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Over Adele's knee

Our latest photoset continues the story of The Morpheus Club, this time introducing Adele and Jimmy as new members to the club. My character has seen a little training since episode one, but is still new enough to be nervous.

This gallery includes me, over Adele Haze's knee, naked. I think that's all I need to say.


I have a big soft spot for our latest F/F film, Adornment. It was the first scene we filmed on my shoot with Zoe Montana in February, and the erotic energy between us is just electric. Zoe and I have never been lovers, but we've enjoyed a lot of spanking play on and off camera and I just adore our connection. Her style is such a delicious blend of dominant, playful, maternal, teasing and strict. She has a way of putting people at their ease and I can always take a lot of punishment from her.

This scene is the first of two. We play a new domme/sub couple who are going out to a play party for the first time. Zoe dresses her sub up in an elegant satin evening dress, stockings, suspenders, jewellery, nipple clamps and, finally, adds some vivid cane stripes to complete my outfit. 

Click to view trailer for Adornment

I don't usually indulge in a cold caning as my first scene of an all-day shoot, but it was lovely to have some beautifully visible stripes for once. The cane was thin and whippy, the type I really hate, but Zoe's sensual authority held me enthralled and made me want to be brave for her. The cold, slow, building burn of the nipple clamps combined with the hot, sharp, layered pain of the caning was exquisite, threatening to overwhelm me with sensation.

The inspiration for this scene was twofold. Firstly, I remembered a sensual clip I'd filmed with Lady Sonia on my last shoot with her, in which she cropped me standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Lady Sonia always dresses you up sexily for her shoots, insisting on fully fashioned stockings and ultra-high heels. I thought it would be lovely to build on her dominant, glamorous dressing-room persona with an F/F caning that was intended for decoration rather than for punishment. There's something deliciously objectifying about being given some carefully measured stripes not for any misdemeanour, but simply for the sake of appearances.

The other memory which fed into this scene, I didn't realise until I'd finished it. As I was editing it I was thinking that some people might find it odd that the dressing happens this way round; the domme dressing up her sub. Of course there's the objectification factor, and I've been dressed by my doms enough times to know that it can be very submissive to be turned into your partner's fetish object or dress-up doll. But on video, the result is a domme kneeling in front of her sub - to fasten shoes and suspender straps - and that's not something you see very often.

However, it feels absolutely natural to me, and one reason is how I met Tom. I've told this story before on my other blog. In the summer after my first year of university, I was visiting an old childhood friend who had moved to London and was living in a big shared house. She warned me that while I was visiting there might be some people taking nude photos. At that point in my life I had no experience of such things, but I said I didn't mind. 

In fact, before the afternoon was out I'd stripped off, drunk a couple of glasses of wine and was merrily joining in. It was my first experience of naughty modelling and I had a brilliant time. My friend had a big walk-in wardrobe and we had great fun playing dress-up together. I still have those photos somewhere - I'll dig them out and post one if you're interested.

A few hours later my friend's housemates came home, and they came in to say hello. I was in her room, putting on a suspender belt. I heard the sound of people arriving behind me but all my attention was occupied by the tricksy fastening at the back which I kept fumbling with my fingers. I called out, "Can someone help me with my stockings please?"

Moments later I felt warm fingers deftly attaching the clips behind me. I didn't see who it was until they said they were done, and I turned round and saw a dark-haired man kneeling behind me with brilliant blue eyes and a neatly trimmed goatee beard. We introduced ourselves, laughing, and I think he might have complimented me on my bottom. But I was reeling from a moment of kinky recognition that had passed between us, a current of potential energy. I was a confused wee mite at that age, still trying to convince myself that I wasn't kinky because it was bad and wrong, so I spent the rest of the weekend alternately flirting with him and pretending I didn't like him, but we got it all sorted out in the end.

Anyway, ever since then I've found it perfectly natural for a dominant to be kneeling by a sub if what they're doing is adjusting your stockings. In fact there's something thrillingly horny about the possessiveness of the gesture, their proximity to your exposed bottom, the teasing brush of the backs of their fingers against your sensitive skin.

Zoe and I were hornier on this shoot than we've ever shown on camera previously - and in part two of this storyline our interaction becomes even more explicit.

After the protest

I'm currently in Dallas for the Texas All State Spanking Party, staying with Princess Kelley for a couple of days, and shooting for her, Paul Rogers' and Sarah Gregory's sites. We're heading to the hotel this evening for party registration. Amelia Jane Rutherford is here too, and it's lovely to spend time with her, if a tad ironic that in our busy lives it we need to travel halfway around the world to see each other.

Despite my anxieties they let me through customs without discovering that I was secretly visiting for business as well as pleasure, or opening my suitcase and sending coiled canes sproinging out in an embarrassing explosion of spanking implements and stockings. So that was alright.

Anyway, I just realised I never got round to blogging about the new Dreams of Spanking film Backlash, which by contrast is quite British in theme. I play a rebellious teenager who defies her guardian to attend a controversial political demonstration. She knows, or at least suspects, that she'll be punished when she gets home, but she considers this a fair price to pay for freedom of expression. Her uncle is angry about being blatantly disobeyed, but Tom also gave him a more sympathetic spin, with understandable reasons - beyond simple repression - for not wanting her to go in the first place.


