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After the protest

I'm currently in Dallas for the Texas All State Spanking Party, staying with Princess Kelley for a couple of days, and shooting for her, Paul Rogers' and Sarah Gregory's sites. We're heading to the hotel this evening for party registration. Amelia Jane Rutherford is here too, and it's lovely to spend time with her, if a tad ironic that in our busy lives it we need to travel halfway around the world to see each other.

Despite my anxieties they let me through customs without discovering that I was secretly visiting for business as well as pleasure, or opening my suitcase and sending coiled canes sproinging out in an embarrassing explosion of spanking implements and stockings. So that was alright.

Anyway, I just realised I never got round to blogging about the new Dreams of Spanking film Backlash, which by contrast is quite British in theme. I play a rebellious teenager who defies her guardian to attend a controversial political demonstration. She knows, or at least suspects, that she'll be punished when she gets home, but she considers this a fair price to pay for freedom of expression. Her uncle is angry about being blatantly disobeyed, but Tom also gave him a more sympathetic spin, with understandable reasons - beyond simple repression - for not wanting her to go in the first place.


This is the final scene from my first day shooting video three years ago (the other two being Hitting Snooze and During the Cocktail Party). It's the one in which I lost it and ended up taking a long break mid-scene to have a good old cry, because I couldn't cope with taking punishment at the same time as being a producer and having to make decisions. I'd delegated direction to Tom, but I still knew what I wanted and kept challenging him; however I didn't have enough experience to competently direct and bottom simultaneously. I ended up getting very tired and upset and not being able to cope.

After some downtime drinking tea and being cuddled I was ready to carry on, although I was still a bit sniffly. Those tears come through in the finished film.

The placard used is the actual one I carried to the actual protest which is (obliquely) mentioned in the film; against the "extreme porn legislation" which was brought into UK law early in 2009. I didn't have an angry guardian waiting for me when I got home from the demonstration, but I hope I'd have gone even if I had. 

The amendments to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 were carried despite our protests, with worrying consequences for those who like looking at images depicting sexual violence - regardless of whether or not those images were created ethically and consensually, or indeed whether they depict real people or just cartoon drawings.

If you're interested, you can find out more about this legislation and other issues relating to sexual freedom in the UK by following these campaigns:

Backlash UK: defending freedom of expression and sexual autonomy

CAAN: the Consenting Adult Action Network


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