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Intimate hardcore

I'm not a fan of the commercialisation of Valentine's Day, so was reluctant to join the throngs of marketeers insisting that the primary objective of the 14th of February was to have hot romantic sex with a lover, and their product could best help you achieve this. On the other hand, the date provided an ideal opportunity to step up the steaminess on this site a notch or two.

D and I shot our first ever boy/girl sex scene, Snip Snip (bonus points to anyone who can spot the reference) a couple of years ago, with photographer Tricia Sullivan. She's an old friend, and there was little of us she hadn't seen before. Actually if you're at all nervous about shooting hardcore porn for the first time I can recommend getting a friendly ex-lover behind the camera - none of us are particularly prone to sexual embarrassment, but our familiarity with each other definitely made things easier.

We played two scenes that day, both shot at home in natural light, both very candid and unrehearsed in feel. I'd say "amateur" if Tricia's photography wasn't of such a high professional standard; D and I certainly felt like a couple doing their thing rather than models performing for the camera.

As yet, this is the only sexually explicit shoot I've been on, but Tom and I are already talking about what we want to do for our first sex and spanking film (D isn't yet comfortable appearing in video, which is why he and I have only done photosets together so far). In seven years of doing professional modelling, I've always maintained boundaries and have never shot penetrative material for any other producer, wanting to keep work at this level exclusive to my own productions. The closest I'd come (erm... as it were) was going down on Lady Sonia's strap-on on my last shoot with her.

So, as a first time for both of us fucking on camera, and a rare sort of update for this website, I felt it deserved a special occasion. And when I realised the cut-away dress had accidentally formed a heart shape around my bottom, I couldn't resist the temptation to make it my Valentine's Day update. After all, you don't need to be partnered to enjoy porn.

As producer, I'd told D I wanted a scene which included a dress being cut or ripped off me, followed by some spanking. We'd also agreed between us that we were happy for things to get intimate if the mood took us. Beyond that, I handed control over to him and followed his lead. I trusted Tricia to capture the results on camera without my direction. The happy consequence was that I was able to turn my producer brain entirely off (much easier for photos than video), and D and I were able to sink deeply into our D/S connection without distraction. 

So for me, this scene was very real, very electric, and extremely arousing. The cold steel of the scissors. My hyper-sensitive focus on each area of skin as it was revealed, turning entirely new parts of my body into erogenous zones. D's warm hands and tongue contrasted with the shivery threat of the blades, which were particularly affecting when trailed near my nipples and neck.

Feeling the scissors cutting the fabric around my bottom to expose just that area was particularly hot. 

Hands bound above my head, the glass coffee table was not the most comfortable thing to lie on, but I felt pleasantly exposed and helpless. I remember finding the caning more difficult than I'd expected, and only later, when I saw the photos, realised that it had actually been quite hard. 

At the time, it felt like we had indulged ourselves far more than is appropriate on a professional shoot, and I wasn't convinced that the resulting images would be publishable. I was pretty sure that the more sexual shots would be unflattering. But I'd had so much fun that I didn't care too much, and was happy to treat it as a learning curve.

So it was a delightful shock the first time I saw the pictures and realised the extent of Tricia's talents. I had no idea that it was possible for me to look good while fucking, especially when not thinking particularly about what I looked like. In fact, that unself-conscious honesty is my favourite thing about this photoset. Yes, I look into the lens from time to time; but the hottest images, for me, are the ones where D and I are drinking each other in, gazes locked, kissing or laughing or fucking or all three.

The scissors, the tease of exposed skin and the cane welts are all hot, but for me the most strongly evocative imagery is the pink flush on my neck and chest while I'm sucking D's cock; the one my lovers can use to guage when I'm approaching orgasm.

I'm not planning to steer Dreams of Spanking entirely in a sexually explicit direction: this sort of scene will be an occasional treat. I will only ever shoot hardcore scenes with real couples, because I find that genuine intimacy, affection and spark of sexual chemistry absolutely essential to enjoy fucking in porn. I also only really like hardcore scenes that include spanking as foreplay, so that makes it easy to put CP at the centre of any explicit scenes we shoot in future.

I'm excited and nervous to share so much online for the first time. But proud, too: there's nothing artificial about this. When D and I play, this is what it looks like. This is us at our most honest. 


Snip snip

I love this episode, not particularly for the explicit nature of some of the images but for its imaginative exploration of the combined fetish of stripping while whipping. The careful and deliberate use of scissors on a long silky evening gown to expose unblemished flesh for titillation and CP, is a truly rewarding experience. I hope you will follow it up.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think it would be a more complex task to express this sort of scene on film. I'd want lots of close-up shots and you'd only get one chance at each take. Still, I'd like to try - I have an idea for an abduction video with an evening gown, bondage, stripping and whipping.

If you have any thoughts about how this sort of scene might be executed on film, I'd be interested to hear them.

Snip Rip and Rip Snip !

Any progress with the abduction video please ? We're looking forward to it very much.

snip snip

Looking forward to the film. I agree that adding some sex to the scenes would be more authentic to play for those who practice this form of foreplay. Would also like to see a competition amongst the ladies with cane.

snip snip

Looking forward to the film. I agree that adding some sex to the scenes would be more authentic to play for those who practice this form of foreplay. Would also like to see a competition amongst the ladies with cane.

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