This is the final scene from my first day shooting video three years ago (the other two being Hitting Snooze and During the Cocktail Party). It's the one in which I lost it and ended up taking a long break mid-scene to have a good old cry, because I couldn't cope with taking punishment at the same time as being a producer and having to make decisions. I'd delegated direction to Tom, but I still knew what I wanted and kept challenging him; however I didn't have enough experience to competently direct and bottom simultaneously. I ended up getting very tired and upset and not being able to cope.

After some downtime drinking tea and being cuddled I was ready to carry on, although I was still a bit sniffly. Those tears come through in the finished film.

The placard used is the actual one I carried to the actual protest which is (obliquely) mentioned in the film; against the "extreme porn legislation" which was brought into UK law early in 2009. I didn't have an angry guardian waiting for me when I got home from the demonstration, but I hope I'd have gone even if I had. 

The amendments to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 were carried despite our protests, with worrying consequences for those who like looking at images depicting sexual violence - regardless of whether or not those images were created ethically and consensually, or indeed whether they depict real people or just cartoon drawings.

If you're interested, you can find out more about this legislation and other issues relating to sexual freedom in the UK by following these campaigns:

Backlash UK: defending freedom of expression and sexual autonomy

CAAN: the Consenting Adult Action Network

Bike smut

It's hard to believe, given how long I've been a fan of al fresco spanking, that I've just published my first outdoor spanking video. Of course in a country as small and crowded as the UK it's hard to find private spaces to shoot outdoor scenes in, but Tom and I have still managed it on occasion; we've just not yet captured any on video.

For this one, I have my new friends Molly and Pilot to thank. Molly is a switch who appeared on the UK spanking scene last autumn after being introduced to CP by our mutual friend Zoe Montana. She and I haven't known each other long but have quickly become close. This is the first and so far only video we've made together, but there'll be more.


This scene came about like so: D sent me the link to Bike Smut indie film festival, peddling (see what I did there?) eco-friendly short erotic films on a tour across the world. I think he sent it to me in jest - as Brushstrokes pointed out there's something delightfully Rule #34 about the whole thing, and of course I am both a pornographer and an eco-minded hippie cyclist type. I don't think D was expecting me to read the whole site, watch the trailer, think "Oh my god, they don't have ANY spanking!" and produce a submission within the week. But that's what I did.

Bikes and spanking, man! Bikes are intrinsically associated with spanking for me. Whether it's cycling home after a heavy evening's spanking play and wincing with every turn of the wheels, or long bike rides that leave your arse and thighs aching and sore. You have to admit, it's an arse-centric mode of transportation, and most bums look good perched on a bike saddle.

Does my bum look big on this?I was a bit surprised to see bikes eroticised in a way that wasn't about pain and bottom-fetishes, but the Bike Smut website explains all.

Sometimes folks say: "I get the porn, but why bikes? Why not chairs, or vibrators?"

To which I reply: "A bike is a chair AND a vibrator."

Bike smut is sex-positive and dedicated to human power, championing physical energy and the human body instead of fossil fuels. Bikes are outdoorsy and nature-loving. They make you sweaty and limber and give you fantastic legs. 'Spokeslut' Poppy Cox writes, "We really want to inspire people to actively pursue feeling good, and we think riding bikes and having sex are great ways to do that."

You can find naked and underwear bike rides all over the world, and before there was Bike Smut there was Bikesexual.org.

So apparently it's not just me.


Anyway, Saddle Sore (also D's fault) is a celebration of sexy spankable cyclists in the great outdoors. It doesn't really have a plot, it's just Molly and I enjoying each other in the way we love best.

Her partner Pilot filmed it, and despite never having shot porn before he did a fantastic job. He also led us to the secluded spot in the woods and let Molly ride his Charge Blender mountain bike. He's a real bike enthusiast and it felt really good not only to be able to include him my first time shooting with his girlfriend, but with a theme that was so closely related to his interests.

I'm shooting with Molly again in a couple of weeks, so you'll get to see much more of her this summer. She's new to video and I'm new to switching; it's a good balance. I'm really looking forward to exploring these dynamics together, and being able to share our journey with you all.

All images courtesy of the Bike Porn Tour blog, which you should definitely check out, except the one of me on a bike, which is by Janus photographer Roy Tersley.

Adventures in Texas

Two weeks ago I flew over to America to attend the Texas All State Spanking Party, and shoot some spanking video with the organisers Paul Rogers, Princess Kelley and Sarah Gregory while I was there. It was an epic week full of new experiences, and you can read my posts about it over at my other blog, Spanked not Silenced.

