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Witnessing his punishment

This site is about my own fantasies and experiences as a spankee and switch, but it's funny to see which real life incidents get enshrined in video and which don't. I've just put up the second film on the site which is about a procrastinating university student being punished to help them improve. The first, The Secret to Success, was about consensual discipline sought out and directed by the bottom. This one, Plagiarism, features the more traditional discipline imposed by a teacher on her student... but with a couple of twists.


Mike's procrastination problem has landed him in big trouble. He made the deadline on his latest essay, but he didn't have time to write up all his research in his own words. Suddenly, he's facing accusations of plagiarism.

His tutor Ms Kane and teaching assistant Pandora don't want him to fail her class - they know he's capable of good work. But there isn't time to rewrite the paper before the end of term. They give Mike an option: instead of an F, he can accept corporal punishment, until they're sure that Mike understands the seriousness of the issue. Ms Kane will administer the strapping, and Pandora will witness it. Poor Mike is remorseful and humiliated as he takes his punishment under the watchful eyes of both staff members.

This never quite happened to me, but I certainly missed deadlines and handed in essays that failed to fulfil their potential because I'd started writing too late. In reality, I had to ask my boyfriend Tom to spank me to help me manage my time better; this method would certainly have been more direct!

This storyline isn't intended as derisive towards Mike's character, but sympathetic. I'm sure many of us can identify with his situation. Mike himself, when he saw the scene, said he found it easy to put himself in this character's shoes, and felt like in an alternate universe this might have been him.

Mike took his punishment beautifully, and Dana delivered both the spanking and the scolding with blazing authority. The hottest thing about this scene for me was the eye contact; holding Mike's gaze as he struggled under the strap.

I like the dynamic of having a witness to the punishment, especially a woman watching a man be spanked, and I hope you do too.

Free birthday spanking video!

Last week I celebrated my 28th birthday, and while I was visiting Tom we took the opportunity to film a little spanking video. First he warms me up over the knee with his hand, then he lays me down on the bed to count out 28 hard strokes of the wide leather strap - one for every year.

I love this strap. It hurts, yes, but the pain is thick and warm, a huge thuddy impact that feels like being slammed into the floor. It makes your skin tingle and your gluts ache, and I could take it forever and ever.

The 12 minute video is, of course, completely free. What else are birthdays for? :)


Click on the player image to launch the popup player and watch the video in your browser. Alternatively, click through to Pandora's Birthday Strapping to download the file as a WMV or MP4, and to view the screengrabs and small gallery of post-beating photos. Enjoy - and if you like it, leave a comment and let me know!

Lovers with stories

I've got two new updates for you this weekend, each showing off a special person in my life.

The first is a mini-gallery of portraits of Tom, sitting in a magnificent Chesterfield gentleman's armchair. I've been spanked on and around that chair countless times, and it has inextricably kinky associations in my mind. You see so many photosets of female tops posing with their implements that I thought it might be fun to try it the other way round. Call it self-indulgent, but I think these are pretty hot.

I don't know where I'd rather be: kneeling at his feet with my eyes closed, listening to a bedtime story; or standing before him, hands clasped, as he holds that cane and decides how many strokes it's going to be... 

The second update is a video interview with my new lover Molly Malone. Molly's debut on Dreams of Spanking was in Saddle Sore, the short al fresco film we made for the Bike Smut eco porn festival. In this interview I welcome Molly to the site and find out she has some stories of her own to tell.

Molly talks about how she discovered her love of spanking through our mutual friend Zoe Montana, her experiences in the Sydney spanking scene, and how she quickly learned that she likes to give as much as she likes to receive. Since Molly hasn't spanked me on camera yet, I ask her to demonstrate her skills. She was only too happy to take me over her knee, and reduce me to a puddle with a delicious sensual hand spanking.

This was the first scene of a two day F/F shoot in which the two of us switched as enthusiastically as we do in real life. You can tell from this interview what a natural she is in front of the camera. We had a fabulous time, and filmed a whole range of creative, funny, sexy spanking scenarios which I can't wait to show you. I've share some preview photos from the shoot in my next post.

