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There's a song, I don't know whether it's traditional or not, which I know from folk band The Men They Couldn't Hang, called The Smugglers:

And when at last the dawn comes up, and the cargo's safely stored
Like sinless saints to church we'll go, God's mercy to afford
And it's champagne fine for communion wine, and the parson drinks it too
With a sly wink prays "Forgive these men, for they know not what they do"
Smugglers drink of the Frenchmen's wine
And the darkest night is the smugglers' time
Away we ran from the excise man
It's a smugglers life for me
It's a smugglers life for me

The UK has a lot of coastline, and large parts of it has a rich history of smuggling, particularly the south coast. I find it a compelling premise for corporal punishment fantasy for a whole host of reasons, from the romance and danger to the creative rebellion of the smugglers, and the pleasing anti-establishment flavour of the idea of whole towns conspiring against the excise to improve their quality of life.

There's infinite potential in this theme, and reading historical accounts of smuggling generates huge amounts of inspiration for judicial scenarios. I'd love to explore smuggling in older periods of English history, but with the venue and costume we had available the 50s was what seemed achievable this time.


The sailor suit Caroline wears in this scene is her own, and it really is an original uniform worn by a 16 year old boy. The lovely 1920s bar billiards table over which the smugglers are bent for punishment also deserves special mention!

The Smugglers of the Running Fox was filmed on our shoot with Caroline last summer, and included a couple of new things on which I'd interested to hear your feedback:


This scene is the first one the site to employ cross-dressing. This isn't just a female actor playing a male character, but in-character drag; a young woman posing as a boy in order to join the merchant marines.

Many people incorporate cross-dressing into their kink. Dreams of Spanking performers Kaelah and Jimmy have both written about the appeal to them of being punished in a persona of the opposite sex. I know that I'm far from the only woman to fantasise about being spanked as a boy, and I know many couples who incorporate this sort of play into their kink life. I hope you find the image of "Charlie" being severely thrashed in his military uniform as appealing as I do!

One question in my mind is, does this sort of scene count as M/M, or M/F, or both? If a female performer were playing a male character, I would definitely count it as M/M, but with a character pretending to be a boy it's more ambiguous. If you encountered a scene like this while searching for M/M, would you be disappointed or intrigued?

Music during spanking

I respond sexually to music, and I've really enjoyed the chance to stretch my creativity by adding musical soundtracks to Dreams of Spanking films. I know that not everyone enjoys music, and early after launch I received an email from one person who had a strong antipathy to music in spanking video. So far, as a compromise, I've been careful not to include music over the spanking itself. It's used during opening and closing credits, establishing shots, erotic sequences and over dialogue to build tension, but The Smugglers of the Running Fox is the first film to include music over some actual beating.

Does it work for you? Is it distracting? Please feel free to let me know your reaction in the comments.

That bit at the end

Finally, without wanting to give any spoilers, the ending of this film does something which I've been intending to do since the start of this project. I'm keen to explore the potential of this device more in future. If you've seen the film, let me know how you felt about it. Did it make the story less intense, or more interesting? Did it change your impression of the film? I'd love to hear your views.



Nice to see that you don`t leave anything out in your quest to encompass the entire world of spanking :-).
The story of a girl dressing as a boy in order to get on a ship as sailor has been written before, perhaps several times because it offers nice possibilities to being aware of the stunt but not reacting to it because of the thrill to have the boy/girl punished before unmasking the charade.
Niki Flynn (alias Fiona Locke) has a very nice story in her book "On the Bare" titled "Kissing the gunners daughter".

Oh, I love that story! I don't own On The Bare yet, but I think I read it in an anthology called Sex in Uniform. It's a delicious time-honoured device that deserves many more CP outings!

Out of interest, did you have any opinion on having music over the beating? I've heard people say in the past they find it very distracting, I want to know if it's something I should avoid or if it can occasionally work.


There has been one pay site (I forget the URL) where the producers added music to existing videos. The result was terrible.
However, depending on the scene, it might enhance either suspense, or funny parts to add some music (but very carefully measured). It also depends very much on the music or background noise itself whether it will add anything to the plot.
So, yes, but carefully.


I'm definitely trying to use it judiciously. Most of my scenes involve dialogue, and music over dialogue needs to be handled with as much care as music over spanking. I'm finding it increasingly invaluable for scene-setting, though.

Ailsa Craig

The song is indeed traditional. The boat rides out past Ailsa Craig, which is an interesting rock somewhere off the west coast of Scotland, and the original lyrics are in Scots dialect. This came as something of a surprise to me because *everything* else about the song could have been written in the West Country, and I always thought it had. Hazelholme being one of those names which shows up in both regions, and the references to Frenchman's wine evoke the Cornish gentlemen.

Yeah, with the French references I assumed it was south coast! Thanks for the background, and for your contribution to this scene - really pleased with how it turned out in the end :)

Spanking over slips

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This comment is a bit late, the movie having been out for quite a few years but since none of the other comments addresses this point I venture to do so.

You raise the question, "does this sort of scene count as M/M, or M/F, or both?"

In this case it's M/F. The viewer is very well aware of the sex of the performer in the role of canee so it's M caning F. If the caning were entirely acted the viewer's response would be different but then, the question wouldn't really arise at all. If the performer were effectively disguised so as to really deceive the viewer the latter would respond accordingly, but from real ignorance.

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