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Instructional videos

I've been running around like a mad thing lately, shooting lots of hot spanking video and getting up to various other mischief. Amid all the excitement, I haven't been keeping you up-to-date with the latest corporal punishment films on Dreams of Spanking, so I'll catch you up over the next few posts.


Introducing: The Cane

In this 24 minute instructional video Molly Malone and I discuss the nuances of the most loved, hated and feared implement in the spanking world; how the cane makes us feel and what we each like about it. We demonstrate caning techniques for beginners, including how to warm up your spankee with the cane, and deliver a sensual, erotic caning which will make them eager for more. We also discuss various aspects of giving a nuanced, accurate caning, including some safety pointers and other tips and tricks. Molly finishes by giving me a firm, school punishment style six of the best.

This is a 50/50 switch scene, which is something I'm hoping to do more of on Dreams of Spanking. Introducing: The Cane also includes a seven minute behind the scenes video in which Molly and I steal kisses between shots, and a subspaced Molly has to take a little time to recover from her caning before being ready to administer one of her own.

I got the idea for this video at the Texas Spanking Party 2012, where after having given my first demo that morning on erotic spanking, I was put on the spot by being asked to give a quick caning demonstration over dinner. I discovered that I had loads to say about good technique with my favourite implement. Over the course of the weekend various people came up to me and asked for a private caning lession, which I was more than happy to deliver. It's an amazing feeling to discover you are in a position to be able to help people explore their kink. I thought it would be fun to express this new side of myself by creating a few instructional videos for this website on various aspects of play.

We aren't the first people to have this idea - Kink Academy and Spanking 101 are way ahead of us - but hopefully some of you will be interested in my personal perspective. I think the erotic chemistry between Molly and I probably adds something to the learning experience, too! This video is already proving very popular on our clips store, and the preview is receiving good comments on Spanking Tube, so it seems like there is interest in this sort of video.

I'd love to film more kinky demonstrations. Let us know what you'd like to learn about!


using the long leather paddle on bum and pussy

I am using a long leather paddle on my subs bum -- even so it is very soft it leaves her bum nice red and tender for sex after punsihment... now she asked if she could get her puss whipped with it as well by bending ober a chair backwards ... not knowing if it might really do some damage i would like you to test and show the results before i would treat my sub with it ...

thanks in advance


nice red stripes

as i can see you really did a great job, leaving some red sighns on her bum ... you are very good at hitting with a defined hardness --- and not damaging the skin ..

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