F/F previews: Molly and Nimue

Last week Dreams of Spanking HQ was full of ladies, laughter and spanking for a two day F/F shoot with Molly Malone, Nimue Allen and photographer Tricia Sullivan. Ever since the M/M shoot last year (dear lord, was it only a year ago?) I've been trying to arrange another shoot with an all-female crew. It was an amazing atmosphere: so easy, comfortable and relaxed. And a good thing too, because it was my new lover Molly's first "proper" shoot with Dreams of Spanking (excluding an informal al fresco outing with her boyfriend behind the camera). I knew she was feeling nervous and I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible.

The first day was just the three of us: Molly, Nimue and me. Nimue excelled herself running two cameras at once, I handled the lighting and other aspects of production, and I eased Molly in gently with an interview and a couple of kinky demonstrations.

The interview has just been published, in which we have a good old gossip about our mutual friend Zoe Montana and she tells me all about how she discovered her love of corporal punishment (including the sensational story of her first ever spanking experience!) Click to view the free trailer:


Molly felt much more confident simply being herself in front of the camera than trying to act a part, and having done some demos on my recent USA trip I've decided to start making occasional instructional videos.

We teamed up to create two switchy spanking presentations. The first demonstrated negotiation, communication and feedback during a spanking scene, and the second was a sexy showcase of cane techniques at various points on the severity spectrum.

We also shot a couple of bedroom scenes, including one in which I spank Molly when she gets home from an all-night rave (in her cute clubbing outfit including UV hotpants and fluffies!), and another which was a re-creation of a real life punishment she gave me for being an hour late to meet her for a date.

On the second day we were joined by photographer Tricia Sullivan, and we indulged ourselves with some more extended scenes that involved a bit more dressing up. In two of them Molly and I played dykey housemates who introduce spanking into their friendship after challenging each other to a strength contest.

At the other end of the butch/femme spectrum, we shot a retro fetish scene with fifties dresses, high heels and cupcakes. Molly looked amazingly sexy as a glam 50s housewife in a polkadot apron and vintage lingerie - and the cupcakes were tasty too.

Nimue then moved in front of the camera in my favourite scene of the whole shoot, a wedding-themed switch scenario. Bridezilla Molly takes her stress out on hapless bridesmaid Nimue... but after her beating Nims realises that Molly is just as moody as ever, and decides that she needs to turn the tables.

This one was amazing to watch from behind the camera. Great acting, hard strappings and canings and pretty dresses. Molly flounced beautifully, and Nims' sympathetic portrayal of the bridesmaid trying to help her best friend cope on her special day really helped to make the relationship real.

Somehow after all that we still all had some kinky energy left, so at the end of the day Molly, Nimue and I got together in front of the camera for an hour-long spanking and switching extravaganza called "Ring of Fire"... and if you can't work out how it goes from the title and the below picture, it will have to remain a mystery. By the end we were exhausted, happy and deliciously sore!

It was wonderful playing together as three switches; it all felt very balanced and harmonious. A lot of spanking performers are switches but it's quite rare to see one person go both ways in the same story. It's still more acceptable to be a female switch than a male switch, so I'm keen to do more switch scenes with boys as well as girls.

I really enjoyed collaborating with Nimue behind and in front of the camera, and I'm planning to do more work with both these amazing ladies over the coming year.

Is there any point making porn for women?

A misinformed, under-researched article was published in the New Statesman last week, asking if there was any point making porn for women. This article, written by "Rhiannon and Holly" who appear to be so unfamiliar with porn that they don't even know what the phrase "money shot" usually refers to, argues that:

  1. Studies have found that women are less turned on by erotic imagery than men.
  2. This isn't surprising, because those studies probably showed women either close-ups of genitalia or Mills and Boon covers.
  3. All porn is hollow and fake so women will hate it.
  4. "Feminist porn" is shit, so it's a shame no-one's actually making porn women won't hate.

Pretty much every stage of this argument is wrong.

Let's take the first two claims first. Cliterati recently published a two-part article by sex researcher Brooke Magnanti on this exact topic. Rather than incorrectly reporting the conclusions of studies and ignorantly pontificating about how they might have been carried out, Dr Magnanti provides links to peer reviewed articles.

