hypothetically, if someone were to find this hot scene because they actually believed that tomboys and transvestites deserved to be punished, I wouldn't be able to share their enjoyment. For me, this is one of those scenes where sympathy with the spankees as the mistreated party who are just trying to be themselves is essential. Once that's understood, scenes like this can actually stand as a reverse political statement in favour of freedom of expression.

Having said that, I wouldn't go so far as to call this a serious film. On the contrary, it's joyously light-hearted and camp. Mike played it up to the hilt, and the clash of personalities resulted in a lot of fun banter. I adored Dana's satirical performance as the repressive governess, precisely because I know that in real life we're on the same side.

And - well, Mike Stryker paddled in lipstick. What's not to love?

The New Governess runs at nearly 19 minutes and includes both F/M and F/F, with Mike and I both subjected to hand spankings, over the knee paddlings and the cane. It comes with 60 hand-captured screengrabs and 24 high definition photos by Tricia Sullivan.

Our other recent F/F film also plays on the theme of dressing up, and being dressed by undressed by a lady in charge. In After the Play Party, however, the mood is much more consensual and sexy. This is the steamiest Zoe and I ever got on camera, and it made for a highly memorable, intensely erotic scene.


This film is the sequel to Adornment. At the start of the evening, Zoe dressed me up to her liking, and gave me some vivid cane stripes to wear under my outfit. Now, we're home from the play party and fizzing with energy after the fun we had while we were out. But the night is still young.

Zoe toys with me and teases me, pulling at the nipple clamps I've been wearing all evening under my dress. She spanks, straps and canes me over the thin silk, then makes me remove the dress. She delights in cruelly removing the painful nipple clamps, and the sexual energy intensifies as both of us become increasingly excited by the pleasure she takes in hurting me. Finally, she takes her time giving me a hard beating with the riding crop and a thick cane.

Love, lust and a leather belt

I'm still a bit behind on my blogging, but I'm going to bump our latest photoset to the top of the queue just because.

This is the second ever hardcore scene I've made, and it was shot on the same day as the first one, Snip Snip, with our good friend Tricia behind the camera.

D and I played this scene straight after Snip Snip, and it was significantly less staged; I'd known more or less what I'd wanted out of the scissors scene, but for this one we just moved the mirrors from D's bedroom into his living room, where we had a bit more space to play with, and improvised. All I knew was that I wanted to capture something of D's and my sexual relationship, a candid glimpse into our real life play. Mirrors, high heels and leather belts are all recurring features. (The bookcase porn is fairly emblematic, too.)

D and I looked at these photos together in chat this evening, and aside from a bit of light-hearted self-deprecation, we both enjoyed going through the finished gallery. He particularly liked the frequency with which we grin at each other in these photos (no serious BDSM porn here!); the scratches on my back by which he had marked his ownership; and the interesting effect of seeing himself reflected in the mirror, but not in the foreground.

I complimented him on his good belting action, ably photographed by Tricia, and told him how hot it was to see his erection tenting his jeans while he thrashes me. I also enjoyed the erotic subtlety of the photos in which our fucking is not visible in the foreground; only glimpsed in the mirror, out of focus.

My hope is that these photos express genuine love, lust and affection in a real life dominant/submissive power exchange. They also feature a far wider range of activities than most scenes on this site (as the tag list suggests!). From foot kissing to cock worship; the way D wraps the belt around my throat and uses it to control my breathing and movements as he kisses me, slaps and licks my breasts, and guides my head to his cock; being spanked with that wooden ruler over the knee, colouring not only my upraised bottom but my tender inner thighs as he spreads my legs and slowly smacks his way up each one, his other hand pressing into my wetness.

D and I very much enjoyed looking through these photos together, and are inspired to organise another couple shoot. (I'm still not sure he's comfortable appearing on video, and don't want to pressure him, but perhaps one day he'll surprise me.) I think this photo gallery encapsulates something real, and very hot, about our relationship. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our intimate kinky lives.

Power play in a gender equal society

I enjoyed Quizzical Mama's new post on the Good Vibes Blog, 50 Shades of Obsessing with Spanking. Although the current popular enthusiasm for all things kinky is positive in a lot of ways, like most politically-minded kinksters she's aware that the trilogy "lacks a more reflective, playful approach to power and submission". Unlike, say, feminist spanking porn...

