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F/F previews: Molly and Nimue

Last week Dreams of Spanking HQ was full of ladies, laughter and spanking for a two day F/F shoot with Molly Malone, Nimue Allen and photographer Tricia Sullivan. Ever since the M/M shoot last year (dear lord, was it only a year ago?) I've been trying to arrange another shoot with an all-female crew. It was an amazing atmosphere: so easy, comfortable and relaxed. And a good thing too, because it was my new lover Molly's first "proper" shoot with Dreams of Spanking (excluding an informal al fresco outing with her boyfriend behind the camera). I knew she was feeling nervous and I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible.

The first day was just the three of us: Molly, Nimue and me. Nimue excelled herself running two cameras at once, I handled the lighting and other aspects of production, and I eased Molly in gently with an interview and a couple of kinky demonstrations.

The interview has just been published, in which we have a good old gossip about our mutual friend Zoe Montana and she tells me all about how she discovered her love of corporal punishment (including the sensational story of her first ever spanking experience!) Click to view the free trailer:


Molly felt much more confident simply being herself in front of the camera than trying to act a part, and having done some demos on my recent USA trip I've decided to start making occasional instructional videos.

We teamed up to create two switchy spanking presentations. The first demonstrated negotiation, communication and feedback during a spanking scene, and the second was a sexy showcase of cane techniques at various points on the severity spectrum.

We also shot a couple of bedroom scenes, including one in which I spank Molly when she gets home from an all-night rave (in her cute clubbing outfit including UV hotpants and fluffies!), and another which was a re-creation of a real life punishment she gave me for being an hour late to meet her for a date.

On the second day we were joined by photographer Tricia Sullivan, and we indulged ourselves with some more extended scenes that involved a bit more dressing up. In two of them Molly and I played dykey housemates who introduce spanking into their friendship after challenging each other to a strength contest.

At the other end of the butch/femme spectrum, we shot a retro fetish scene with fifties dresses, high heels and cupcakes. Molly looked amazingly sexy as a glam 50s housewife in a polkadot apron and vintage lingerie - and the cupcakes were tasty too.

Nimue then moved in front of the camera in my favourite scene of the whole shoot, a wedding-themed switch scenario. Bridezilla Molly takes her stress out on hapless bridesmaid Nimue... but after her beating Nims realises that Molly is just as moody as ever, and decides that she needs to turn the tables.

This one was amazing to watch from behind the camera. Great acting, hard strappings and canings and pretty dresses. Molly flounced beautifully, and Nims' sympathetic portrayal of the bridesmaid trying to help her best friend cope on her special day really helped to make the relationship real.

Somehow after all that we still all had some kinky energy left, so at the end of the day Molly, Nimue and I got together in front of the camera for an hour-long spanking and switching extravaganza called "Ring of Fire"... and if you can't work out how it goes from the title and the below picture, it will have to remain a mystery. By the end we were exhausted, happy and deliciously sore!

It was wonderful playing together as three switches; it all felt very balanced and harmonious. A lot of spanking performers are switches but it's quite rare to see one person go both ways in the same story. It's still more acceptable to be a female switch than a male switch, so I'm keen to do more switch scenes with boys as well as girls.

I really enjoyed collaborating with Nimue behind and in front of the camera, and I'm planning to do more work with both these amazing ladies over the coming year.


Ah yes, an all girl spanking party. I like willing eager spankees and unscripted (or loosely scripted) senes. I wish there was more of both of those. I also hope that when you have all of these scenes released that you will offer the whole thing as one video. And pretty much unedited too, with all the goof ups and out of place giggeling and so forth.

I think you just keep getting better.

Thanks very much Bacchus! Really glad this shoot appeals to you. I think that the total two days' footage is several hours long so one video isn't really feasible, but once I've got my DVD production set up I'll probably release all these scenes together on, say, 3 DVDs, which would of course include all behind the scenes material!

Ring of Fire sounds right up your street... it was an unscripted randomised out-of-character giggly spankfest :)

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