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The law of the first night

This week's spanking scene is finally up - not before time. I finished editing over 24 hours ago, and since then it's been a battle to get my slow, outdated computer to export this unusually rich and complex film. I've finally managed it, although I had to compress the file a bit more than usual, so you may notice a difference in the film quality as a result. Still, lower download times are never a bad thing... and the full resolution, high-quality, glorious technicolour version will have to wait for the DVD.

This film is called Primae Noctis, also known as droit du seigneur, the right of the lord. This was never law in Britain, but there's evidence of it being an embedded custom in some places. It refers to the right of the feudal lord to take his pick of new brides in his fief, and, if he wishes, claim the virginity of a peasant girl before her husband.

This scene, however, isn't about the lord and the peasant girl. It's about the lady and the bridegroom.

Click to view trailer for Primae%20Noctis

The full movie has a running time of 21 minutes 43, and includes 75 exclusive images by talented new photographer 'Fforbes'. I'm afraid it's not the most historically accurate medieval film ever made - we did our best with available resources, but I hope you can forgive the odd anachronism of dress and location. For me, the relationship and personal chemistry between the performers are the heart of this scene, and those are absolutely genuine.

Adele and Jimmy wrote this scene together, and it expresses the full intensity of many of their shared kinks: complex consent, emotional dominance and submission, class politics and social injustice, female sexual desire, masculine honour and devotion, self-sacrifice. It also includes Gregorian chant, ironstone pillars, back whipping, hand spanking, Jimmy's naked form and Adele wielding a riding crop. Among other things.

This is also the most sexually suggestive F/M scene we've released to date. It's filmed quite discreetly, but if you're offended by the idea of male spankees having their cocks touched, there are some bits you should probably skip.

It's quite rare for me to publish a scene which I neither wrote nor performed in. I was involved, of course - as director, producer, camerawoman and editor. But I don't claim creative ownership of this scene. It belongs to Jimmy and Adele, and it expresses a powerful facet of their fantasies and relationship. 

I find this scene remarkably powerful to watch. There are subtleties which I missed while I was concentrating on the technical side of filming, camera angles I didn't get to see. I have greatly enjoyed editing it and selecting appropriate music to accompany it. The couple and the location are both stunningly beautiful, the punishment is hard, Jimmy's reactions are raw and heartfelt. But it's the injustice, the emotional edginess of this scene that gets me. The part where the Lady makes her serf beg her to use him as she will is profoundly touching, and the first time I watched the footage I was actually moved to tears. 

But then, I like helplessness, martyrdom and humiliation as much as Jimmy and Adele do.



I saw the preview on spankingtube. The sound is really not very good. Can't you get a better microphone? Whatever you are using is too far from the actors, which itself makes them sound remote and less involving. But the recording level is too low, which you remedy by boosting, but that comes with hiss that is particularly apparent on headphones. Next time, run it through a graphic equaliser.

I admire your ambition but all your films are spoilt by poor sound and also, ghastly lighting. I'm sure you'd create the effect you are looking for far better if you went for more subtle, and perhaps less naturalistic lighting. All too often, one is aware that the film is made by amateurs in someone 1s spare bedroom (minus the bed.) It did not be this way, even when it IS filmed in a spare bedroom.

Thanks for the comment. Yep, I agree it'd be lovely to have a few grand to spend on a nice microphone and set of lights. I'm still shooting with the equipment I bought three years ago, and I only had a total budget of £1000 to spend on camera, lights, microphone, everything. I'm also very much learning on the job when it comes to video and sound tech - I feel like I'm making good progress but I'm definitely not a pro.

That said, it depends on what your priorities are as a viewer. A lot of people have told me they'd rather watch video filmed on a camera phone of two people with a real connection than the highest budget production if there isn't that chemistry. So far I've been concentrating on venues, performers and concept, because the latter doesn't cost anything and the former are what's personally most important to me, as a viewer. But I'm certainly aiming to scale up my equipment as soon as I can afford to. I agree it's frustrating not being able to do some of the cooler scenes justice in technical terms. But I'm not averse to revisiting ideas once my productions have a bit more of a budget!

Mm-hmm. Dreams of Spanking is now accepting donations equal or higher than an indie film budget.

"Hard Candy" is a comparable movie: two actors, set almost entirely in a single room. Only $950,000 to shoot the entire thing. A modest budget, to be sure, but they've done OK with it.

I'm sure Pandora will be able to advise a PayPal address to transfer the money to. Make sure you set it up as a subscription payment, to make sure she has the cost to finance a new movie to your high standards every week.

Absolutely. Paypal is info (a) pandoras-bot.com: donations towards a decent boom mic and diva lights greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed the clip and love the setting, it must have been difficult finding that place. The visual quality looks good and I like the use of natural lighting in that setting, to use artificial lighting in a place like that would have been prohibitive in the wider angle scenes. I would agree about the sound though but it is hard to have everything at once on a tight budget and it did not interfere too much with the feel of the scenario.


Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like the look of this one. I know that you're one of the people who first got me thinking about the way that male submission is portrayed in spanking porn, and the way that male performers are treated.

I really like the natural light too - it does result in some inconsistencies, especially trying to get face shots, but I think overall it works. I'm particularly pleased with the photography for this one. And, of course, Jimmy looks beautiful, which is more or less the main point :)

Congratulations. I have the sound up for the dialogue and turn it down for the spanking to balance it. Imaginative stories are your USP so stay focused on these.

Thankyou, I'm glad you appreciate the storylines and agree that this is the thing to focus on. I am also learning the technical skills the longer I do this: the rest will come with time.

I appreciate that you don't have a budget to buy expensive microphones. But you are misusing the ones you currently have. And you could vastly improve the quality of the sound you have recorded by using any basic editing software.

I make professional radio material using the bedroom for my studio. This is stuff I've had broadcast on the BBC and it passes muster. So you don't NEED to spend much or upgrade. But you do need to learn how to use the equipment you have. As I said, you are recording at too low a level (because of where you are placing them) and then creating hiss by boosting crudely.

How does one get a mic closer to the performers without either losing any hope of wide shots (if it's attached to the camera) or requiring an extra crew member (if it's attached to a boom)?

I have recorded for radio too: have you listened to the sound quality of any of the audio stories on this site? I would venture that your experience recording for radio is not very relevant to the practicalities of recording audio on a film shoot.

Say what?

I love this film and have since the first time I saw it all those years ago. It’s almost embarrassing to ask after so long but could you tell me what the last two things were that Adele said to Jimmy? No matter how I try, I can’t make it out.

Thanks and much love,

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