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The Whipping Boy

It's been a busy fortnight, and this month is about to get a hell of a lot busier. Last week Tom and I went camping together, with perfect timing for the glorious few days of golden sunshine which warmed the south of England. Jacq joined us for the final weekend, and we came home tanned, toned, tired and full of love. Tom and I in particular really benefited from the time together; it's been hard this year since we had to move to different cities, and I feel like our relationship has been healed and renewed. It was a brilliant and very needed holiday that left us feeling refreshed, recharged, relaxed and reconnected. Plus we had the hottest sex after we got home; things haven't been that energised in the bedroom for a long time.

Since then, I've had my work cut out catching up with emails, video editing, client work and some exciting new professional projects - about which more in due course. While I've been too busy to blog about what's new on the site, there have been some cool updates over the last couple of weeks. Before I went away I released one of the most intense films I think I've ever made, a historical fantasy filmed during our amazing location shoot in March. It's called The Whipping Boy, and it goes a bit like this:

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The Whipping Boy

Governess Miss Montana is at her wit's end. First her charge fraternises with a servant boy, and now the young lady is going behind her lord father's back on matters of politics.

Not wanting to make a martyr out of the girl, Miss Montana summons both Adele and her sweetheart Jimmy, the serving boy she grew up with. Adele always had a soft heart, and as children, the best way to punish the young lady was often to whip her friend the serving boy. Now, Miss Montana decides it's time to reinstate the arrangement.

To save his love from disgrace, Jimmy willingly offers himself in her place. But this will be the hardest thrashing he has ever had to take for her - and the worst of their punishment is yet to come.

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The brainchild of real life couple Jimmy and Adele, this historical fantasy explores themes of class inequality, nobility, personal honour and self-sacrifice. The spanking and caning are hard, but the emotions of the young lovers' plight is the most intense aspect of this scene. Their devotion to one another is plain to see as they cling to each other, offering comfort as real tears stream down Jimmy's face. A deeply personal scenario from two of our most gifted performers.

Click here to read a personal perspective by Jimmy on what this scene means to him, and the experience of letting go enough to cry for the first time on camera.

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I've recently received some emails and messages from people who are trying to create a user account on Dreams of Spanking, but who are not receiving a confirmation email.

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It is such a shame that some email providers see the need for this sort of censorship. If your online life is being hindered by a nanny email host, I recommend you get another email address from a free provider such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo to use for your kinky endeavours.

Instructional videos

I've been running around like a mad thing lately, shooting lots of hot spanking video and getting up to various other mischief. Amid all the excitement, I haven't been keeping you up-to-date with the latest corporal punishment films on Dreams of Spanking, so I'll catch you up over the next few posts.


Introducing: The Cane

In this 24 minute instructional video Molly Malone and I discuss the nuances of the most loved, hated and feared implement in the spanking world; how the cane makes us feel and what we each like about it. We demonstrate caning techniques for beginners, including how to warm up your spankee with the cane, and deliver a sensual, erotic caning which will make them eager for more. We also discuss various aspects of giving a nuanced, accurate caning, including some safety pointers and other tips and tricks. Molly finishes by giving me a firm, school punishment style six of the best.

This is a 50/50 switch scene, which is something I'm hoping to do more of on Dreams of Spanking. Introducing: The Cane also includes a seven minute behind the scenes video in which Molly and I steal kisses between shots, and a subspaced Molly has to take a little time to recover from her caning before being ready to administer one of her own.

I got the idea for this video at the Texas Spanking Party 2012, where after having given my first demo that morning on erotic spanking, I was put on the spot by being asked to give a quick caning demonstration over dinner. I discovered that I had loads to say about good technique with my favourite implement. Over the course of the weekend various people came up to me and asked for a private caning lession, which I was more than happy to deliver. It's an amazing feeling to discover you are in a position to be able to help people explore their kink. I thought it would be fun to express this new side of myself by creating a few instructional videos for this website on various aspects of play.

