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An uncommon detention

Our new video The New Head Girl is a school spanking story, and it's a bit of an odd one.


First, some facts: this is the last scene from our two day shoot with Caroline last year. It's the first scene we ever filmed in which I wasn't performing in at all, freeing me up to be behind the camera: the inept handheld camera work is all mine. (This was my first try - all part of the learning curve.) And I think it was the first switch scene we shot too, in the sense of a scenario in which the same character both tops and bottoms; in this case, the new Head Girl.

When I wrote this scene, I was most interested in the tension between the shy new Head Girl and the bolshy, cynical school rebel. Adele and Caroline played that out to perfection; but watching the scene unfold also revealed some aspects I hadn't anticipated.

It's long, for one thing: 26 minutes. An implement tour always takes a while, doubly so with both Adele and the Housemaster, played by Thomas, both using each of hairbrush, ruler, tawse and cane on the hapless Caroline. (A comparable scene is A Taste of their Own Medicine, in which Head Girl Zoe gives two prefects a tour of all the implements they've mis-used during their disciplinary reign of terror.)

The extended nature of the scene contributes to the biggest thing I didn't really anticipate: how dark it is. Caroline's remark, "This is detention, not The Beating Hour!" is bang on. She is whacked to an extent that's actually a bit surreal. It's hot, I think, but if you need your school stories to be uber-believable this might go too far.

Then there's the question of fairness. I wasn't sure whether to tag this scene as 'fair' or 'unfair', so I went for both. The premise that Caroline is the naughtiest girl in the school and deserves everything she gets initially feels a little stretched. She's witty and sympathetic, and the punishment quickly feels excessive. But you don't actually find out what she's done until late in the scene. What starts out seeming like a horribly unfair ordeal perhaps, by the end, makes a little more sense.

Adele, too, plays a sympathetic character: the Head Girl who can't bring herself to exert discipline. Administering punishment to Caroline is almost a punishment for Adele in itself - she's not having any fun, and Caroline's jibes only make her feel worse. It therefore seems doubly cruel that when Adele is deemed not to be applying herself, she has to endure the same treatment.

There's definitely a moral ambiguity here. The Housemaster's claim that the Head Girl needs the strength of mind to do her duty sounds plausible, but does she really need to be punished in front of Caroline? By the end, Adele may have learned some physical skills at Caroline's expense, but it's not clear that she's any better mentally equipped to exert authority. I think that hint that the whole exercise may have been in vain is one of the most sinister aspects of this scene.

But mixed in with all of that is the fact that thanks to the wit of all three performers, this video is funny - far funnier than I'd expected. Caroline's jaded comebacks are laugh-out-loud witty; her bored expressions while being beaten are priceless. The hostility between the goody-two-shoes Head Girl and the naughtiest girl in the school is beautifully played out, from trading snide remarks to making faces at each other behind the Housemaster's back. A lot of the humour is dark ("What are you going to do - hit me?") but it still lightens the mood. There's levity, too, when the Housemaster and Caroline start trading reminiscences about her more outrageous misdemeanours, and you realise that he's not entirely unsympathetic to her cause, after all.

Whether you read this scenario as dark, light or something inbetween, it offers a fascinating interplay between three of my best actors. Combining M/F and F/F, it's chock-full of spankings from a range of implements, mild to severe. There are some brilliantly funny bits, but I'm hoping it's edgy enough to appeal to the hard punishment fans. Anyway, let me know what you think.


Difficult days :)

Caroline was a trooper throughout that shoot, and we were all enormously impressed by her.

From my pov playing the Housemaster, the ambiguity was a godsend. It has been remarked that even when I'm really trying (e.g. Backlash or Jodhpurs) I don't do evil/sleazy very well. Making the housemaster a bit arrogant, a bit practical and, ultimately, /unsuccessful/ gave me the room to play off against the girls and find a zone I was comfortable in.

Adele is always a pleasure to work with, partly because (like Caroline) her characterisations are always believable even when they are ambiguous; something I suspect I need to work on myself :)

Caroline was an absolute hero. I'm trying not to feel guilty. ;)

I think all three of you were great in this. It's a mixed bag, and I think that's partly because I wasn't very good at predicting how things would work out in practice. It certainly hangs together as porn in my opinion. I'm interested by the ways in which I didn't anticipate how it would turn out.

I expect the scenes I don't perform in myself will always be unusually fascinating to me :)

I can't help but think that you are overthinking this. Moral production values does not mean that we need moral plot lines in the production (I'm thinking of Barton Fink right now). To be honest I wasn't thinking about morality whilst watching the scene, though Caroline's tetchy "get on with it boredom" was amusing.

Part of the fun of De Sade's Justine is that everyone who is "better than her" - middle classes, teachers, nobles and so on who should protect her, take advantage of her - whilst that is part of De Sade's satire, the unfairness of Justine's punishments (or Fanny Hill's for that matter) does not make some of the scenes less erotic or enjoyable - spanking porn does not have to depict scenes that are "fair" or establish that the spankee "deserve" their punishment.

Oh sure, and I didn't mean to imply that they did. Yes, I am over-thinking it but not out of an anxiety that an unfair scene would somehow be less fairtrade. Quite the contrary - the whole point of fairtrade production is to establish a distinction between fantasy and reality.

The critique was more born out of the fact that, as I watched this scene, I realised it had come out differently to how I'd expected. I wasn't in it, and so that process was kind of fascinating to me. Self-indulgent, yes, but no value judgement implied, apart from perhaps a concern that the story didn't hang together very plausibly.

Thanks for the comment!

Spot On!

I love what I see in this preview. I don't know whether it was accidental or not, but I love the moral ambiguity, the tension, and the dark, witty humor. I think that in terms of it being believable, there's only so much one can ask of spanking porn in that sense. What I most want is authenticity in an emotional sense. And from what I see, all three characters are spot on. I love Thomas' pragmatic, serious, yet "enjoying this" vibe. I love Adele's innocence and the way she takes her licks. I love Caroline's attitude and remarks as well as her faces upon impact. Not to mention the duration. I love a long, drawn out punishment that requires endurance of extended pain, but not to the point of torture. This emphasizes the punishment aspect.


Best Regards,

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