Thinking I'd have no free time to shoot my own videos between all my other commitments, I didn't take my camera with me. But America is the land of opportunity, and one way or another it happened anyway. Alex Reynolds approached me asking if I'd like to shoot some trade or content share with her, and it seemed stupid to pass up the chance. Alex is adorable and I liked her in person even more than I thought I would from reading her blog. So I said yes, sure, and started begging favours to try and make it happen. It meant getting up early on a Saturday, and being late for the vendor's fair, but that was okay. Ten Amorette offered to let me use her cameras and suite for the shoot, and Amelia kindly stepped in to help behind the camera. Ten, by the way, is foxy and brilliant and I adore her, and she was amazingly supportive all weekend, including not minding being chucked out of bed after a late night partying for my shoot.

I filmed two scenes with Alex. She doesn't switch, so I spanked her in both of them. In the first video I was a spanking therapist she'd been referred to by her psychiatrist to help her work through some guilt issues. It was kind of dorky and sweet, and Alex was great in it. We're sharing both scenes, so I'll have to wait until Alex has launched her clips store before I can show you them. Feel free to nag her about it in the meantime! :P

The second scene was more of a "real life" sort of video just about Alex and Pandora, although it wasn't really based on a true story. In the scene we're roommates at a spanking party, and the day before I went for a nap to catch up on my sleep, but asked Alex to wake me before the evening's happenings. She gets so distracted getting spanked by cute guys and hanging out in the pool that she totally forgets, and lets me sleep through. The next morning I wake up and am furious to discover I missed all the fun. I decide she needs another spanking to teach her not to forget about me. (Okay, maybe I just needed an excuse to spank Alex in her pyjamas).

I also wanted to shoot a couple of scenes with Amelia while I had the chance, so while we had the cameras out I squeezed in a third scene with her. I'm a bit scared of wooden paddles, but in all honesty I'd have been disappointed if I'd gone home without getting a paddling or three. The night before, Alex, Amelia, Ten, me and half the other models at the party had got together for a big group dormitory scene organised by Ten, in which her roommate Jerry Diamond had wielded the Spencer paddle. I liked Jerry's style as a spanker, and asked if he'd mind giving Amelia and me another taste of traditional Texan discipline before he went home. He was good enough to oblige, and you'll hear more about that scene in due course.

I was pretty sure that that was all the filming I was going to have time to do for Dreams of Spanking over the weekend. But after the shoot with Alex and Amelia, I got talking with an English photographer and videographer called Andrew Morgan, who was living in Texas and keen to take part on a spanking shoot. He even had his professional recording equipment with him at the party. Again, the opportunity was too good to pass up. So I hired Amelia for a final scene, squeezed in before the models' brunch on Sunday morning, asked Jerry if he'd do the honours again, and we borrowed another room to shoot in.

By this stage of the weekend none of us had had much sleep; I'd been making do on about five hours a night, although Amelia had been being much more sensible and seemed as fresh as a daisy. When I went to knock on Jerry's door on Sunday morning, I discovered the party had only finished a couple of hours earlier, and it seemed best to let him rest.

I walked back down the corridor, brain whirring to think how to re-write the scene I'd had planned. On the way I bumped into Alex's boyfriend Malignus, who had spanked us for another short promo clip the night before. "Hey, Malignus, fancy whacking Amelia and I on video?" I chirped, not really expecting him to say yes.

He blinked. "Er. Sure! Can I have five minutes to shower?"

Saint amongst men! I told him that was fine, and raced back to Amelia and Andrew to reassure them that Thunderbirds were Go.

So Malignus, bless him, was drafted in on zero notice, probably with even less sleep than I'd had, and with no clue what sort of scene he was walking into. Amelia and I had worked out a plot where we were caught by a TSA agent for lying to security at the airport that we weren't visiting the USA for business purposes. So now it was a plainclothes TSA agent. Fine. We thought that it might be hotter if he wasn't a real agent anyway - or at least not one currently on duty - just a sadist with an aptitude for sniffing out naive travellers with something to hide. The title "Business or Pleasure", you see, goes both ways.

Click to view trailer for Business%20or%20Pleasure

I really loved Malignus' topping in this. There's something really hot about his snide, knowing expressions and air of smug, geeky superiority. I'm really glad I got to do a proper scene with him over the weekend, and this one was hot hot hot.

Fun facts:

- The heavy leather strap was bought by me the day before at the vendors' fair, and instantly became my favourite implement ever. It had been well used the night before and I was delighted to be able to use it in a video. It hurt a lot more on no sleep and no warmup, but that's all part of the fun, right?

- One of the things with the strap is that it can be tricky to angle it so the impact is distributed across both buttocks. Knowing Malignus hadn't used this particular strap before, and that I was at a bit of an odd angle, when I noticed that the weight was falling mostly on my right buttock I suggested that he drop his arm a little lower. I meant lower to the floor, but the next series of strokes fell entirely on my thighs. Next time we cut to move the camera I asked what was up with all the thigh action. "I thought you said you wanted the strokes lower!" he replied. Bless him, he was dutifully following my pedantic topping-from-the-bottom instructions and was trying to do what he was told.

- Although Amelia and I didn't have to do much acting in this scene, having recent vivid memories of going through American airport security, this obviously isn't based on a true story. Of course not. Our suitcases didn't contain anything suspicious, and we would certainly never lie about our purposes for visiting the USA. Although if we did, and we were caught, I think we'd both much prefer to get spanked than deported.

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