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Paddles and pyjamas

Two new domestic M/F scenes for you. The first was filmed while I was at the Texas All State Spanking Party, starring gorgeous Amelia Jane Rutherford, myself, and a new top called Jerry Diamond. He's a friend of Ten Amorette's, a real life cowboy, and I met him in a group dorm room scene organised by Ten on the Friday night, in which he paddled me and eight other naughty college girls for having a keg party in our room.

I liked Jerry's manner - and his paddling - so I asked if he'd be interested in doing a scene for Dreams of Spanking with me and Amelia.

Amelia seemed to be on a mission to get as many paddlings as possible in Texas, and after the three swats I'd got in the group scene I was determined to get at least one "proper" southern-style paddling before going home. I decided Jerry was the man to deliver it.


Texan Discipline (click to view)

This was a bit of a real life discipline scenario. The day before the party I'd broken the cardinal rule and burned myself swimming in an outdoor pool without wearing sunscreen. I know - not wearing sunscreen, in Texas? It was a mistake I was only ever going to make once. None of the locals believed me when I told them. The good news was that I didn't get a painful peeling burn, just a slightly stupid-looking redness. I was anxious not to forget again, and it occurred to me that turning it into a punishment scenario might serve as a useful reminder.

The large wooden paddle is an object of fear, fascination and dread for me. I hate it, and perhaps as a result it's one of my top fantasy implements. I've been paddled only one or two times, and so it has retained that horror of the unknown which can lead to the most powerfully stomach-churning pre-spanking anticipation.

Amelia tells me that she's developed a real taste for it, so it seemed only appropriate that she should earn her punishment in this scene through prurient curiosity. After this paddling I can honestly say that I remembered to wear sunscreen every day for the rest of my stay in Texas, so it definitely did its job.

Our second new M/F scene is a simple little film I shot with Tom at our location shoot last week. It doesn't have much dialogue, so it will appeal to those of you who prefer to concentrate on the spanking without distraction. There's a definite age play flavour to this one, although it's up to you whether you want to read it as a ward/guardian or uncle/niece scene, or consensual discipline between two adults. I think it works either way.


Being a grown-up can be fun, but sometimes you need to be small. I wanted to make a film which encapsulated that sense of security, affection and reassurance which can come from being given a spanking at bedtime. Whether it's needed for stress relief, punishment, behaviour maintenance or just to settle your body and mind before sleep, sometimes there is nothing better than being soundly spanked, cuddled and tucked into bed by someone who loves you.

A Bedtime Spanking (click to view)

I've wanted to do a pyjama spanking film ever since shooting this photoset of me being spanked in my nightie. The week of this shoot was an unusually busy one for me, and by the time it came to edit this scene, that sort of safe, affectionate bedtime spanking was exactly what I needed. In fact I wouldn't say no to one right now...

(To those who have been asking, yes Big Teddy did sign a model release.)

A Bedtime Spanking comes with a four-minute behind the scenes video showing me directing around my "little" headspace, which is an interesting mental trick. I'm pretty pleased to have got the hang of that one.

The talented Nimue Allen was our sole crew member for this scene. I already knew how competent she was behind a video camera but this is the first time she's taken photographs for Dreams of Spanking. And how good are these photos?

Nimue is a woman of many talents. She did more than just crew on this shoot, and I'm looking forward to showing you both the topping and bottoming scenes we filmed with her over the coming weeks.


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