What intrigues me is how some of the female porn makers I look at in my book After Pornified: How Women Are Transforming Pornography & Why It Really Matters appropriate and play with power and submission fantasies. In consensual play with erotic fantasies, no matter how stereotypical and cliché, we do not bind ourselves to the fantasy but free ourselves from its hold, creating room for something different.

Where perhaps domination and submission is replaced by power as a creative energy. Where erotic fantasies feed on new understandings of gender that do not rest on old-fashioned gender stereotypes that cast women as submissive and passive and men as dominant and active.

It's hard to avoid, when reading articles like this, using them as a checklist to measure my work against. And it's always a relief, as with this one, to discover that my own ideas about how to make spanking porn feminist resonate with those of other progressive thinkers.

The distinction QuizzicalMama makes between "active/passive" and "dominant/submissive" is an important one. One of the stories I've been trying to tell in a lot of my recent films is that of active submission, self-determined submission, submission that's sought out by an empowered, self-aware individual because it brings them happiness. Submission doesn't have to be imposed from outside; consensual submission is the free choice of an independent agent, who benefits enough from it to continually re-make that choice.

Likewise, I'm passionate about re-modelling dominant and submissive as roles that are detached from physical sex and gender identity. Dominance can be feminine, and it doesn't have to look like the latex-clad stereotype, either. Submission can be masculine, and honourable, and brave, whatever your gender. And both roles can be complex, layered, interleaved. The same person can be both, and do both at different times, or at the same time in different ways.

Since I started identifying as a switch I've become increasingly enthusiastic about representing switches in spanking video. Many kinky performers are switches, but in most scenes they are only asked to do one or the other. Switch scenes, in which one or both partners play both roles, are much rarer. I'll be filming more of those this autumn and winter, and as always, scenario ideas are very welcome.

Positive spanking, self-determined submission

It's nearly time for our next video shoot, an F/M day with Sebastian Hawley and Nimue Allen this Wednesday, and I haven't told you about the last one yet. Time I caught up! Tom, Nimue and I got together at the house of Dodgy Dave (who is absolutely lovely, and only dodgy in the best of ways) for a day of M/F scenes, with one F/F scenario thrown in for luck.

It wasn't deliberate, but the theme of the day ended up being positive spanking; beneficial and therapeutic spanking; spanking for self-improvement - including several scenes led or directed by the spankee. One of my big interests at the moment is the intersection between dominance and submission - that is, who takes control and who surrenders it - and topping and bottoming, ie who administers and who receives the spanking. Traditionally of course the dominant partner is also the top, but that is by no means necessary.

Within sadism, masochism, topping, bottoming, dominance and submission one set of roles is usually conflated, but the reality of human relationships is often far more complicated. Scenes in which the top or spanker is playing their part submissively, in deference to the wishes of their spankee, are fascinating to me right now.

I feel that Nimue and I have a lot in common; both recent owners of spanking/kink membership sites, both historically submissive, but now switches coming into our top or dominant personas. I don't really identify as dominant even when I'm topping (although in many ways I'm dominant in my day to day life and could perhaps be described as an alpha personality type). Nimue, however, is increasingly coming into her own as a comfortably dominant individual, even when she's bottoming, and as such she was the perfect casting to explore this sort of dynamic. Although Tom does not enjoy switching, I was very grateful to him for indulging me and stretching his acting skills by being willing to play the "subservient spanker" role that goes with it.

Three of the scenes we filmed that day have already been published, so I'll start with those.

Pandora gets an over-the-knee spanking at bedtime at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora gets an over-the-knee spanking at bedtime at Dreams of Spanking Pandora gets an over-the-knee spanking at bedtime at Dreams of Spanking

The first scene of the day was a straightforward domestic discipline scenario: just a sweet, simple, bedtime spanking in pyjamas. I deliberately wanted to leave it ambiguous as to whether Tom and I were portraying domestic discipline between a couple, an age play scene or a guardian/ward fantasy, so we kept it light on dialogue. Still, I think there's a lot of unspoken communication in this scene, and the result is a lovely, positive, affectionate little film which shows a very thorough spanking. This exactly the sort of spanking I often find myself craving, and when I'm lucky enough to get one it does me the world of good.


