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Editing woes and some new figure nudes

My video editing has thrown me a loop this week. On Tuesday I started putting the film together, in good time. The editing software on my computer was barely functioning. So I did a bit data storage overhaul and cleared out space on all my hard drives to see if that made any difference. No dice.

On Wednesday I was at a wedding at a beautiful medieval priory. Believe me, making spanking films gives you a different perspective on everywhere you visit. We showed up with an hour to kill before the ceremony, a rambling old building in stunning grounds with beautiful antique furniture, and I found myself seriously wishing I'd brought my camera! I'm sure we could have found an unused room where no-one would have noticed...

Thursday, back to the drawing board editing suite. Everything's still playing up. It's not just software lag and slow playback, but weird shit like the audio being out of sync with the waveform and video files importing at half the duration listed in file properties, but playable at full length in VLC. I've been having these problems on and off for a while and suddenly the common factor occurred to me: it's all the shoots I've done this year, i.e. files I've converted using new free software I downloaded after re-installing my OS in December.

So I bit the bullet and bought another copy of my preferred Xilisoft Video Converter, since my old licence had expired, set everything re-converting and prepared to start editing again from scratch. Each conversion takes a few hours. But when it had completed I ran into more problems. The frame rates of the new files were all over the place. They'd been set to auto (which should have been 25fps, the same as the originals) but most had come out at 30 and some at random numbers like 7 or 9. Totally unusable.

So I lined them all up to reconvert again, manually adjusted all the settings this time, and started the whole thing from the beginning. At this point I gave up on having a new video finished and ready to upload by Friday evening!

I didn't want to leave you hanging until the end of the weekend, so last night I uploaded a bonus minigallery of submissive figure nudes by Janus photographer Roy Tersley. It's only small, but fans of BDSM and bondage should find something to enjoy.

Am I a captive awaiting punishment, a slavegirl being put through her paces, or simply modelling for a slightly kinky artist? The choice is yours.

The truth is somewhere between the second and third options. In actual fact I was posing for kinky artist Loge's slavegirl collages. Roy, along with other European models and photographers, had provided nude source images for him before. The end results are pretty cool:



I like movies and Pic they thold fantasys. Your pic a dream!
Thank you

Thankyou :)

Loge's collages

Where do you find Loge's collages, the ones with you are very good and clever.
Sincerely hope you get your editing problems solved with ease.

Thanks Lou. I'm just exporting the first cut of this weekend's video, seem to have put it together without any problems so fingers crossed I won't have any more trouble from now on.

I don't think Loge has a website for his kinky artworks - he was kind enough to email me and give me permission to share them if I wanted. Perhaps I should offer to make him one? :)

website for Loge

If he doesn't and you are not overwhelmed and he is interested. A website for his artwork would be of interest to me if anyone.

Loge has emailed me with the link for his website now, so that's been added to the post. :)


(It is a little old and only works in smaller screen resolutions so if you have a larger monitor it's worth adjusting the size of your browser window until it looks right.)

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