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Victorian spanking

Hands up who likes Victorian spanking? Yeah, me too. I grew up on a diet of literature set in the age of corsets and crinolines, workhouses and debtors' jails. Back in my goth days Victoriana was my costume of choice, and my collection of camisoles, petticoats and split-crotch bloomers has served me well in spanking videos ever since.

There's something about a pair of bloomers: the way they billow out at the hips and nip in at the knee; the combination of the modesty of long underwear with the titillating potential of that oh-so-practical slit. Bent over for punishment, the opening parts to frame the bottom beautifully, and the white cotton provides a striking contrast to reddened buttocks.

Victorian spanking scenes are hard to execute - most producers don't have the budget for historical sets and costumes, and my own attempts have been far from perfect. I'm not really a pedant when it comes to details - as long as it has the right atmosphere and there aren't any glaring anachronisms, I'm happy. As such I'm always delighted to see someone else producing something that looks good and feels authentic. 

These latest galleries from imaginative, woman-led film site Spanking Sarah are beautiful, evocative, and very hot. 

Starring Clover Rock, brand new spanking model Lizzie, and Lizzie's unnamed but very dashing husband, this is a three part series chronicling the punishment of a pair of maids by a cruel master. A lot of care clearly went into the set and costumes, and I think the results are gorgeous. Click on the photos to view more Victorian spanking erotica from Spanking Sarah.




In other news, Tim has written a very positive six-month review of Dreams of Spanking in which he refers to us, among other things, as "the Penguin Classics of spanking sites". Now there's a line to go on our business cards! Thanks for the review, Tim.


Victorian erotica

I've always had a soft spot (well, you know what I mean!) for Victorian spanking; some of the first CP porn I came across were reprints of The Pearl that a friend of mine found whilst we were at school.

Spanking Sarah is a great site (and I still owe her a review - luckily she's a patient lady too). This video looks like a nice one.

You're welcome for the review, by the way. i wouldn't say these things if I didn't mean them. I thought the "Penguin classics" line summed up how I felt pretty well.

All the best


The Pearl? I'm not sure I know that one?

Really chuffed that what I'm doing is working for you. Thanks so much for your support, it means a lot :)


'The Pearl' in this instance is presumeably a reference to the Steinbeck Depression novel of the same name?

The Pearl

was a paperback book that was supposedly a reprint of corporal punishment stories published in ladies journals I think in the late 1800s. It was (supposedly) written by women that enjoyed cp, both getting it and observering it given to others. If I can find my copy I will post the ISBN and whatever other info I have. It was available in the 1960s if memory serves, maybe the '70s. It is a rather thick book full of lots of good stuff.

I found it

The Pearl
A Journal of voluptuous reading
The underground magazine of Victorian England

From the back cover:

"The Pearl" made its debut in London in July, 1879. .... It flourished on the subterranean market until December, 1880, when it vanished as mysteriousley as it had appeared.

It's copyright 1968 by Grove Press
ISBN 0-345-25293-4
I have a Ballantine Books paperback edition forth printing 1977.

Here is a link to some for sale:


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