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis measured the brainwave activity of 264 women viewing a series of slides. The pictures contained scenes from water skiers to snarling dogs to undressed couples in sensual poses. What did they find? That when women viewed erotic pictures, their brains produced electrical responses that were different than when looking at the other pictures, suggesting different neural circuits are involved in processing erotic images. Women, in other words, are susceptible to the visual. It’s not only men.

Repeated studies by other research groups support these conclusions. Studies also show that women are consistently physically turned on by gay porn even when they’re not gay, and that they’re turned on by hetero porn too. They also respond to footage of some of our closest animal relatives, bonobos, mating.And interestingly, even when they identify themselves as heterosexual, women’s physiological response to images of sex is wide-ranging. It’s not category specific.

And from Part 2:

A research group in Atlanta set out to [answer the question of how men and women respond to the same stimuli]. Digital photos of oral sex and intercourse were downloaded from the internet.Researchers rated the photos for overall attractiveness to come up with seventy-two test images – the ones considered most attractive. Not a bad day’s work in the lab, if you ask me.

Both men and women were recruited to look at the same set of photos.

It was the non-HBC [ie not on hormonal birth control] women, not the men, who had a truly roving eye.Those women who were not on birth control and therefore experiencing more natural hormonal infl uence had more first looks towards genitals. They also spent markedly more time looking at genitals, and not only that, were more likely than men to do so overall.

In other words, not only have studies found that women are more aroused by erotic imagery than men, but that the women's eyes were drawn towards genitalia more than the men's. So much for Rhiannon and Holly's half-baked theory.

As for the second half of their argument. I don't have to tell you that the last ten years have seen a huge boom in the number of women making porn. Independent, performer-driven porn is on the up and up. Check out the links in my blogroll for starters; half of those sites are made by and for women (the Filthy Feminists list in the sidebar of my other blog has a more extensive list of porn sites for women).

Secret Spanko recently wrote an interesting post about how everyone seems to have a clips store these days. Finally technology has made it cheap and easy for performers to produce, share and sell their own content. It's not just high-brow female directors with big budgets and film studios who are making porn: anyone with a mobile phone and an internet connection can do it. Porn performers who previously had to make themselves employable by big studios can now make whatever the hell they want and sell it themselves online.

And it's not just pros. Modern technology has made porn production so accessible that anyone can have a go. I know more people who visit amateur tube sites for a wank than who tend to subscribe to members sites. The number of enthusiasts making and sharing homemade porn online breaks down the barriers between creators and consumers. There's no point arguing against a "porn monopoly" any more because it doesn't exist. This isn't the 70s; porn isn't controlled by a megalithic high-budget industry we can only rail against helplessly. Porn is what we make it, and anyone can join in. The more people are creating the images that turn them on, the more diverse, representative and accessible porn will become. And that can only be a good thing.

No-one's making porn women like? Bullshit.

Whether you get off on highly-crafted videography provided by high end members sites and film studios, or prefer surfing RedTube or Chat Roulette, chances are people are already making something you like. And if after all that you still haven't found anything that turns you on - well, you can always make your own. Chances are, someone else will like it too.

An uncommon detention

Our new video The New Head Girl is a school spanking story, and it's a bit of an odd one.


First, some facts: this is the last scene from our two day shoot with Caroline last year. It's the first scene we ever filmed in which I wasn't performing in at all, freeing me up to be behind the camera: the inept handheld camera work is all mine. (This was my first try - all part of the learning curve.) And I think it was the first switch scene we shot too, in the sense of a scenario in which the same character both tops and bottoms; in this case, the new Head Girl.

When I wrote this scene, I was most interested in the tension between the shy new Head Girl and the bolshy, cynical school rebel. Adele and Caroline played that out to perfection; but watching the scene unfold also revealed some aspects I hadn't anticipated.

