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Removing her belt

Have you ever seen a spanking video in which a woman removes her leather belt and uses it to deliver a whipping? I hadn't. Twitter informs me that Nuwest and Leda Productions might have explored this niche in the 90s, but it's certainly not as common as seeing a man do it.

I love watching a top remove their belt. Hands at the buckle, fingers working. Loosening the leather and sliding it, knowingly, deliberately, smoothly out through the belt loops with an audible swish. Their eyes watching you, while you watch the belt, mouth drying. Is the speed with which the belt is removed a hint of the pace of the whipping to follow? Swiftly, all in one breath; or slowly, drawing it out, savouring your anticipation?

Either way, it's hot as hell, an erotic pre-punishment ritual improved only by the unbuttoning of cuffs and rolling back of sleeves. But all of these preparations, in my experience, are usually assigned to male tops. Why? Why not a female spanker, resplendent in tight denim, fixing you with her gaze as she slides her leather belt free of its constraints and puts it to another use? 

Well, this is exactly what Zoe Montana does in our latest video, all the better to whip Adele Haze:


It was an absolute treat to cast Zoe and Adele together for the first time. I'm grateful to Adele for stepping in at the last minute as spankee for this unscheduled scene, after plans had to be re-written on the fly; and for tolerating the not-entirely-flattering script I came up with on the spot. I can assure you that Adele very rarely drinks, and when she does she's perfectly charming and would never dream of stealing anything. Still, she looks very pretty while being spanked, and we thought the film would be a bit more interesting if we gave Zoe some excuse.

Personally, I could just watch the bit where Zoe removes her belt over and over again, but if you need more reason than that, this video also includes some hard hand spanking and 24 searing strokes of the leather belt on Adele's bare bottom. If you like that sort of thing. Which if you're reading this blog seems a reasonable guess.

A Taste of Her Belt also includes a 6 minute behind the scenes video including out-takes, negotiation and some post-shoot lotion and aftercare, 36 high resolution screengrabs and a bonus gallery of 12 photos, in which our photographer Fforbes had a go at capturing the 'spanker's eye view' from above Zoe's head. I think my favourite is the shot which shows the white handprint left behind by Zoe's palm on Adele's pink bottom.

Have a great weekend!


Video clip

Do I have to be 'paid up' to view the video clip in the blog post for "A Taste of her belt"? Just Curious.

Not at all - like all the preview trailers on the website, it's free and publically visible. (Unless I've done something wrong, that is, which sometimes happens!) In general, you can always test and see by clicking and seeing if it plays or not.

Just tried again, even logged in, still won't play. Get 'access denied, not available'. Considering how busy you are mistakes can happen. Lou

Yup, this was my bad this time. Consequence of updating the website while befuddled with a cold! Thanks for the heads up, it should work now.

Played. Thank you

Yeah, belts are lovely tools. The ones that are made of thick leather, but not too wide, are the best. They dont need to be doubled to be heavy. And then, if the victim has to bring in a bucket with water that it can be dipped in for every 3 or 6 strokes, even better. Have you tried a wet strap, Pandora?

I don't think so, although I have been spanked over a wet bottom/wet panties. Belts are one of my absolute favourite implements, but I don't think I'd enjoy it wet!

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