Nimue spanked and paddled in the office at Dreams of Spanking

Nimue spanked and paddled in the office at Dreams of Spanking Nimue spanked and paddled in the office at Dreams of Spanking

Office Assistance plays explicitly with the idea of complex power roles. Tom and Nimue portray a spanko couple who work from home. Nimue benefits from Tom's regular visits to her office - and, when needed, on-the-spot discipline - to help her stay on top of her workload.

At first this might seem to be a standard boss/secretary scene, but which is the boss, and which the secretary?


Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking

Our newest update was shot right at the end of the day; a candid, out of character scene in which I asked Tom and Nimue, a right-hander and a left-hander respectively, to give me a double caning. No roleplay, just three corporal punishment enthusiasts doing what they do best.

It was lovely to have the attentions of two delightful tops simultaneously, but the caning was hard, and without the psychological defense of a character to play I definitely struggled with it in places. The resulting film is an intimate little portrait of the experience of taking a hard caning, the fears and joys, highs and lows.

Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking
Pre-caning nerves
Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking
Processing the pain
Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking
Fuck that hurt!
Pandora Blake asks for a double caning at Dreams of Spanking
Blissed out between strokes


I won't say too much about the other four films we shot, just share some preview images with you:

Pandora Blake gives Nimue a caning over skintight jeans at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake gives Nimue a caning over skintight jeans at Dreams of Spanking

Nimue and I re-enacting a real-life encounter between myself and Jacqueline in "Essay Help"


Pandora Blake takes a hard OTK school punishment at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake takes a hard OTK school punishment at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake takes a hard OTK school punishment at Dreams of Spanking

A traditional - and very intense - schoolgirl punishment in "Only His Hand"


Pandora Blake visits a professional disciplinarian at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake visits a professional disciplinarian at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake visits a professional disciplinarian at Dreams of Spanking

Taken by my girlfriend to visit a Professional Disciplinarian


Lady Nimue orders her footman to give her a sound thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Lady Nimue orders her footman to give her a sound thrashing at Dreams of Spanking Lady Nimue orders her footman to give her a sound thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Finally, in my favourite scene of the day, the lady of the manor orders her footman to cater to her eccentric whims in "Milady's Pleasure". This one was absolutely brilliant from my point of view; I felt like the big kid in the playground who gets to decide the games and tell the other kids what to do.

Both Nimue and Tom seemed to enjoy themselves too, and in terms of physical severity they took this scene far harder than I expected, with Nimue urging Tom to beat her harder and longer with the dense, springy riding crop. By the end her bottom was quite dramatically marked:

Nimue's marked bottom after a severe whipping at Dreams of Spanking

Those last two photos are from Nimue's blog post about the shoot, the first taken immediately after we finished filming, and the second one 36 hours later. I love them, because I have a massive kink for marks and bruises.

I felt very secure working with Nimue and trusting her to take the scene exactly as far as she wanted to, and no further. So I can enjoy the severe bruising she took away with her, safe in the knowledge that she enjoyed it just as much!

You can see much more of Nimue in both her dom and sub roles on her site Nimue's World.

Alex in pyjamas

Our latest scene was filmed at the Texas All State Spanking Party with my friend Alex Reynolds. I've been an avid reader of her blog Alex in Spankingland for some time, and was very happy that she agreed to shoot a couple of scenes with me. Alex is smart, funny, adorable, and has an amazing sense of adventure and fun about this thing we do.

Click to view trailer for Missed%20Alarm

Missed Alarm was the second scene we shot together, and belongs to the oh-so-common "scenes you can plausibly shoot in hotel rooms" genre. (I will be shooting more scenes like this at the Spain party next month - let me know if you have any ideas for plot lines!)

We decided to film a true to life story about Pandora and Alex at a spanking party, sharing a room in the hotel. The story we came up with goes like this: Pandora was jetlagged and decided to take a nap, and asked Alex to wake her up before the evening's festivities. Alex decided to let her sleep instead, and as a result Pandora missed the pool party and a whole load of spanking! When she wakes up the next morning and discovers she's missed the fun, she takes her frustration out on Alex's bottom.

Alex is awesome, and I can highly recommend her blog if you haven't seen it already. I loved working with her, and can't wait to do so again next time we're on the same continent.

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