It's long, for one thing: 26 minutes. An implement tour always takes a while, doubly so with both Adele and the Housemaster, played by Thomas, both using each of hairbrush, ruler, tawse and cane on the hapless Caroline. (A comparable scene is A Taste of their Own Medicine, in which Head Girl Zoe gives two prefects a tour of all the implements they've mis-used during their disciplinary reign of terror.)

The extended nature of the scene contributes to the biggest thing I didn't really anticipate: how dark it is. Caroline's remark, "This is detention, not The Beating Hour!" is bang on. She is whacked to an extent that's actually a bit surreal. It's hot, I think, but if you need your school stories to be uber-believable this might go too far.

Then there's the question of fairness. I wasn't sure whether to tag this scene as 'fair' or 'unfair', so I went for both. The premise that Caroline is the naughtiest girl in the school and deserves everything she gets initially feels a little stretched. She's witty and sympathetic, and the punishment quickly feels excessive. But you don't actually find out what she's done until late in the scene. What starts out seeming like a horribly unfair ordeal perhaps, by the end, makes a little more sense.

Adele, too, plays a sympathetic character: the Head Girl who can't bring herself to exert discipline. Administering punishment to Caroline is almost a punishment for Adele in itself - she's not having any fun, and Caroline's jibes only make her feel worse. It therefore seems doubly cruel that when Adele is deemed not to be applying herself, she has to endure the same treatment.

There's definitely a moral ambiguity here. The Housemaster's claim that the Head Girl needs the strength of mind to do her duty sounds plausible, but does she really need to be punished in front of Caroline? By the end, Adele may have learned some physical skills at Caroline's expense, but it's not clear that she's any better mentally equipped to exert authority. I think that hint that the whole exercise may have been in vain is one of the most sinister aspects of this scene.

But mixed in with all of that is the fact that thanks to the wit of all three performers, this video is funny - far funnier than I'd expected. Caroline's jaded comebacks are laugh-out-loud witty; her bored expressions while being beaten are priceless. The hostility between the goody-two-shoes Head Girl and the naughtiest girl in the school is beautifully played out, from trading snide remarks to making faces at each other behind the Housemaster's back. A lot of the humour is dark ("What are you going to do - hit me?") but it still lightens the mood. There's levity, too, when the Housemaster and Caroline start trading reminiscences about her more outrageous misdemeanours, and you realise that he's not entirely unsympathetic to her cause, after all.

Whether you read this scenario as dark, light or something inbetween, it offers a fascinating interplay between three of my best actors. Combining M/F and F/F, it's chock-full of spankings from a range of implements, mild to severe. There are some brilliantly funny bits, but I'm hoping it's edgy enough to appeal to the hard punishment fans. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Victorian spanking

Hands up who likes Victorian spanking? Yeah, me too. I grew up on a diet of literature set in the age of corsets and crinolines, workhouses and debtors' jails. Back in my goth days Victoriana was my costume of choice, and my collection of camisoles, petticoats and split-crotch bloomers has served me well in spanking videos ever since.

There's something about a pair of bloomers: the way they billow out at the hips and nip in at the knee; the combination of the modesty of long underwear with the titillating potential of that oh-so-practical slit. Bent over for punishment, the opening parts to frame the bottom beautifully, and the white cotton provides a striking contrast to reddened buttocks.

Victorian spanking scenes are hard to execute - most producers don't have the budget for historical sets and costumes, and my own attempts have been far from perfect. I'm not really a pedant when it comes to details - as long as it has the right atmosphere and there aren't any glaring anachronisms, I'm happy. As such I'm always delighted to see someone else producing something that looks good and feels authentic. 

These latest galleries from imaginative, woman-led film site Spanking Sarah are beautiful, evocative, and very hot. 

Starring Clover Rock, brand new spanking model Lizzie, and Lizzie's unnamed but very dashing husband, this is a three part series chronicling the punishment of a pair of maids by a cruel master. A lot of care clearly went into the set and costumes, and I think the results are gorgeous. Click on the photos to view more Victorian spanking erotica from Spanking Sarah.




In other news, Tim has written a very positive six-month review of Dreams of Spanking in which he refers to us, among other things, as "the Penguin Classics of spanking sites". Now there's a line to go on our business cards! Thanks for the review, Tim.

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