We aren't the first people to have this idea - Kink Academy and Spanking 101 are way ahead of us - but hopefully some of you will be interested in my personal perspective. I think the erotic chemistry between Molly and I probably adds something to the learning experience, too! This video is already proving very popular on our clips store, and the preview is receiving good comments on Spanking Tube, so it seems like there is interest in this sort of video.

I'd love to film more kinky demonstrations. Let us know what you'd like to learn about!

Paddles and pyjamas

Two new domestic M/F scenes for you. The first was filmed while I was at the Texas All State Spanking Party, starring gorgeous Amelia Jane Rutherford, myself, and a new top called Jerry Diamond. He's a friend of Ten Amorette's, a real life cowboy, and I met him in a group dorm room scene organised by Ten on the Friday night, in which he paddled me and eight other naughty college girls for having a keg party in our room.

I liked Jerry's manner - and his paddling - so I asked if he'd be interested in doing a scene for Dreams of Spanking with me and Amelia.

Amelia seemed to be on a mission to get as many paddlings as possible in Texas, and after the three swats I'd got in the group scene I was determined to get at least one "proper" southern-style paddling before going home. I decided Jerry was the man to deliver it.


Texan Discipline (click to view)

This was a bit of a real life discipline scenario. The day before the party I'd broken the cardinal rule and burned myself swimming in an outdoor pool without wearing sunscreen. I know - not wearing sunscreen, in Texas? It was a mistake I was only ever going to make once. None of the locals believed me when I told them. The good news was that I didn't get a painful peeling burn, just a slightly stupid-looking redness. I was anxious not to forget again, and it occurred to me that turning it into a punishment scenario might serve as a useful reminder.

The large wooden paddle is an object of fear, fascination and dread for me. I hate it, and perhaps as a result it's one of my top fantasy implements. I've been paddled only one or two times, and so it has retained that horror of the unknown which can lead to the most powerfully stomach-churning pre-spanking anticipation.

Amelia tells me that she's developed a real taste for it, so it seemed only appropriate that she should earn her punishment in this scene through prurient curiosity. After this paddling I can honestly say that I remembered to wear sunscreen every day for the rest of my stay in Texas, so it definitely did its job.

Our second new M/F scene is a simple little film I shot with Tom at our location shoot last week. It doesn't have much dialogue, so it will appeal to those of you who prefer to concentrate on the spanking without distraction. There's a definite age play flavour to this one, although it's up to you whether you want to read it as a ward/guardian or uncle/niece scene, or consensual discipline between two adults. I think it works either way.


Being a grown-up can be fun, but sometimes you need to be small. I wanted to make a film which encapsulated that sense of security, affection and reassurance which can come from being given a spanking at bedtime. Whether it's needed for stress relief, punishment, behaviour maintenance or just to settle your body and mind before sleep, sometimes there is nothing better than being soundly spanked, cuddled and tucked into bed by someone who loves you.

A Bedtime Spanking (click to view)

I've wanted to do a pyjama spanking film ever since shooting this photoset of me being spanked in my nightie. The week of this shoot was an unusually busy one for me, and by the time it came to edit this scene, that sort of safe, affectionate bedtime spanking was exactly what I needed. In fact I wouldn't say no to one right now...

(To those who have been asking, yes Big Teddy did sign a model release.)

A Bedtime Spanking comes with a four-minute behind the scenes video showing me directing around my "little" headspace, which is an interesting mental trick. I'm pretty pleased to have got the hang of that one.

The talented Nimue Allen was our sole crew member for this scene. I already knew how competent she was behind a video camera but this is the first time she's taken photographs for Dreams of Spanking. And how good are these photos?

Nimue is a woman of many talents. She did more than just crew on this shoot, and I'm looking forward to showing you both the topping and bottoming scenes we filmed with her over the coming weeks.

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