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Video blog: Dreams of Spanking HQ

In this video blog, I show you around "Dreams of Spanking HQ" (i.e. my new flat!), tell you about yesterday's photoshoot and my video shoot plans, and talk you through the contents of my toybox. 

Video Blog: Dreams of Spanking HQ

The video is public so you don't have to be a site member to view it. Click on the image to launch the popup player, or alternatively right click to download the MP4 (high res, large file) or WMV (low res, smaller file) version. Enjoy!


New 'HQ' (flat

Looks fabulous. Was pleasantly surprised by your posing skirt up pantie-less on your corner sofa. What a great "prop" for spanking scenarios of all kinds, perhaps another "hard core" with a woman this time.

Thanks for watching. It's almost like the sofa was designed for spanking, isn't it? Looking forward to taking full advantage!

You are just so cute, pretty and funny! I loved the phrase 'post shooting debree'.
And oh, yes, seems to be a splendid apartment. Does it have hooks in the ceiling yet?

Ha - unfortunately that would require a little more co-operation from the nice family on the floor above than I think is realistic! You need a house to do that, really: one you own, rather than rent, ideally.

Your new flat.

Pandora a nice visit to your new home ,love and spanks,timxx


I've been there!

he he - lovely flat is lovely, and huge!

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